Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Do you periodically check the email address you gave to us?

In this day and age, the we do almost 100% of our communication via email.  We want to tell you what's going on at UVa, what's going on with our process and we want to be here for you in case you forgot to submit parts of your application. Yes, we can be flexible at times.  Sometimes snail mail gets lost as well.  Let us communicate with you.

**It is really important that you check the email address that you put on your transfer application.**

If you would like to change your email address in our system, let us know.  This address is also very important when it comes to financial aid and setting you up for orientation.  Until you become a UVa student, we very much rely on what you gave us on your common application.  Thanks for helping us help you!



Dear Transfermer,

Thank you for all you posts. They are extremely helpful.
My question is off topic, but still is very important.

I just received my TOEFL score. (R-19; L-23; S-24; W-27. Total is 93.)Is it a good score for a NVCC student who is transferring under the GAA? Will this score satisfy the standardized testing requirement?

I took the exam on February 22. So I think it will take one/two more weeks for you to get my score from ETS.

I would like to know what is the best way to verify that you received it? Should I contact you by email in a few weeks?

Thank you so much,


abc said...

Any idea as to how many applicant applied this year (2014 MARCH 1st) for the Fall admissions 2014?

Anonymous said...

Will SAT scores be evaluated any differently than they have in the past, considering the new revisions made by the College Board?

Hojae Lee said...

Dear Transformer,

I had some questions regarding the "To-Do" list in SIS. I had succesfully submitted everything and when I looked at the to-do list, it stated that I was missing my Official Transcript, and my HS Transcript. I had them sent out in the beginning of February (Feb5) so I was wondering if it just stated that it was missing due to the heavy processing that it takes? Its been a month since they were sent out...

When I clicked on it, they both stated that their status was "initiated". Does this mean that UVA has received it? or ...

If you could clarify, that would be greatly appreciated!

Transfermer said...

This TOEFL score will satisfy the GAA and hopefully quell any concerns we may have about your English proficiency. ETS should be able to tell you once it’s been sent. I imagine it will take 7-10 days after that time.

The dust is still settling. I’ll let you know in the future.

Anon asking about the new SAT,
I imagine this won’t affect transfers until 2017 or 2018.

If you applied on March 1, we only just learned you were an applicant. Please allow 7-10 days from the time you received your SIS information for your materials to be matched up to your file.

abc said...

Dear Transfermer

Could the activities section include achievements like being on the dean's list or presidential scholar ? If yes, I forgot to mention it in the activities section of my application. My official transcript ,however, carries the information. Am I good to go?

Garlock said...

Dear Transfermer,

I sent in my application on March 1st, the deadline, as a transfer student. I was told that within 5 business days, I'd receive an email from uvaapplicationinfo@virginia.edu about access to the Student Information System. I haven't received that yet, even after checking my spam and trash folders. I did receive a notification from Common App that my application was received, so I'm certain I used the correct email address.

Should I contact someone at admissions, or should I just wait it out for a few days since the system might be backlogged? Any advice would be appreciated.



Sponge Cui said...

I have a question about the Standardized Test Scores. Is that ok for me not to submit any test scores for SAT or TOEFL? I think I don't have enough time to prepare it until the summer vocation (and it's around the middle of May) because now I'm a sophomore at a 4-year universities. Is that ok for me to not offer my Standardized Test Scores or submit it until May?

Thank you.

March 8, 2014

Anonymous said...


If I missed the transfer application deadline because I wasn't considering transferring before, is there any way I could still send in an application? I go to a small liberal arts college in Virginia and I really want to transfer but I didn't realize that it was an option until recently. I would love to transfer to UVA. Is it possible that my application could still be considered if I send it in this week?


Transfermer said...

There used to be an honors section on the common app, but I don’t think the new version includes this. Seeing as your transcript carries this designation, you don’t need to let us know.

It might have come through today. I believe some folks received their accounts over the weekend. If you took UVa courses part-time in the past, you won’t get a confirmation email from our system. Go figure. If not, please wait until the 13th and then give us a call if it still hasn’t come through.

Sponge Cui,
May would be too late. If you have been out of high school for less than five years and you’ve been in the States for more than two years, you needed to have submitted the SAT or ACT.

Anon who wants to apply now,
The application is still available. Please apply as soon as possible. But know these things before you pay $70 and complete the application. We REQUIRE your high school transcripts, ALL college transcripts and the SAT or ACT. These need to be sent to us as soon as possible. If you applied while in high school last year, and you sent test scores then, you don't need to re-send them. We don’t require any of the forms on the common app. You’ll see by reading this blog that you don’t need to submit the Registrar Report, but you do need to put in a registrar’s contact information.

