Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Deadline - March 1!


It is unlikely that you need reminding, but I thought I'd post that the deadline for the Fall transfer application is fast approaching. March 1 is the deadline for the admissions application to be submitted and the deadline to complete your financial aid forms. If you are interested in turning in an arts supplement (, that deadline is also March 1.

Materials(transcripts, course descriptions) should be postmarked in by March 1.

Notification will go out May 1 via letter and on your self-service screen.


jt09 said...

I was hoping for some clarification. I already submitted my commonapp a couple of weeks ago and was having a bit of a dilemma. Is it accurate that in order to be accepted and start taking classes in the commerce school, we must prove efficiency through the Intermediate level of a foreign language first? I applied to CAS but would prefer the commerce school. Am I out of luck? Thanks.

spk said...

The transfer information session was very helpful, especially the students' comments. Thank you.
One question-I think I heard that the course descriptions can be sent to the UVA recommendation email address. Is that correct?

mw said...

I have a quick question, Transfermer. For transfer students does the 2/3 instate and 1/3 out of state applicant acceptance rate still apply like it does for undergraduates first year students?

Sasha said...

Dear Transfermer,
Should I request that my professor recommendation be sent by March 1st, or are recommendations accepted with a some flexibility. It would be sent, of course, within the first week or so of March.

Transfermer said...

As the website states, one of the requirements is proficiency up to the intermediate level. That is four semesters for a foreign language.

Course descriptions should be sent to the general address. That is
Please make sure to put transfer course descriptions somewhere in the subject line.

This holds true for transfers as well. Good question.

The sooner the better. The first week will probably be fine, but after (the postmark of)March 1 you run the risk of not having the recommendation make it to your file on time.

This is not true of transcripts. We don't review applications without transcripts, but highly encourage you to have that postmarked by the 1st.

Sud said...

Transfermer, I know that proficiency up to the intermediate level is necessary to transfer to UVA. I took Spanish 201 at my University which is labeled as "Intermediate Spanish" and I took Spanish up to the AP level in High School. Do I satisfy the foreign language requirements? I've worked hard to make sure that I have been completing all the necessary requirements to be admitted to UVA, and I'm really worried that UVA might not see my Spanish proficiency as "up to the intermediate level."

Transfermer said...

Please be careful when reading posts. The COMMERCE school requires that these courses be completed before entrance in the Fall.


If you are applying to the
College of Arts and Sciences, this rule is a bit more lax. A competitive applicant has started his/her foreign language requirement, but doesn't necessarily have to have all of it completed. Please see this website for AP credit.

Sud said...

Thanks for clearing that up for me, I appreciate it.

nlm said...


Hi,I took four years of Spanish at my high school, but didn't take AP Spanish and I passed out of the foreign language requirement here at the University of Michigan. It is very difficult to get into an upper level class as a first year because they fill up so fast so I haven't taken any Spanish courses here. I plan to continue a foreign language next year if I am accepted at Virginia in the fall. I was wondering if I am out of luck because I haven't "completed" any Spanish courses? Is this going to really hurt my application? Should I include in my application that I am willing to take the SAT II? I have been tutoring athletes in Spanish so I haven't been completely lazy... Thanks for your help. (I am applying to CAS).

Anonymous said...


I placed out of the foreign language requirement at my current university by having a high score on their placement test. I did not take the AP exam for that specific language. Would it show up on the transcript that I have sent to UVA?


JS said...

I have a question concerning the completion of the required courses. I am applying to be a second year in the fall. Due to some AP credit that I had at my current institution I was able to take some higher level classes (as I did not plan on transferring until later into the year.) Will this have a negative bearing on my application? I have a good portion of the requirements met.


Transfermer said...


It will not completely take you out of the running, especially becuase you passed a placement test at your current school. But
you will likely have to take a placement test here.

And this leads to Chuck's question. This will show up on your transcript, but you will likely have to take a placement test here.


This will not negatively affect your chances unless you are in a position where you're not taking a diversified curriculum. Please mention all AP scores on your application.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the clarifications!

Anonymous said...

I met with the assistant to the admissions committee and she stated that I did not have to take the SAT's because I have been to community college and received an AA and am currently attending UF and have never taken them Everywhere I read it says we have to take them. They offer the exam again later but not until after the March deadline. Does it hurt my chances of getting in if I have not taken them?

Anonymous said...

When submitting the essays through the Common App. website, would you like us to use the essay "assignment" as the title? If so, will this count towards the word limit? If not, is there a way that you would like us to differentiate the three essays?
Thank you.

Transfermer said...

Please create alias names everyone!


As you saw on the website, testing IS a requirement. However, it is less influential when it comes to considering transfer applicants. That being said, not having it will not necessarily spell deny for you. Having it could perhaps enhance your chances. I hope that clears it up.


We'll be able to tell the difference. It is up to you whether or not you would like to post a title. We do not count words, but simply ask that you stay with in the boundaries to help us with our reading.

Anonymous said...

Hello! I am wondering about HS transcripts. I am coming in with an AA from PVCC and UVA has my HS transcripts from where I graduated HS. My question is I went to HS for one year at a different school, does UVA need a transcript from that year if my graduating HS lists all the courses I have completed?


MG said...

Could you please clarify what the "Supporting documents for in-state privelges" are? I have located on the websiet, and have not found information regaring what is expected.

Thank you.

A said...

I spoke to the College Board to verify that my SAT scores were sent to UVA. It turns out that they had my mane spelled incorrectly, and have not located my records. My scores are listed on my high school transcript. Will UVA accept the official scores if they are received after 3/1?

Transfermer said...


You won't have to send the transcript from your previous hs. If you applied here as a first-year student, there's a possibility that we don't have your final transcript(grades included after graduation). If you were waitlisted, we likely have all of the grades. If you were not offered, you will likely have to send the complete transcript.

You don't have to send anything unless the Office of Virginia Status requests documents from you. At that time, they will be specific in what they want.


If you scores are listed on your hs transcript, we'll take that.

HopefulCavalier09 said...


I applied for Spring 2009, but I did not get in. I have already sent my letter to admissions stating that I would like to reapply for Fall 2009. Will I find out my decision by letter or online? If online, when should I be expecting to receive an email with my ID number? Thanks in advance for your help!