Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Transfer Process

Spring then Fall, what?

As you know, we have an application process that admits students in the spring (January).  If you applied for January admission, and you were not admitted, you might have the opportunity to try again or roll over your application for fall 2015 review. 

Unfortunately, if you have completed more than five semesters at a four-year institution, or if you're in the process of your sixth semester, you are not eligible for another review for the College of Arts and Sciences or the Architecture School. 

If you still feel you are eligible, please email undergradadmission@virginia by March 1.  You can also email the address you might have seen on your decision screen, which is different. 

In order to complete this process, you need to send us your transcript including your fall 2014 grades. No need to fill out another application, or pay another application fee.  We'll then take it from there and you'll get your decision around May 1.

Are you an architecture applicant?
Last year, the faculty in the architecture school requested that we require portfolios from our transfer applicants. Please be sure to check out our instructions and complete the portfolio by March 1. To start your portfolio, in your application, please select "yes" to the question asking if you plan to submit an arts supplement. This will allow you to access the Slideroom portal where you can upload your portfolio according to the directions on the site. If you have already submitted your architecture application and did not select "yes" to this question, please email Devin Underhill at devin.underhill@virginia.edu so that you can gain access to the Slideroom portal. Portfolios must meet the requirements outlined on the Slideroom website in order to be reviewed. Physical portfolios mailed to our office will not be considered.


FutureSLP said...

Hi. I am interested in applying to UVA for the fall of 2016. I am a first year student attending college in the VCCS, but not under the GAA (I want to major in Communication Disorders at the Curry school...) . When it is time for me to apply, do I check the School of Education box in the common app to ensure that im applying to curry?
Also, just making sure, I do not need a foreign language for the communication disorders major correct? I was told that I didnt, but just making sure. Thanks!

C. Armstrong said...

Hello! I am a VCCS student hoping to transfer into the Architecture School this coming fall. My application is completed and I've sent my HS and college transcripts this past week, however on my sis profile, it says that,

"...it will take 3-4 weeks to data enter receipt of your transcript and remove it from your "To Do" list."

Does this mean that I may miss the March 1st deadline due to the transcript processing time?

Thanks for keeping this blog so up-to-date! It's been a great help throughout this process.
C. Armstrong

Transfermer said...

Future SLP,
We only admit rising third-years for this program. If you are interested in transferring this year, you'll need to apply to the College of Arts and Sciences. If you are admitted and you come here, in the spring of your second year, you'll apply for the Comm Disorders program.

C. Armstrong,
Good question. See our post from this afternoon.

Condol said...


I applied for the Spring 2015 semester, and would like to reapply for the Fall 2015. Will my application be taken with less regard than a first-time applicant? I only ask because I know that I must e-mail some of the necessary items for my application, rather than submit them through the Common Application.

Thanks for your time!

FutureSLP said...

Transferner, I plan to apply to uva my 3rd year after I graduate from community college ... Is that still acceptable? I'll have 60+ general education credits complete by then

FutureSLP said...

I meant to say that I want to transfer my 3rd year to UVA after I graduate from community college.

Sarah said...

I have already submitted my Common App, and I just got the email for my SIS account. I found the To-Do list, but there's nothing in it. I believe I mailed in all of my materials, so do I just need to wait for my application to be processed?