Anonymous said...

I applied last year as a freshman, so I already had an SIS account. However, when I log in now to see the status of my transfer application, it says I don't have any pending applications at the time. How long would it normally take before my application appears in the admissions section?

Adrian said...


If I had already applied as a first year applicant before, would I be required to send another copy of my high school transcript?

Thank you

GreenCircle said...

Does a complete on the status page mean a decision has been made?

Transfermer said...

It will take 3-5 business days for the application to go through SIS. Your SIS ID number stays the same, but a new file is opened for each term for which you apply.

No, we won’t have your full transcript because you applied to us midway through senior year.

It means that all of your documents have been accounted for in your application.

Kevin said...

In my SIS To Do List, it displays a need for a High School Transcript. But, I'm almost positive that three weeks ago my high school sent it out. I read on the transfer blog that if you applied on the deadline day, it would take 7-10 days to match up transcripts to applicants. It's now been 11 days and I'm starting to grow concerned. It's odd that my college transcript never showed up on my To Do list, but my HS transcript has. Should I send out another one just to make sure Admissions has received it?

Anonymous said...

Dear Transfermer,
Can you answer these questions please:

- Between two applicants, fist-year and second-year students, would admission office consider both of them equal? For me, there is a difference and I though rising second-years would compete with each other.

- In U.S, each state use a different scale to translate foreign high school grades. It's not fair and abs. not accurate! Do you care about American HS grades more than foreign HS grades?


Anonymous said...

Does the Green Check Mark mean a decision has been made and that we just can't view it yet? and if so, should we send our midterm reports anyway?

Sponge Cui said...

I currently have a TOEFL score of 85 (20 21 22 22) , is that ok for me to use it as my application?I really don't have enough time to prepare for the test.. Is that too less competitive? Thank you very much.

HopeLee said...

I have a question regarding transcripts in the SIS to do list.

When I first got my SIS, in the "to-do" list, there were two things missing. One being high school transcript, and second being the official transcript from GWU.

I have checked and luckily, the high school transcript is gone but the Official transcript remains on the to-do list.

I have checked with the university and have been confirmed that the transcripts were sent Feb. 5. (Well over a month and a half).

Should I be worried?
Information you might find useful in answering the question. I applied March 28. Received SIS info on March 6. Official Transcripts were sent Feb 5.

HOPELEE said...

So a continuation of the above,

I just re-sent the official transcripts for the fourth time from George Washington University.

Anonymous said...

When should the midterm reports be sent by?

Transfermer said...

Kevin and HopeLee,
We are now going through transcripts that were mailed to our office weeks ago. There is sort of a sweet spot where new mail and old mail are processed and linked right away or held until we can get to them(mostly the old mail is in this category). I hope your transcripts have shown up by now. Once we are all caught up, we will send a reminder email to students whose files are incomplete.

Anon concerned about intl grades,
Everyone has the same shot, but in some cases a rising third-year with more credit will be more competitive than a rising second-year. The first student has more to show in terms of how he/she will perform on the college level. But there are so many more factors involved – are they taking the right courses? Was the high school record strong or weak? Is the testing weak? Do their essays match up to the program to which they are applying? No, we do not prefer one over the other in terms of U.S. or International grades. We have an international team who has experience with reading international transcripts.

Anon asking about the Green Check Mark,
No final decisions will be made until we release decisions.

Sponge Cui,
Normally, we look for a 90 or higher. If your score is lower, we will look for strengths in your essays and your transcripts, and we’ll do our best with those components. Ultimately, we are looking to see if you can be successful here and historically, those with scores in the 90s and 100s are prepared for our rigor.
Anon asking about Mid-years,
While they are required, it’s probably best to get them here by April 1.


NVCC Student said...

Dear Transfermer,

I'm a current NoVa CC student, applying (hopefully!) with the GAA. Historically, how many GAA transfers are there per year? How many total VCCS transfers per year?

By the way, I love this blog. It's been incredibly helpful throughout this whole process.

HOPELEE said...

Thank you! SIS has now fully accepted everything and my "to-do" list is cleared.

I have another question if you dont mind answering.

I was wondering, does the name value of a school also influence the admission process for transfers?

Say, I have a 3.5 GPA at George Washington University. Will that be valued higher than somebody who has, say a 3.8?, at a Community College?

MAM said...


Do you recommend notifying the University of placement on the Dean's List (if not indicated on the application) through faxing or mailing a certificate? I read a previous comment made regarding this that it would be reflected on our transcripts, but, I just wanted to confirm that this was sufficient.

