Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Deadline Day

As you know, today is the deadline for the spring application!  The Common App is beautiful and bulky.  Don't wait until the last minute to apply!

As long as you apply on time, we'll accept transcripts after the deadline, but those should get here in the next few days. 


KTM said...

I have sent supplemental documents for in-state residency and i've also sent my mid-term report to uvaapplicationinfo@virginia.edu. Will I receive a confirmation email that the office has received these documents?

Elizabeth Swain said...

My transcripts have been sent and are post marked last week, but they have not been processed by UVa Admissions yet. Good to know that my application will still be considered. Thank you for the update.

Transfermer said...

No, you likely won't receive confirmation. You'll only hear from us if we need more information from you.

UVAhopeful said...

I sent my HS transcripts on Sept 9th and submitted my Spring 2014 transfer application on Oct 1st. I just received my SIS login info and my To-Do list says that my HS transcript has not been received. I am concerned as to why they have not been matched up with my application.

What could be the reason for this? If my HS is at fault for this, will my application not be considered?

Transfermer said...


We're receiving hundreds of transcripts. These transcripts have to be manually linked, by our staff members. If you applied on October 1, it takes time for these documents to be linked. Please wait 10-14 days to see if the documents show up/leave your to-do list. If documents are missing when we go to read your application, you will be contacted via email.

UVAhopeful said...

Thanks for your response. and I checked SIS again today and my application is complete.

I just retook the SAT yesterday and wanted to send my test scores as soon as they are available. Should I write an email to the Undergraduate Office of Admissions to let them know that my new scores will be on their way soon?

UVATransfer said...

I have submitted my writing supplement on Oct. 1 but when I log in common app homepage, I see my writing supplement is submitted on Oct. 2. My regular application shows that I submitted it on Oct 1.
I have the confirmation email from common app on Oct. 1, but do you think it matters if the log in page shows me that I submitted my writing supplement on Oct. 2?
Since I have not received SIS information email from UVA admission office, I want to make sure if everything is ok with my application process.

I'll wait for your help!

Anonymous said...

Are international students also required to provide ACT of SAT scores even though they are applying as a transfer(vs. applying for freshman directly from high school)?

Brandon said...

When should we expect our decision letters for Spring 2014? I got my letter from George Mason two weeks ago, and they're deposit/decision has to made by December 1st. I would hate to get my letters late to find out I got rejected and no longer have GMU as an option.

UVATransfer said...

My problem has been solved! Please forget about my question I asked above. Thanks!

Transfermer said...

Anon on Oct 8,
Standardized testing is required for almost all transfers. Our requirements are not different for international applicants. If English is not your first language, you are able to submit a TOEFL score instead.

Decisions may not be released until December 1. Sometimes we will release early because of students in your predicament. Please keep an eye on the blog.