Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Review of Applications for the Spring semester

Eligible Schools for Spring Admission
Remember that in the spring, we only take a limited number of students to a limited number of schools.  We only admit for the College of Arts and Sciences, Architectural History and Urban and Environmental Planning.  If you plan to study other fields like nursing or engineering, etc, please hold off and apply for fall 2016 admission.

The GAA does not work for the spring admission
The Guaranteed Admission Agreement is only available for fall applicants, and only applies to VCCS applicants wanting to study in the College of Arts and Sciences, Engineering and the RN-BSN program. But again, this is not available for spring transfer.  No need to click the button now.

Good luck with those last-minute applications!


Catherine Stone said...

Hello! While this post isn't specific to this entry, I did have a question in regards to the 2016 fall transfer application. I decided to start the application early, and hit a snag with the academic recommendation. I read a few old posts on the blog that discussed how the Common App portal can't be used to send in recommendations. Is this still the case for current day applications? Thank you!

Pablo Castillo said...

Hello everyone,

is it mandatory to submit my other college transcripts? I am an international student but came to the US and studied at a community college and basically I am only transferring the credits I earned there, not the foreign ones. It stills appears in my To Do list. The same with my high school transcripts.


Transfermer said...

Nowadays, you should be able to submit a recommendation through the common app portal.

Yes, you'll need to have your other transcripts translated into English and sent to UVa. Start working on it now. This process can take time.