Friday, July 26, 2013

Standardized Testing

I am turning the page and looking towards the application cycles for spring and fall 2014.  My next couple of posts will address components of the application that students seem to miss or fail to address until it is deadline time.  First up, standardized testing.  We like standardized testing for our transfers.

We require standardized testing of most of our applicants.

-The SAT or ACT or TOEFL (for students whose first language is not english) is required for ANYONE applying under the GAA (no matter how old you are, no matter how many credits or associate degrees you have, and no matter how long you have been out of high school)

-The SAT or ACT or TOEFL is required for anyone who graduated from high school less than five years ago.  That's 2008-2012 for spring 2014 (2013 HS grades cannot apply for spring) applicants and 2009-2013 for fall 2014 applicants. Applicants are rejected simply because they are missing this required document.

-We accept the TOEFL or IELTS for students whose first language is not English.  We're looking for a 90 (100 for Commerce) or above on the TOEFL or 7.0 or above on the IELTS.

**Plan your testing schedule to fit in with application deadlines.  We'll accept the October SAT/TOEFL/IELTS test for spring 2014 and as late as the March date for the SAT/ACT/TOEFL/IELTS**


Anonymous said...


I took the ACT this Summer and received a score of 32.Will this make me a competitive transfer applicant, with a 3.73 GPA? I want to apply for the Spring semester as I graduate in December.

I still watch power rangers said...

Is it necessary to send SAT scores again if you applied previously for first year admissions?

Also by 24 credits does that mean 24 credits at your current college or transferrable courses at your current college that would add up to 24 credits at uva?

I cant believe its not butter said...

Are subject tests like Math 2 considered even though they are not required for transfers or only the SAT1/ACT.

Transfermer said...


That's a great score! You can apply for January, but nothing is guaranteed.

I still watch power rangers,
No, you do not need to resend scores if you applied in the past. That's 24 transferable credits including elective credits.

I can't believe it's not butter,
Yes, we'll look at SAT Subject tests, but they are not required for transfers, nor do we urge you to take them like we do with the first-years.

Joey said...

I got a 5 on my AP calc exam allowing me to skip calc 1&2 at UVA. SEAS says it requires 8 credits in calc. I am signed up to take calc 3 right now but should I sign up for calc 1&2 instead?

Anonymous said...

This Fall semester I will be attending the Harvard Extension School as I'm looking for a challenge this semester. They offer a course "Africa and Africans: The Makings of a Continent in the Modern World." Would this fulfill the non-Wwestern perspective?

Nate said...

I have a copy of my HS transcript which my school gave to me at the end of senior year. Can I mail this copy or does it have to be sent officially from my HS?

Also is college gpa or HS gpa more important for 2nd year transfer?

Curious Transfer said...

I am applying to CAS and I got a 2180 on the sat with a 750 reading, 640 math, and 790 writing. Would it be worthwhile to take it again to raise the math score? The transfer website doesn't list average test scores so I am not sure. I just want to make sure that I am competitive. As an in-state resident is there a certain cap from regions of the state like NoVa?

Anonymous said...


Does taking intro to antropology fulfill the requirements for non-western course and one of the social science courses on the gaa. I'm transfering in the fall of 2014, do I start my common app now? I'm aiming for biochem as a major and on the transfer matrix it recommends taking organic chm w/ lab but nvcc doesn't offer the class w/ lab, just the lecture. What other science classes should I take? Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I took the sat in h.s. do I need to take it again because its been 3 years or may I send in the scores I got? Will my chances be lower because of my sat scores? I'm applying under the gaa. And I'm aldo taking sat 2 to fulfill my foreign lang requirements. When do I send in my scores to uva?

Anonymous said...

Hi Transfermer thank you for all of you work on the blog it has proven to be a really helpful resource. I am applying for transfer from out of state for the Spring of 2014 to Arts and Sciences. I won't go into to much detail, as it derails the point of anonymity, but I will have completed 57 units and by all numbers I am a competitive applicant according to all of the numbers I have seen and materials I have read.

My question regards the Non-Western Perspective course, is this requirement for admission or just a suggestion? I have completed every other thing listed on the college's requirement list, except that one. I just want to make sure that this won't kick my app or something.

Transfermer said...

No, you should plan on continuing with Calc 3.

Anon taking the Harvard Extension course,
Yes, this should fulfill the requirement.

It should be sent from your high school. Your college and high school GPAs are equally important as a second-year applicant.

Curious Transfer,
No, you do not need to take it again. There are no quotas for anyone, first-years or transfer.

Principles of Anthropology I or II will satisfy the non-western perspective requirement. You can start your application now, but it won’t be reviewed until March. Take the course without the lab. If you’ve taken everything else on the matrix and you have additional space or time, you may take anything you like.

Anon who took the SAT in high school,
You may send your old scores. If your writing or critical reading scores are below 500, we may ask you to do an English language/speech test here at UVA. You can send your scores at any time, before or after you submit the application.

Anon who likes anonymity,
This is a requirement for the Guaranteed Admission Agreement, but as you are not applying for it, it is a recommended pre-requisite. The more pre-requisites you have completed the more competitive you’ll be in the review process. The lack of the non-western perspective will not prompt us to toss out your application upon submission.

Anonymous said...


Does scoring below 500 on my critical/writing on my sat effect my gaa transfer? Would i need to take the Eng language/speech test at UVA first before i get accepted into UVA? Does taking anthropology 1 satisfy both requirements on the gaa for social science and for non-western? So one class fulfills two requirements. Thanks!

Tanya said...

I am a current VCCS student applying for the Spring as a third-year transfer. I have taken the SAT twice back in high school and my critical reading score is above 500 but my math and writing scores are under 500, should I re-take the SAT to help me be a more competitive applicant?

Transfermer said...

Technically, it does not have an effect on your GAA, but if necessary, we could make an English test necessary prior to full matriculation. Yes, SOC 211 will satisfy both the non-western and one-half of the social sciences requirement.

Anonymous said...

I am attending VCCS currently
My CR score is below 500 and it was taken in 2009 (I was an international student who had been staying in the states for almost 2 years)
I will be applying to UVA for fall 2014 as a junior transfer and I would like to know you recommend me retake the SAT
I did some research on that and most people do not suggest it unless I am confident that i can boost my score to at least 2100s
What do you think?
I got A's on my both english composition classes 101&102 in VCCS

Thank you!
I will be appreciated getting your reply!

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