Friday, August 11, 2017

Back to School!

Wow, this summer has really flown by and it's time to turn your attention to perfecting those fall semester schedules.

As you prepare to return to school (or maybe this is your first semester of college), it's important to be aware of the pre-requisite courses necessary for transfer to UVa. We realize there are courses you'll need to take at your institution, but it's important to overlap, or incorporate what we're looking for as well.

If you go to our website and click on "Transfer Course Requirements" on the left-hand side, you'll see some very helpful introductory information.  Once you click through to each school -- the College of Arts and Sciences, the School of Architecture, etc -- you'll see a list of exactly what you need to take.  Follow this closely.  If you would like to see how your school's courses might transfer, you can use our transfer credit analyzer.  This will show most of your institutions and many courses.  Do not fret if courses you have taken do not appear on the analyzer.  It doesn't necessarily mean that they won't transfer, but our registrars will evaluate the credit once you're admitted.

We look forward to answering any questions here with regards to finalizing your schedules! 


Darlenne H. said...

Hey Dean J!

I'll be applying to the College for fall 2018 admission under the GAA. The agreement states that I should have 54 transferable credits and an associate's degree to qualify for guaranteed admission. I'll have earned a Liberal Arts A.A. at the end of this school year, but I'll only have 51 transferable, credits. At the link below, I found that the College of Arts & Sciences awards advance-standing credit for select CLEP exams, and I was wondering if taking a CLEP exam to earn the additional 3 credits would meet the requirements of the agreement.

My counselor advised that any credits I earned with a CLEP exam would be considered transfer credits on my NOVA transcripts, and would count toward my degree at NOVA. How would UVA admissions view the 3 credits earned via CLEP exam? Could the additional 3 credits from one of the CLEP exams listed below help me meet the requirements?


My plan b is to take an additional course in the Spring, but I'd prefer not to since I am already taking an overload in the fall.

P.S. Thanks for the super helpful posts! I really appreciate this blog.

AxeCapital said...


I am applying to the College of Arts and Sciences for Fall 2018 as a transfer student from NOVA.

I have a question about the GAA from NOVA:

If at the time I submit my application I am .02 points below the GPA requirement, will I be forfeited? Apps are due towards the end of our spring semester, and after my spring semester I will be above the GPA requirement; is that taken into consideration with mid-term reports?

I will have a 3.38 when I submit my application, however, once the spring semester is complete I expect it to be a 3.53; after doing cumulative calculations.

Transfermer said...

Darlenne H,
Yes, anything that is deemed transferable on that CLEP table will work for the GAA. You just need to make sure that you take at least 45 credits worth of coursework at your community college.

Let’s see what your true GPA is at the end of the fall semester. Remember not to put undue pressure on yourself. Taking a great number of credits to bump up a low GPA might not be the best route to go. To answer your question, it is unlikely that you would be denied the GAA for this reason. Mid-term reports do not give us a GPA.
If you happen to be wait listed, then the new GPA will help you towards the offer of admission.

Michael Ortega said...

I will be applying to transfer to UVA College of Arts & Sciences as a sophomore in Fall 2018.

I am currently a freshman at Lynchburg College and my current schedule calls for at least 25 credits hours (finishing the rest of my schedule on 8/25). I am aware that my SAT scores are checked by the board, and I can admit, they were not that great. What kind of things should I do to boost myself in the application process because I really want to to attend UVA in the fall, and will do whatever it takes!
Also, I am a hispanic and I am heavily involved in community service (at Lynchburg, and the past), as well as a runner on the XC and Track, but I do not plan to pursue collegiate running next year.
Thank you and please get back!

Michael Ortega said...

One more thing too,
I am about to join the army reserves next week, (8/28-9/1), but I will most likely be leaving track behind. If I get my GPA to a 3.5 or higher, what else do you think would help set me above the application pool?

Transfermer said...

SAT scores are no longer required for students who graduated from high school in the U.S. Please see our website for more information if you graduated from HS abroad.
Aside from that, you can improve your chances by doing well in the right courses --the ones we mentioned in the blog post. We also take high school performance into account when looking at rising 2nd years. Typically, the more college work you have, the less we will look at your high school record. Best of luck this semester!

William said...

If I am not applying under the GAA anymore should I still take Advanced Composition since I took College Comp I & II in High school, even though I repeated college comp II after high school and got an A last spring? Thanks!

Billy said...

Also, if I may add (I'm William from above, different acct,) I took a couple of classes during this summer session at UVA and had every intention of not being affected by the "increased rigor" I was warned about but honestly, BIO 1 I got wrecked :( BUT I did good in Bio 2. Obviously I am really worried about this, that doing poorly in a UVA class really really looks bad on the application. But I've moved on from it, just wondering how bad of a situation is this for UVA?

