Monday, February 23, 2015

The Deadline is Approaching, Part 2: Testing Refresher

We had a blog post request for clarification on testing. 

-Testing is required for all students applying under the Virginia Community College GAAs for the Engineering and Arts and Sciences schools, no matter your age or your time out of high school.  If English is your second language, you may substitute the TOEFL or the IELTS for the SAT or ACT.  We look for a 90 or above on the TOEFL; a 7.0 and above on the IELTS. We do not have specific requirements for the SAT or ACT, but if Verbal and Writing scores are low - typically, below 500, we may contact you and ask for more proficiency testing.

-If you are applying as a regular transfer without the GAA(most applicants), testing is required for anyone who has been out of high school for less than five years.  If you graduated in 2010 or later('11, '12, etc.), we require testing.  You can submit old test scores as there is no need to take them again.

-If you are applying to the Commerce school... it is in your best interest to submit testing no matter how long you've been out of high school.  We sometimes tell students whose first language is not English is that it's advisable to take the TOEFL and the SAT or ACT.  They are really big on quantitative (math) and presentation skills.

We understand we may be different in our testing requirements for transfers.  As a selective institution, we appreciate the information that standardized testing can give us and thus, that's why we require it for most parties applying.

* GAA = Guaranteed Admission Agreement.


Joe said...

I just got my log-in info for SIS and I am looking at my application status and it says incomplete, but it doesn't say what is missing. Will that be made clear later? I want to make sure I have everything sent in.

Also in regards to the course descriptions for our current year courses, is it okay if we email them? If so, what email should we send them to?

First Ge said...

I'm not sure if this was asked somewhere on the transfer application, but I'm a first generation College student and I know this is considered important by UVa. Should I/is it worth sending an email to have this fact added to my file?

L said...

@first ge this was included in the application

First Ge said...

@L Are you sure? I went back through the pdf of the common app and didn't see it anywhere

Transfermer said...

If you just got your information, please wait a few days for your documents to be matched up. Your course descriptions can be emailed to

First Ge,
We ask you for your parents' "Education Level" in the application and that will cover it.

Snow said...

My high school has been closed because of weather for over a week now and are likely to be closed tomorrow and even potentially friday. This being the case, is there going to be an issue with my HS transcript being late?

Turn Around said...

How much does UVa consider grade turn arounds? Early on, due to many family issues, I got horrible grades freshman/sophomore like 2.3's while senior year I took the hardest possible course load and got a ~4.5. Will my early grades be too large knock against my overall app?

Tariq Ullah said...

I was home schooled throughout high school and I never took the SAT or ACT. I graduated high school and now I am in my final semester at NVCC. I have a high GPA, and I have done well through my two years here. Would this be considered a special case when applying to UVA, as I do not have any standardized test scores to submit? If it is, how do I proceed with my application?

Anonymous said...

If I graduated 2014 from high school and applied to UVA in 2014 as well, do I still need to send in my SAT scores? Also, if I haven't taken my midterms in college yet, when should I send in the mid-term report?

ReeLUV said...

I am unable to take the testing until April 18th and the scores are due March 1st.... is this okay? Will my application still be considered?


Transfermer said...

We’ll wait for your transcript. Again, what’s most important is that you apply on time. I would highly discourage folks from waiting until March 1 to apply, what with power outages that can sometimes occur during snowstorms.

Turn Around,
This is wonderful, and we do look for improvement over the course of time. It is tough to make a generalization. We have to see your entire record in order to make a good decision.

We require testing from our homeschooled applicants. I hope you can take the March test.
Anon who graduated in 2014,
No, you do not need to send your scores again. Please see my post on Feb 20 regarding the mid-term report.

I’m sorry, but April 18th is too late. We’ll be releasing decisions on May 1.

Raelo Edmond said...

College board says the scores wont get to UVA until after 2 weeks. The deadline is in a couple of days. Is that okay?

FutureSLP said...

I know you guys look heavily on grades, but do you also look at extracurriculars as well? I am an officer for international club and am also getting inducted for Phi Theta Kappa in a few weeks.

Zoe said...

Will ALL decisions be released on May 1st, or is there a possibility of them being released earlier? Just wondering!

Anonymous said...

I took a language exam at my college and got a result saying that I could take a higher level course (higher than 202). Will taking 1 202 (or any higher level)language course make me qualify for the language requirement for GAA applicant?

