Monday, September 28, 2015

Let's recap the Common App Forms

Hopefully, we're getting new viewers to the blog.  I want to draw your attention to the information on the right side of the blog.  This is information pertaining to the most common questions we receive.  We fear that not everyone reads it and felt it would be a good time to talk about the Common App forms.  Some of your other transfer institutions will require these.  We do not. Unfortunately, because the Common App is common, we cannot take these down from your application. Here are the guidelines:

1) The College Report is NOT REQUIRED
2) The Secondary School Final Report is NOT REQUIRED

That said, ALL college and ALL high school transcripts are required.
3) The Mid-Term Report is RECOMMENDED. If you decide to send it, send it after mid-terms which will likely be after the deadline, and that's just fine.
4) The Academic Evaluator Recommendation is RECOMMENDED.

Good luck!


Ron Hasan said...

I am applying as a transfer from a VCCS school; however, I am not seeking admission through guaranteed admission but I will have my associates at the end of the semester. That being said, I am in a rather tight spot, financially that is. I haven't taken the SATs since 2010, consequently I have to pay to send my scores to UVA because of an archiving fee. As of today I don't have the sufficient funds to pay College Board to send them to you all. Seeing as how this is on my list of to-do's, if I am unable to provide an official score report from college board, will that impede my consideration for admission?

Transfermer said...

Good news. If you graduated from high school five years before our deadline of tomorrow 10/1/15, then you can have this requirement waived. Five years before this date would be 10/1/10, so if you graduated from high school in May or June of 2010, please write to our general email account and ask to have this waived. We would prefer that any applicant send scores if they have taken them, but with any luck, they may show up on your high school transcript and we'll take those as official.

Raygan Cox said...

Hi! I am transferring next fall so the application and forms aren't due until March 1st- with that being said, do you want the mid-term report from our fall semester or spring semester? Thanks so much!