Stella said...


I am planning to apply for Spring Term 2018.

I am currently an international student ay NOVA.

I have GPA above 3.8. But, my TOEFL score is a little below 90.

is there any case a student who received a score of below 90 have been accepted by uva?

Transfermer said...

You’ll have to take more English Comp at UVA if you choose not to take ENG 210 at your current school. Without the GAA, not having it won’t put you at an admissions advantage, but it will be something that will be necessary once you get to UVA. Unfortunately, the summer UVA grade could be an issue. We are looking for you to handle five UVA courses after transferring, so one weak grade when you only had one course to be concerned with might concern us. Summer school can be intense and we would recommend explaining the experience in your application.

It’s possible, but spring admission is very competitive and this could be what might differentiate you from more competitive students.

GoldmanSak said...


I am applying under the GAA but do not fulfill the foreign language requirement. Will this forfeit me? Must I switch to a regular transfer application? I meet ALL other requirements and I have read on the FAQ that most transfers are missing that one requirement when coming in and that it is offered over the summer. Please advise on the best route to take in applying the proper way.

Thank you.

carolineuva said...

I am looking to apply for enrollment the fall of my sophomore year. Will I automatically be denied admission if I am not able to fulfill the pre-requisites?
1. In my case, I think I will have only 11 natural science/math credits instead of 12. Is that acceptable? My 12th science/math credit hour is an animal science seminar and I'm not sure if that counts for anything.
2. In addition, if I take 6 credits of humanities, 3 more of social sciences, 3 of non-Western perspective, and 3 of historical studies next semester, I will have a full schedule. This leaves me no time for my language requirement. May I hold off on language credits until my sophomore year (hopefully) at UVA?
3. I received a 4 on both the AP English literature and AP English language exams. This exempted me from the freshman English course at my current school. Will that transfer over as my school's "full course sequence"?
4. Is there anyone I can call/visit in person to discuss the transfer process and what courses I should take in the spring?

Thank you very much,

Transfermer said...


All course requirements must be completed in order to qualify for the guaranteed admission agreement. There are no exceptions. You would apply under competitive admission.


We hope and expect that rising sophomores will have half of the requirements completed. It would be impossible to do them all in one year. We would recommend dropping one of your humanities courses to make room for the foreign language. Remember also that you can "double-dip." Some humanities and social science courses can also count for a non-western perspective. Unfortunately, you would need a 5 on the AP Language test in order to earn credit here. Your score of 4 on the AP Lit exam will give you 3 credits towards the humanities requirement. A "Dean of the Day" is available weekdays from 9-4:30 if you would like to call our office. You can visit as well during the same hours. Be sure to make the most of your time and sign up for a tour as well if you do decide to travel here. If you are a community college student, your student services advisors should be able to help as well.

GoldmanSak said...

Thank you Transfermer, I will be applying as a competitive transfer then.

If someone did apply under the GAA missing one requirement, would they be rejected for not fulfilling it or would their application be moved to regular competitive transfer admission?

GoldmanSak said...


AxeCapital said...

Also interested in @GoldmanSak's last question!

Darlenne Helena said...

Just went to a transfer info session this morning and asked this question. The UVA dean I asked said tons of people check the box, and only about 50 actually get in under GAA out of the 800-900 accepted. You won't be penalized or anything like that, your application is just reviewed like everyone else's. So don't panic if you're missing a part of the GAA! You can still apply competitively.

Transfermer said...

That's correct. Thanks for the assist Darlenne!

Billy said...

When are you coming to CVCC in Lynchburg??? :)

Billy said...

Nevermind, my school just emailed out information about that very thing! Marking my calendar for the 18th! :)

rjbray123 said...


I am looking to apply to the engineering school as a sophomore next fall. I plan on declaring my major to be CS however at my current school, physics and chemistry are not required to be taken. Unlike the transfer requirements for SEAS. As the second semester registration comes in the next month or two, I won't be able to take a chemistry or physics class because they do not offer the 101 classes in the spring. How will this look toward the admission council. Another fact is that I applied to SEAS as a senior in high school and was waitlisted. I want to present myself as best as possible as I apply for transfer.

Thank you,

NateJ said...

Hello Transfermer,
I'm currently a freshman at Clemson in the school of engineering. I am hoping to transfer to UVA's school of engineering in the fall. The way things look now I should have completed all of the requirements except for four hours of physics. I applied to UVA last year and unfortunately didn't make the cut. I'd really like to transfer back to my "home" state of Virginia and want to do everything I can to submit a highly competitive application. Other than doing well in my Clemson engineering classes, is there anything you would recommend I do to increase my chances? Will the fact that I was unable to complete ALL of the requirements prevent my application from being considered? Thank you!