Tuesday, May 1, 2012

More on the Wait List

Once again, if you want to be considered again, be sure to click the button on your self-service page that will allow you to "Remain on the Wait list."

In order to show continued interest in UVA, you may email or mail us a letter that expresses your continued interest.  You can also send a recommendation, but this is not at all required.  What is most important is that you send us a transcript containing your spring grades if you are in school this semester. 

Just over 500 students were placed on the wait list.  2350 students applied and  around 700 were admitted.   I’m not going to give individual statistics for each and every program, but know that most of these students come from the College of Arts and Sciences because that’s where we get most of our applications and where we have the most spaces.   We normally build in space to take students from the wait list across all schools, but in the event that the classes become full, we won’t go to the wait list.  This happened with Engineering last year.  We have tried to prevent that from happening this year, but you just never know.  I love it when we can offer to students on the wait list, so I really hope we can do it.   

We will begin to look at the wait list in late May and as I said we usually don't "close" it until mid-late June.  The reason for this is that your grades are rarely available before the middle of May and we have to see how many admitted students deposit.  


Anonymous said...

If one has already sent a letter of recommendation for the admission process, should another be sent?

Also, when is the cutoff date for sending a letter of recommendation?

Waitlist said...

Do we have to email or mail to notify our continued interest in UVA even if we have already clicked "stay on the waitlist" on SIS?

Anonymous said...

Would it be okay if we had a recommendation sent from a teacher from high school or a current professor? There is a teacher from my high school who knows me really well but he taught my 10th grade chemistry class.

LM said...

Should we send these documents in with our spring semester grades or is it okay to send them separately?

Transfermer said...

There is no cut off date, but as I said, we'll start to look in late May and early June. You don't have to send a new recommendation, but if there is someone else you would like to ask you can.

No, but some people just feel the need to express their continued interest and that's ok too.

If this teacher knows you very well, and knows about your plans, that will be fine, but generally we would expect a professor you had in college or someone with whom you are currently working.

It's fine to send these separately.

We will not confirm receipt of these optional documents.

kb said...

I know it's only been a few days, but do you know how many students so far have NOT elected to stay on the waitlist?

HopefulTransfer said...

Assuming that several spots open in the college I applied to, how much weight would you say the Spring grades have on getting off the waitlist?

Anonymous said...

Can we switch schools to apply to? If we applied to SEAS and we wish to apply to CAS, can we mention that in our letter? or is there no way it can happen...

I Love My Goldfish said...

How will the GAA affect the waitlist for students who are applying from 4 year universities? If 20 spots open up and there are 20 people on the waitlist applying under the GAA while those 20 get all the spots or is there still a re-evaluation process for all applications, regardless of GAA?

Transfermer said...

Sorry, but I don’t have this information. My sense is that it will be very small.

It’s almost all about the spring grades.

You can mention that in your letter, but there’s no guarantee that your request will be honored. We have spent time reviewing you for one school, so it might be unlikely that the switch will happen.

I Love My Goldfish,
Nice alias. This is a good question, but those picked from the wait list will not be a solid block of GAA or VCCS students. Most students who were a perfect fit for the GAA were already admitted.

Hope good grades help me said...

got a 4.0 fall semester and a 3.81 spring semester. 3.9 for the whole year. lets hope thats good enough to get me in off the wait list!!!

UVAorBust said...

Are you looking for consistency in the spring GPA (~3.5-3.7) or are you looking for a vast improvement (if possible)?

McIntire Waitlist said...

ok...I'm waitlisted by McIntire. My GPA is still 4.0 after this semester. Do I have a very high chance? I have to notify a lot of schools before June or late June: Austin-McCombs, UNC, USC-Marshall, Cornell.... uva is my very top choice and I really want to take some summer courses in the school I will attend next fall. I just wish I can receive a decision from UVA as soon as possible. I'm going to mail my final transcript tomorrow!!

P.S.: (I'm an international student.)I got into all the schools I applied except UVA-McIntire. And I was rejected last spring.

LM said...

transfermer, does admissions take into account the school you are attending/ your course load when looking at your spring grades because my course load this semester was quite heavy and I do not have the grades that other applicants have been stressing.

Transfermer said...

Every applicant is different in this situation, but obviously you wouldn’t want your grades to go down from where they were last semester.

McIntire Waitlist,
It’s impossible to generalize.

Yes, we take these factors into consideration.

Thankstransfermer said...

Hi transfermer,

My previous GPA is 4.0. But this semester I got an A- in my history honor course with other five As. So my GPA is 3.923 for spring semester and 3.985 (73 credits) for all. Will that A- hurt me so much since my GPA went down a little bit? Will you take honor courses into consideration as well?

Anonymous said...

Is an employer a possible option for a recommendation if we have worked with them for many years?

TransfermerisBeautiful said...

I realise how important GPA is, but do impressive extracurricular activities compensate for an decent to average GPA (3.55)?

The extracurricular activities are internships relevant to my planned course of study.I know every applicant is different but I'm asking from a "general rule of thumb" standpoint.

solidsnake7993 said...

I'm with you, TransfermerisBeautiful; demanding EC's most definitely affected my work ethic this spring semester.

Transfermer: Do your admissions officers know which school's use a weighted grading scale and which do not ("Weighted" in terms of an A = 4.00, A- = 3.70, B+ = 3.30, etc. whereas "Unweighted" would simply follow the traditional A/A- = 4.0, B+/B/B- = 3.0, etc. although I'm unsure of whether or not I'm using the correct terminology here)? The reason I ask is because, as you could have guessed, my college uses the Weighted scale, and although an A- may signify an excellent academic performance, the 3.70 as opposed to a 4.0 does take a toll on your overall gpa.

Waitlist said...


I'm pretty sure they know the differences since the opposite of your official transcript should contain the grading rules of your school.

I Love My Goldfish said...

Any updates on the waitlist, Transfermer?

McIntire Waitlist said...

If I only provide my spring grade report while many other students send an additional recommendation letter, probably update their essays and ECs, will I be put in a severely disadvantaged place?

I'm not sure if there are any tricks to get off the waitlist.

Anonymous said...

@McIntire Waitlist,

How can we update our essays?...will rewriting them help us?

Also, Transfermer, should applicants on the waitlist be expecting a call or an e-mail about a possible opening? I ask because I will be out of the country until the end of May. I am arranging for my transcripts to be sent while I am not here.

Thank you!

Achilles said...


When will Admissions start to review the wait list applicants?

Transfermer said...

Anonymous with employer recommendation,
Yes, this is fine.

We’ll take all of this into consideration, but what’s most important is that you take our prescribed courses and do the best you can in those courses. We are looking at the grades more closely than the GPA.

Right. I wouldn’t call these GPAs weighted or unweighted. It’s just the way that your institution issues grades. Similar to what I said above, we look at the individual courses and the individual grades as opposed to only looking at the GPA.

McIntire Waitlist,
We only require the transcript and ask that you click the button. You would be at a severe disadvantage if you didn’t do those things.

We don’t read updated essays. Those are done. Good question. In the past, we emailed and mailed letters to the transfers that came off of the wait list, but I’ll let you know if that changes.

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