Anonymous said...

Also, (same person from above comment) can a Spanish course, which I am not using to satisfy my language requirement for GAA, count as my elective course requirement for GAA transfer? (B.A. in Biology)

Taylor said...

I made a myuva account after attending a transfer open house last year. I logged in today and it had a checklist that had a check by myuva and one by application but high school transcripts remained unchecked. It does say that I should get an email for SIS information soon but should I be worried that there is no check next to my transcripts? I sent them by mail a month or two ago but just submitted the common app two days ago.

Thanks in advance

enlighter said...

Hi, I just want to know if my toefl score is expired, can I submit SAT for toefl score (and I have got a 680 and 770 on reading and writing sections)? I have asked an admissions officer and she said that I could submit my SAT score and report my TOEFl score without sending it. I want to confirm if this is possible. Thank you very much!

Midtermin said...

My schools midterm is extremely early on so my midterm report, if sent, would have heavily skewed grades; one class has only one grade which was a test that I got an 80 on. Is having a B- midterm grade going to be frowned upon even though it's not based on many grades?

T said...

Hi, I logged into my SIS account and it says that the only thing I have to do is send my official transcript. I sent my college transcript through parchment and got an email confirming so on January 13th. Should I be concerned?

Anonymous said...

Is the deadline for submitting the application by 12:00 A.M. February 28th or by the end of March 1st? I am still waiting on a letter of recommendation, and don't want to miss the opportunity to submit my application because I am waiting on the letter.

Olivia said...


I submitted my Common App Feb 16th, and everything on my to-do list has been checked off. However this morning when I checked my application status on the SIS page, it says my application is incomplete but I don't have anything on my to-do list. What do I do??

NoSIS said...

Hello Transfermer,

I submitted the CommonApp about two weeks ago and still have not been emailed to get the information about creating a SIS login. Is there something I should do? I sent in SAT scores, high school transcript and college transcripts in early January.

Thanks for your time.

Andrew said...

May we scan and email our mid-term reports? Or do you prefer to get them in the mail.

Transfermer said...

Raelo Edmond,
That’s ok.

Future SLP,
Yes, we do look at extracurricular activities as well, but our priority is that you’ve taken courses we’ve prescribed and that you’ve earned strong grades in them.

Right now, all we can say is May 1. You’ll hear it here if we’re releasing any earlier.

Anon asking about foreign language,
Please make up an alias name next time. Taking 202 will complete the requirement. Taking a course that is higher than 202 may sometimes not exempt you from the requirement. To answer your second question, it could count towards your 60 credits.

I’m not as familiar with the myUVa checklist, but it should be same as what you might see in SIS. If you sent in your application a few days ago, you are new to us. It will take 7-10 days for your transcripts to be matched up. Please be patient as our staff works to make your application complete.

Yes, you can submit the SAT instead of the TOEFL. Those are very strong critical reading and writing scores, so we’ll be happy to see them.

Nice alias! We’ll take this into consideration. You can also write us a note about it when you send the mid-term report. If you’ve already sent it, you may email undergradadmission with this update.

You can also email us at It’s hard for me to tell you what to do when I don’t know you or your situation.

Good question. I’m told that if you’ve applied in the past or if you have a hyphenated name, you might not immediately get a SIS login. There might be a slight delay from the push of many applications coming at once. Give it until this Wednesday afternoon, and if you still haven’t heard, you can email us at

Yes, emailing them will be fine.

Brian said...

I read one of your previous comments that said we don't have to send in SAT scores if we applied in 2014 as seniors and sent them in then. Just for clarification, does this rule apply for all other test scores, such as SAT subject tests or AP exams, for example?

Additionally, regarding the mid-term report: one of my midterms isn't until the end of March. Should I send in the report before that point without that significant grade, or should I wait until after the midterm? By then it'll be pretty late, which is why I want to know what is too late and what isn't.

DS said...

Hello, Transfermer,

I have a question about resending the transcript.
I had taken AP courses in high school and retook the courses at my current school again because those subjects are realted to my major.

The problem is that they had replaced some courses with the AP credits. Since that brings my GPA by 0.4, I contacted my school's virtual record office to request changes to my transcript today.

Would it be alright to resend my transcript after they make amendments? Thank you,

Gibril said...

Just to be clear, our GPA's are reset if we are accepted. As second years, we start with fresh GPA's at uva.

