Thursday, November 30, 2017

Spring Transfer Decisions Are Out!

Well, they'll be out this evening.  Remember that you have to check your SIS account to get your decision. You'll find information about this in your UVA confirmation email, back from the time when you applied on or before October 1st. We will post all decisions online, but we will only be mailing letters to admitted students.  A student is either offered or not offered.  There is no wait list process for spring admission.

Do not call the office to ask for your decision.  We do not give out decisions over the phone. To get to your account, go here and click on the "SIS Login."  If you don't remember your account information, check your submission confirmation email, then seek out the help information on the left-hand side of that same page.  

About 17% of applicants were admitted. If you were not admitted, you might have the opportunity to "roll over" your application for fall 2018 consideration.  Please follow the directions in your online letter to make the request.  NOTE: This option is not available for students who are entering their sixth semester at a four-year institution (this is not a community college) come January 2018.  Unfortunately, these students are no longer eligible to transfer to UVA.  If that is the case, we hope that you will apply to UVA for graduate school in the future.

If you are admitted, you'll notice the $400 tuition deposit, and you'll have until December 15th to make your deposit.

We do not have admitted student days for transfers and like you, our students and faculty will be heading into final exams in the coming days.  The Office of Admission is your best bet for questions, but hopefully, most of these were answered during your research this fall.

Best of luck to everyone on your final exams! 


Jose Cora said...

Question - If I applied as a HS senior 2 years ago and will apply to transfer after 2 years at a 4 year college, do I need to resend my HS transcripts and test scores, or does my file info from my previous application roll over?

Jose Cora said...

I will be applying to transfer for fall 2018...thanks!

transferadvice said...

Hi Transfermer-- is the Spring applicant pool a bit higher caliber than the fall one? I know that you guys get around 300 applications for 30 seats, but in terms of gpa, test scores, impressiveness of ec's etc. does the Spring pool tend to be more competitive?

Transfermer said...

Yes, you will need to send a new high school transcript. We "destroy" these documents after a year. Test scores tend to live forever in our system so you likely won't need to send scores. Wait for a week after you submit to see if these scores have matched up.

Yes, it is more competitive for spring. The spring admits tend to have stronger high school records and slightly stronger grades. In-state residents also have an advantage, but that's the case in both spring and fall.

Chloe Rogers said...

In the case that I am rolling over my application for fall 2018 review, will I be able to write another essay? Or will the same one be viewed?

Transfermer said...

You can make an addition if you like. You can send it directly to, but it must be done by March 1.

Kmaxxx said...
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Transfermer said...

As you can see from the information on the right-hand side of this blog, transfer decisions will be released around May 1.