Tuesday, April 1, 2014

This is your last day to apply for financial aid!

The subject line sums it up. This is your last chance to apply for financial aid.  Don't miss out on the opportunity to make UVa more affordable for you.
For more information, go to this great website hosted by Student Financial Services.


HooFall2014 said...

This deadline only applies to the FAFSA and the CSS Profile, not to the additional application requirements, correct?

Anonymous said...

Hello, I just applied to the CSS Profile a few minutes ago and it says that I submitted it on 4/2/14 which is after the official deadline. As an international student, I was struggling with converting the currency for hours. Would my CSS Profile application to be still considered at this time?

il said...

My CSS application status says that I submitted the application on the 2nd of April. Is that a problem?

Transfermer said...

You'll have to consult the SFS website for that information. Please keep an eye on your to-do list to see if any additional information is necessary.

Anon and il,
If you yourself applied before 12 midnight, that is what SFS will see.

il said...

The CSS application was registered on April 1st but the status says that it will be reported to the university on the 2nd of April. Is that a problem?

345 said...


I apologize ahead of time for asking this question because I realize it's goofy/frustrating, but... If I submitted the FAFSA on time, but the CSS profile was not submitted by April 1, would you still recommend completing and submitting the CSS profile?



Limu said...


This isn't really related to the topic of discussion, but if we are accepted can we immediately register for summer classes?


Ryan said...


I was actually wondering the same thing as Limu. If not for the first session then perhaps either of the second two?


HopeLee said...

Dear Transformer,

I was wondering If you could help me on what to do in my situation.

For my past couple of days, I have been checking my SIS religiously and today, it stated that I am "Ineligible for In State Privileges".

I have been living in the State of Virginia my whole life with family currently living there. I have put all the information on my Common App providing the information of my Virginia residency and was wondering what the problem was.

Also my younger sis who also lives with me, applied to UVA as a first year and she was granted Instate privileges so there is clearly a mistake.

Maybe it is because I attend George Washington University and its not in the state of Virginia?
I have a Virginia driver license and will be willing to provide the information if need be.

Transfermer said...

You’ll have to ask Student Financial Services. I hope it won’t be a problem.

Again, you can ask Student Financial Services if it still worth it. They website is pretty clear that both forms needed to be submitted by April 1.

After you submit your deposit, you can register for summer courses. But, you’ll need to tell us in admission that you wish to do this. SIS will give you trouble if you don’t contact us first.

Depending upon how soon you might deposit and seat availability in the class, you may be able to take the first summer session.

It is not because you attend George Washington U. Please pay attention to your to-do list or email for requests from the Office of Virginia Status. Maybe they are looking for additional documentation.

Luiza Porfirio said...

Hey Transfermer, about the midterm report, I go to an art school and we do not exactly have "midterms" so some of my teachers don't know their students' grades until the end of the semester, unfortunately. Am I required to submit midterm grades for this semester? How will this affect my application if I do not submit them? Im sorry if this question has been answered before.

hoosweet said...

If I apply to UVA during my second year (for the spring) with a 3.3 college GPA but my first semester is 2.7 and the other two are 3.6 and 3.7, is it possible for me to become an Echols scholar? I really am interested in it for several reasons but I know it is kind of unlikely that far into school

HopefulHoo said...

This isn't related to financial aid but I am not really sure where else I can ask this question:

I looked at the common app website to make sure everything was submitted correctly. I saw where it says assign recommenders, and under my professors name, it says "started 2/7/2014". Does this mean my professor did not submit his recommendation? I contacted the professor and he said he was sure he completed the recommendation, I just want to make sure it will be reviewed.


John said...

How many people applied for fall?

Not Batman said...

Any chance you could drop us a little hint as to whether or not decisions will be released on the 25th? :)

UVaPlease said...

I was just wondering, has anyone gotten anything relating to the financial aid to-do's? Looking back on past years, it seems like only the people who applied for financial aid and were accepted to the university got new items on their to do list... Anyone get anything like this?

Transfermer said...

Luiza Porfiro,
As you might have seen from the notes on the sidebar of this blog, the mid-term report is not required.

Echols is only available for rising second-year students. The middle of one’s second year is too late.

We cannot verify receipt of recommendations because they are confidential and not required.

2400 students applied, up about 20 or 30 spots from last year, 60-70 spots from 2012.

Not Batman,
It’s looking unlikely this year.

I believe this process has changed this year.

Penelope said...

Dear Transfermer,

I'm not sure if you're allowed to answer this question or not, but would that mean that not having financial aid to-do's after applying for financial aid isn't indicative of a rejection/waitlist? (and vice versa)

Transfer2015 said...

I had a 2.5 GPA first semester but a 3.7 GPA second semester as a pre med. Is it unreasonable to apply still since the average spring semester transfer GPA is a 3.6 and my average GPA is only 3.1?

Ryan said...


If I may offer some advice. UVa's application process is very holistic in that you aren't judged based on a single number. Sure, GPA plays a (big) part but so does everything else. Not to mention you're only as competitive as what you're compared to: even if you gave the admissions office all of your stats there's no way of determining how you stack up relative to the rest of the applicant pool.

You're welcome to wait on an answer from a UVa representative, but if you want my advice, I wouldn't say it's "unreasonable" to apply. Maybe you aren't a shoo-in but if the average is a 3.6 then for every 4.0 there can be a 3.2 that's admitted. Although to keep things realistic, that could also means that for every 4.0 there can be 3 3.4's instead but you get the idea. My point is that it doesn't hurt to try. The fact that your classes are probably rigorous should help as well!

Sorry if that sounds trite but yeah, I'd say it's worth giving it a shot if you want my 2 cents.

Also, Transfermer, I was just wondering.. In 2008, some of the application decisions were released on the 25th of April. Is there a chance of that happening this year as well?

Good luck everyone, we're almost there!

Ryan said...

Er wait as a follow up to my last email...

The big point I was trying to make was that statistics don't mean anything to the individual. Numbers can only tell you so much.

OKAY now i'm done

Transfermer said...

No, the financial aid requests aren’t indicative of the decisions.

Ryan is right in that there’s no way to tell how you will stack up with the pool around you. If you are not admitted, and you’ll be in the middle of your sophomore year, you’ll have a chance to apply again for fall 2015. Be sure to send in mid-term grades after mid-term exams end. Ryan, it’s not looking like it will be this Friday.

Victoria said...


I have applied to a couple other schools this year, but it has come down to either UVA or one other; however, my other option's admissions deposit is due May 1st. And I cannot afford to pay two deposits just to be on the safe side. Can you tell me if there is any way of you knowing if we will no sometime earlier next week? Maybe not the 25th, but say the 28th or 29th?

Ash said...

I don't know if you already saw the most recent posting of Transfermer, but most likely the decision will be released on May 1. If your other school's deposit due date is May 1, can't you just log into your UVA SIS account on May 1 and deposit your money to other school after you see the decision on that day? I am pretty certain that we all will be able to see our decisions before the midnight.

Transfermer said...


Ash is right, but we understand the pressure that May 1 holds for many students. Luckily, gateways normally don't close until midnight on the decision date or deadline.

Victoria said...

Transfermer and Ash,

Thank you for your responses. My plan is to make the deposit afterwards, even if it is May 1st; however, the other school does not guarantee housing for Transfer students. As a result, I was hoping to make my deposit earlier, just in case there is one more room available for me, if I am not accepted to UVA. I was also hoping to allow some time in case of technical difficulties seeing as 2,400 students will be viewing their decisions that day. As Transfermer stated, there is some major pressure.

Thank you,