Thank you for your comments! Your contact is extremely reassuring throughout the wait for decisions!



Dear Transfermer,

Just to clarify, mid-term grades are not required, correct?

Thanks in advance!

uvahopeful said...


I applied to transfer to the University of Virginia for Fall 2014. I requested my current university to send my transcript to UVa a few weeks ago and I sent my high school transcript via e-mail. However, a checklist hasn't appeared on my SIS screen. The status of both says "initiated." Does that mean that UVa has received them? Please let me know.

Thank you for your help!

Transfermer said...

NVCC Student,
On average, about 45-50% of all VCCS transfers are admitted each year. On average, of those who are admitted, 15% (50-60 students) of VCCS admits have the GAA and 7% of ALL transfer admits have the GAA. It is a small sliver of the admitted population that we wish were larger. It is guaranteed admission after all. Hopefully, the new GAA will pave the path for more students to understand the document. That said, GAA students are not taking the spots of more deserving students. They are small in numbers and just as competitive.

It’s not as simple as that. The decision depends on many factors – what is the pool like for the year? To which school is the student applying? Do they have the right courses? What was high school like? Essays? Testing? I could go on.

No need to write to us. Thanks for double-checking.


The To-Do List is on the right-hand side of your SIS or myUVa page. If your SIS to-do list says “No To-Dos,” then you’re set. We typically don’t accept high school transcripts via email unless you had some issue with getting the official or your high school is sending it through an e-script service.

StressedAboutMidtermGradeReport said...

Hello Transfermer,

I am working on completing my midterm grade report. I have a quick question, is it alright if I omit the grade for a pass fail one credit seminar class?

It is a GTA who does the grading for the class and I have not been able to get in contact with her, even after sending multiple emails.

I would like to send out the report ASAP so that admissions gets it before the 1st of April, so it is okay for me to just note that I couldnt get the P grade from the seminar signed off on the midterm report?

Thanks! Hope you're enjoying the "spring" weather :)

UVATransfer said...

Dear Transfermer,
Regarding a letter of recommendation sent in for consideration, would you prefer it to be electronically sent, through email, or sent in hard copy?


Taylor said...


I was wondering when would be the best time for the midterm report to be submitted. I haven't seen a finite deadline but by when would you suggest we submit the report? I'm still waiting on a few of my professors to post midterm grades but I don't want to wait longer than would be ideal.

Thank you so much,

Ryan said...


I sent my midterm report in way back to make sure it arrived on the application due date (I sent it late February). I wasn't aware of the April 1st deadline. Would I be penalized for sending it so early?


22 said...

On my SIS, it says that I have not turned in my college transcript yet, when I have confirmed that my school sent it in on the 3rd of March. Should I call the school and figure out why it's taking so long, and look into resending my transcript? I'm growing a bit worried.
Thank you,

hoosweet said...

I want to apply as a transfer for the spring semester (2015), and had a couple questions. I was deferred last year as an Early Action applicant for first year and ultimately denied. My first semester at another university, I only earned a 2.707 GPA. However, after this semester I think I can bring it up to a 3.1 and during the fall semester, hopefully higher. My GPA in college will not be higher than the 3.5 average posted on your website, but I think there will have been a major improvement by the time I apply. Will this be considered?

transferprospect said...

If I transfer in the spring semester of my sophomore year can I still become an Echols scholar?

Transfermer said...

Yes, you can note this pass/fail course.

It really doesn’t matter how the recommendation arrives. As an office who does its best to run a paperless office, we would appreciate it being sent electronically, but hard copy in the mail would be fine.

Because the midterm report is not required, there is no “best” time, but as you can imagine, we are in the meat of our review process right now. I’ve said in the past that they can be sent after the midpoint of the semester and for many of you that time has passed. Now is a great time; mid-April or late April would most likely be too late.

No, you won’t be penalized for sending it early.

You should check with your school at this point. You should have received an email that gives you a deadline of April 4th to get it in.

Yes, this change in your record will be considered. However, admission for spring is even more competitive than it is for fall. The average GPA for spring can be as high as 3.6, whereas it’s more like 3.4/3.5 for fall. Make sure you send a midterm report as well. That could help.

It is unlikely, because you will already be deep into your second year. This is normally only available for rising 1st semester 2nd years.

WahooWa said...

Are interviews available or have they ever been offered for transfer students that are on the borderline of being accepted?

Transfermer said...

We do not conduct admission interviews. In some minor cases, if we are concerned about a student's English skills, we will invite them here to take additional testing, but no, we do not have interviews.