Scott said...

How essential is the mid-term report? I understand that it is recommended, but would it hurt me not to send it?

Aaron said...

Hello, I plan on applying as second year for spring semester 2016 and I'm currently at a VCCS. Should I take the complete chemistry sequence while I'm here or is it ok that I take chemistry 1 here and (hopefully) take chemistry 1420 when I transfer?

Aaron said...

(same person from above) I'm on the track for a B.A in Biology.

Jennifer said...

Is it worth sending the mid-term report if our grades are not all As or exactly like our grades last semester? Sometimes grades can really fluctuate and still be As by the end of the semester. So is it worth it to still send the report, or will that count against us??

Sarah Smith said...

Your post said SIS account info would be sent within 5 days of the application submission. However, I submitted mine on Feb. 26 and still have not received an email. Should I be worried or are emails still being sent out?

Anonymous said...

The mid-term report says it is recommended, does that mean that I have to send it in? I am not too proud of the midterm grades currently.

terrified said...

I sent in all my transcripts but SIS says they don't have it????

Yunting Zhang said...

I still didn't get my log-in info for SIS and I can't check my application status, how long should I wait?

Anonymous said...


I went to high school in VA (and my permanent address is in VA), even though I go to an OOS university. I was just wondering if I would still be considered an in-state applicant, with the rest of the applicants from Virginia colleges?

Thanks so much!

Transfermer said...

This would apply to all testing, if you sent them in previous years. If you want to send a mid-term report, I would recommend getting it to us in the next 7-10 days.

Yes, you can send a new transcript. Please email with this same note.

Yes, everyone has a new GPA when they start at UVa. I think this is typical at most schools.

It depends. If you want to show some improvement over last semester’s grades, it could help, but we know that one test or one paper could drastically change your grade in April. So, we look at this, but can’t put as much stock in them as we can with a final grade on a transcript.

I would recommend taking the complete sequence if you are thinking of studying Biology.

It won’t count against you if your grades are similar to last semester’s results.

Sarah Smith,
I hope you’ve since found success. If not, please go in and make sure you fully submitted. If you applied in past years, this may be the issue. If this is the case, Go to the U.Va. homepage and click on “SIS” in the upper right hand corner. The link you need will be on the right hand side of the page, two links under the “get password” button. Once you are at the screen to enter your information, please make sure you enter your name, date of birth (DOB) and email address exactly as it was entered on the Common App. If you do not, you will receive an error. Everything must always match! If you didn’t apply in the past, and you still haven’t received your SIS ID, contact us at

Anon asking about the mid-term report,
Please create an alias next time. It’s recommended, not required.

I hope you’ve received your SIS information by now.

If your parents still live in Virginia, you are considered an in-state applicant.

Trying Again said...


I was offered the option of rolling over my Spring application for the coming Fall semester. I was wondering if all rejected students were given this option. If not, do you think this gives me a slightly better shot at getting accepted for the Fall semester (also with great Spring semester grades)?

Jenna Patel said...

I plan on applying for fall 2016, but does SAT/ACT testing really affect how I get in? I wasn't the best standardized test taker in high school.

Transfermer said...

Trying again,
No, this does not increase your chances. This is offered to anyone who is attending a community college, or anyone who has not completed more than five semesters of work at a four-year institution.

Jenna Patel,
Yes, if you are a young applicant, it can play a significant role in your decision. Generally, the more time you have in college (3, 4, 5 semesters), the less we’ll look at testing. If you have SAT individual scores below 500, we encourage you to take it again.

Jenna Patel said...

I will be applying to UVA in my 3rd semester. Also, the only individual score I have below 500 is math. Will that still be an issue?

Jenna Patel said...

Correction: I will be applying to UVA in the fall in my 4th semester. I am taking classes this summer

Transfermer said...

It's not an absolute, but seeing as you have time before the deadline, you should study for and take the SAT again.

basetwo said...

I am not applying under the GAA, and while I will likely submit SAT scores anyway, just to clarify--as a 2003 high school graduate, I am not required to submit SAT scores? Is this also the case with high school transcripts?

Transfermer said...

You are not required to send SATs, but if you have them, we would like to see them. High school transcripts are required for everyone except those applying to the Nursing school's RN-BSN program.

Hadyn Garelick said...
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Hadyn Garelick said...
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