Thursday, September 19, 2013

That Pesky Registrar's Report

For those of you who have started the application, you might have seen the following prompt to enter your registrar's information.  This is new on common app this year.  Unfortunately, we do not require the form.  So, in turn your registrar may not fill it out.  If they don't complete it, it will not affect your chances of admission.  The only thing we want to see from the Registrar's Office is your transcript.


Anonymous said...

I noticed there were no forms for high school reports. Do we need them or just a transcript sent in from high school?

Danielle said...

I was accepted for fall 2013 but was unable to attend due to financial reasons. Do I need to resubmit paperwork such as high school transcripts and SAT scores?

Anonymous said...

Are there any possibilities that a transfer student from a cc could be an Echols Scholar?

NOVAUVA said...


I'm just wondering if I will take less than 12 credits in my VCCS next semester prior transferring to the University will it affect my financial aid at the University? Should I take 12 credits in order to keep my financial aid?

Frankly, I need only to take 6-9 credits in spring. So, is it a good idea to take 9 credits in spring?

Thank you.

Transfermer said...

Correct, we only need the high school transcript.


All rising second-year transfers are eligible for echols, but we issue few of these every year.

No, it won't affect your aid at UVA. But generally, for admission purposes, it would be better if you took more than three classes.

Hopeful said...

Two quick questions: (1) How can I turn in the mid-term report by Oct. 1 (for Spring Admit) when I have only been in a class a couple of weeks and have no grades? (2) Is there a recommended word count for the fist supplement essay ("How do your possible career or professional plans relate to your planned course of study?") The second essay is 250 but I could not find a recommendation or limit for essay #1. Thanks!

Antro said...

Does SOC 211 transfer as a non-western perspective course?

Transfermer said...

The mid-semester report is not due today. If you want to send this, please send it after you have completed and received grades from your mid-term exams. The first essay should be no more than 250 words.

Yes. Please look for the list of these courses on our website.

Alex said...

If I take 27 credits my freshman year of college, meaning I took 5 classes one semester and 4 classes the other, will that hurt my chances of getting into UVA?

Yaoxian Qu said...

what if my mid-term grades are not available until march? should I still send my current grades or should I wait till my mid term exam scores are out?