Tuesday, February 24, 2009

IDs, green triangles and transcripts, oh my!

Please wait 24-48 hours for Common App Basic and Supplement triangles or squares to turn green on your common application.

Please wait 24-48 hours for your ID(for financial aid purposes) to come through your email. Five days gives us ample time, but usually it happens within a day or two.
Remember to CHECK SPAMBOXES(!) during this entire period. Email is our favorite way to communicate with you and if your firewall is set really high, our emails may go into your spambox.

Please allow 2-4 weeks for transcripts to be opened, processed and linked to your application. These will take some time to show up on your to-do list. As long as you postmark them by March 1(the post office is closed on Sunday), you're safe.


TeapotMonarch said...

For financial aid, if we are only applying for a loan, not need-based aid, do we have to fill out a university financial aid form or just the FAFSA?

Hope said...

I know that you commented earlier in the blog about the format for course description. Is a list the preferred style or can we make a chart of fall courses and a chart for spring courses?
Thank you!

Brooke said...

If our application was rolled over from the Spring 2009 term is there anyway to know if our transcript has been received?

Sud said...

Since letters of recommendation are optional, and not everyone will send one, how do we know whether our recommendation letter was received, if we sent one?

Nutmeg said...

If I have not received an ID to check on my application status, what do I need to do? I have already completed and submitted the common application and sent my transcripts, etc. to the University.

ellis said...

I'm a sophomore rollover applicant, hoping to gain admission for the fall semester. I've been curious to know if there's any kind of preference given to incoming sophomores over incoming juniors. Or are they evaluated equally? Thanks so much!

TeapotMonarch said...

Nutmeg, I submitted mine Monday morning and recieved my ID this morning, if that helps.

Anonymous said...


I have two questions...
1 - I am just getting done filling out my application and I realized I haven't submitted my official SAT scores. The collegeboard website says that it will that 1-2 weeks to send my scores to UVa. This would be long after the March 1 deadline. Will lack of official SAT scores ruin my application chances?
2 - Please excuse me if this is answered elsewhere, but do we need to submit the college official report?
Thank you,

Anonymous said...

Never mind on question 2... the answer was right in front of my face.


Lee said...

I am an international student in college in U.S. So I have F-1 visa now. Do I have to submit financial guarantee form? Or do I have to submit the form only if I am admitted? I looked through the webpage, but I am still confused. Thank you

stillhopefulhoo said...

Transfermer--Thanks for your help! My current college says they sent my transcript January 12, and my high school says they sent theirs around January 20. Both are listed on the "to do" list as not having been received. Is logging them in that far behind or do I need to get the schools to re-send?


Transfermer said...

You should fill out both forms.

A chart will be fine. Just make sure that you include all of the information I mentioned in my post.

I believe it will eventually show up on your SIS screen, but it will take some time. If we don’t have it when we go to review your file, we will contact you.

We do not confirm receipt of recommendations for privacy issues.

I hope you were able to get your ID.

There is not a specific preference, but the longer you’ve been in college(assuming you’ve done well), the easier it is for us to forecast how you’ll perform in the future.

No, this will not ruin your chances.

If you are not a permanent resident, you will have to fill out the financial guarantee.

While that was a long time ago, the office has just finished linking thousands of mid-year reports for our first-year applicants. In your case, because they were sent back in mid-Jan, let’s give it another week.

Confused said...

This is probably a ridiculously stupid question, but where is the "To-do" list for us to see if the admission office received our transcripts and such? I've tried everywhere and I can't find it. Can someone please help me?

Transfermer said...

Don't worry Confused. It's a long way to the to-do list. A day or two after you apply, you'll receive a confirmation email. This will tell you how to set up your student account. From there, you'll follow the steps to get you logged in to your to-do list. That should work. Any other pointers readers?

Confused said...

This is the message that I'm getting:

"You are not authorized to access this component. (40,20) You have not been granted security authorization for the component you are attempting to access. You may have access to the designated component and page, but not in the specified action mode (such as Correction or Update/Display). Contact your system administrator."

What should I do?

Transfermer said...

I don't know where you are trying to log in. Start from this page.
https://sisuva.admin.virginia.edu/psp/epprd/EMPLOYEE/EMPL/h/?tab=PAPP_GUEST and click, "get password."

I've heard students have had trouble logging on today. Please give it some time and call the office tomorrow if you're still having trouble.

Monika said...

I know you said to wait 24-48 hours for the other symbols to turn to green triangles... however, I submitted my credit card payment for the application fee on 2/25 and printed the receipt for it... it says that the payment was submitted. However, it still has a red triangle b it and not a green triange. Should I be worried?

Transfermer said...

Your concern is valid. Please wait another day or two and then you may call the office.