Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Preparing for Spring Coursework

Are you applying for fall 2018 and looking to continue to take appropriate courses ahead of applying to transfer?  Be sure to keep an eye on our transfer course requirements.  As many of you are already aware, these are the building blocks to a competitive application and a smooth transition to UVA. 

To find out what courses transfer to UVA, be sure to check out this transfer equivalencies page.   With millions of courses out there, the College of Arts and Sciences has added as many courses as have been taken by our former transfer students. Just because your course isn't listed, it doesn't necessarily mean that the course won't transfer successfully.  We've also uploaded a document under our FAQs that should help prospective engineering transfers.

Taking the appropriate courses and earning strong grades are the most important aspects of file review. Now, back to those transfer course requirements. Once you click through to each school -- the College of Arts and Sciences, the School of Architecture, etc. -- you'll see a list of exactly what you need to take.  Follow this closely, but it's highly recommended that you look to see what UVA students are taking their first two years as well.  It may be wise to take an additional math course if that's what Psychology or Biology is looking for. Some departments have done a great job of speaking directly to transfers on their pages.  Here are some examples - economics, psychology, and media studies. Some give curriculum guides like chemistry and mechanical engineering.  A quick google search will give you information on curricula all over the University.  Our best applicants have planned out their schedules using this information and it shows on transcripts.

Enjoy the rest of your break!


Anonymous said...

Hi Transfermer!

I've been working full-time throughout community college so I haven't had much involvement in extracurriculars. Due to financial circumstances, I took a few gap years to work, but I was super involved in leadership and STEM extracurriculars in high school. Would it be appropriate to list extracurriculars from high school in the activities section? It feels like so long ago.

Does admissions consider course load in relation to employment? I took 13 credits in the fall while also working full-time, and finished with two A's and two B's. Will admissions take into consideration my employment status when looking at the light, 13 credit course load? I went to school part-time my freshman year but earned straight A's. I've earned supplemental credits through testing and transfer credit. I've also explained my light course load in my common app.

I'm applying for fall 2018 admission as a rising third-year.


Transfermer said...

We are not as concerned with extracurriculars(EC) when it comes to transfer as we are with first-year applicants. I would say, there is no need to list activities from high school unless you graduated in 2017. Please mention employment any time you find yourself working in college. As you said, this may come up in your essays as well, but generally, we'll notice it in your EC list.

Spencer said...

Hi Transfermer,

I'm a sophomore at NOVA planning to apply competitively to the College of Arts and Sciences at UVA for Fall 2018.

I will definitely fulfill my associate degree requirements at NOVA but I won't have all the required transfer courses, like the non-western perspective course or foreign language component. Also, I used AP credit to cover my social sciences requirement at NOVA, but I believe UVA will only take those credits if the scores are up to par. So, my associates will have some credits awarded by examination and I will not meet all the required transfer courses for the college. Does this exclude me from being admitted to the school? If I were to get in, I'd take these remaining courses during the summer before fall matriculation.

Thank you!

AxeCapital said...

Hey Transfermer,

For the mid-term report, what will suffice? I do not believe NOVA does mid-term reports and definitely want to be able to send that in March after applications have been submitted. Is there a typical report in place of a midterm report usually received from NOVA students?

Billy said...

Hi, I was wondering if CVCC's "Intro to statistical reasoning" (Transfers to UVA as STAT1000T) fulfills the math requirement? Also, how do I find out if it specifically fulfills the biology department's requirement?

Transfermer said...


It doesn't categorically mean you'll be denied. We'll need to look at all of your courses. Typically, someone who is missing multiple subcategories of courses will not be competitive. Be sure to list your AP scores on your application just in case they work. Note that the schools here almost always require a 4 or a 5 for credit.

You will find the Mid-Term Report under the "Recommenders and FERPA" tab within your Common App itself.

Yes, this course will fulfill part of the math/sci requirement. There is not an equivalent in the VCCS for the Biostatistics that our Bio department requires. You should prep with an intro stats course at CVCC now and then take biostat at UVA.

Claudia Schmugge said...

Hello Transfermer,
I am a second-semester first-year thinking about transferring to UVA from a four-year college in MA. My college has an open curriculum, so I have been taking classes for the Government major since my first semester, as we do not have any required classes. I see on the website that for transfer admission, it is recommended that I should have completed courses that match what first years at UVA take. I have not taken science or math since being at college. Is there a chance I could still be admitted even though I have not taken the required courses, like science and math?

Transfermer said...

Hello Claudia,
There is a chance, but you'll need courses like history and the humanities. Perhaps you have some AP credit that will work towards our requirements as well. If a student is missing all of her foreign language and all of her math and science, it can be somewhat difficult to make a case for admission because these are such hefty requirements.

Claudia Schmugge said...

Hello again,
I am wondering if SAT/ACT scores are required for transfer admission to the college of arts and sciences? On the website, it says it is optional, but on the common app, it says it is required.
Thanks so much!

AxeCapital said...

I also have one more question! I just took a midterm for an 8-week course; should I have my professor fill out his part of the midterm report now, or should I just wait for when the course ends and just have him put the final grade on the report? (Course ends March 6)

Appreciate all of your insight, Transfermer

Transfermer said...

Testing is required for our Commerce and Teaching applicants. It is recommended for our public policy school. Unfortunately, we can't take it down from the Common App for the other schools.

Thank you for your questions! Just wait for the course to end, and after spring break, go around to all your professors(including this 8wk prof) at the same time.

arlin said...
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