Friday, August 23, 2013

Foreign Language for UVA

When we meet transfer students, they are often surprised that we look for foreign language from the applicants who are interested in the "College" of Arts and Sciences, the McIntire School of "Comm"erce and the Curry BA/Master of Teaching program. This has always been a part of the degree programs and you will do yourself a great service by taking these courses before you come to UVA.  In fact, the Comm school expects you to have them before you get here. The GAA absolutely requires it.  But, the bottom line is that we look for it from all applicants to these schools.

You may take the courses through the 202 level and in some cases, you can take an AP or an SAT Subject exam to satisfy the requirement.  For a list of how to satisfy language through testing, go to:




I'm a VCCS student, who wants to transfer to UVA in Spring.

I would like to know what is the email for questions related to the transfer process and the Spring Admission? (I don't want to ask them here. The reason is they have something that I don't want to share with public)

Thank you for understanding.

Kari said...

I am from Florida and really interested in your HumBio major. I also would like to attend your law school. If accepted, I would become a VA resident. Anyway, I looked over the transfer credit evaluations and it seems like there should be many more classes that equate (IE, College Algebra & Intro to Psych - pretty standard basic classes). The credit evaluator makes it seem like only 6 of my credits would transfer. Who is the best person to speak with regarding transferring into the HumBio program? Do you have an average student profile for accepted transfers? This is only a few of about 5,000 questions I have. Out-of-state transfer seems so confusing. My email is kari dot elizabeth at yahoo dot com.

Tanya said...


I am a VCCS student currently in the transfer admission process for the College of Arts & Sciences for this Spring semester.

I have received a departmental course waiver from the Dean for 101-102 Level Russian Foreign Language because I am a native speaker. I am currently in a 201 Level Russian Foreign Language course, and if I was admitted in the Spring I would plan on taking the 202 level Russian foreign language.

However, how should I let the admission's council know of my circumstances on my application? Should I request a formal letter from the Dean to confirm that I displayed competency in the 101-102 pre-requisite foreign language levels?

Lareb Altaf said...


I am a VCCS student also working hard towards trying to transfer to UVA for the Fall 2014 semester. I'm currently completing my General Associates of Science Degree from NOVA. Are there any additional courses i absolutely need to get accepted as a transfer to UVA? I haven't taken a language course, or a non western history course. I'm very confused in what courses are really required in order for the guaranteed admissions for UVA to apply.

Thank You so much for your time and help. This blog is very useful.

Transfermer said...

Our email address is listed on the right panel of the blog. It is Feel free to write us there. Your email may be answered by our email administrator or forwarded on to someone with more expertise. The administrator may also recommend that you call our office if your questions are detailed.

Know that in order to become a Virginia resident, your parents would have to move here if you are dependent upon them. For further information on In-State Residency, go to The credit evaluator only lists the courses that former transfer students have transferred in the past. Even though your courses or school may not be listed, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your credit won’t transfer. When you apply, you’re not applying to a specific major, only the school. The Human Biology major is competitive for transfer and native students. You can contact the department to see what would prepare you best for the major, but ultimately, we in the office of admission make the decision on whether you’re a viable candidate for admission. The average GPA of an admitted transfer is 3.4/3.5.

You don’t need to send a special form. You’ll earn the requirement by taking through 202. In taking 201 and 202, you’ll earn six credits and fulfill the requirement. I would recommend that you retake the SAT.

The guaranteed admissions agreement can be found our on website - But in addition, you should check the transfer power point matrix on this page to see what would be the best path for your intended major -

Anonymous said...


I was wondering if I wanted to apply through the guaranteed admissions agreement could I test out of taking a language by taking the proctored exam offered at NVCC? If I plan on transferring for the spring do I have to take the test before October 1st? or can I take it before the end of this semester?

Thank you,


Transfermer said...

Unfortunately, the NVCC exam won’t give you the exemption for the GAA. You need to either take the SAT Subject test or you should take 202 in your chosen language.
The GAA is not available for spring.