Tuesday, May 1, 2012

More Information for the Admitted Students

Hopefully by now, everyone has been able to check their decisions.  About 30% of transfer applicants were admitted.  It is without a doubt, still a competitive process.  The smallest percentage was 14% for the Curry Kinesiology and Speech Pathology programs.  The largest percentage was 34% for the College of Arts and Sciences. 

If you have decided to attend UVA, submitting your deposit is the first step.  Sending your final transcript is the second step.  After that, it’s out of the admission office’s hands.  Slowly, but surely, you’ll start to receive information from student financial services, orientation, housing, dining, the dean of students, your schools and perhaps other sources. 

You will sign up for courses and see an advisor at orientation - transfer orientation dates begin July 19, and the dates are listed here -  http://www.virginia.edu/orientation/?page_id=25.

Many McIntire and Architecture (some Education) admits will find inserts/enclosures in their letters.  These will give you detailed steps on becoming a part of these schools. For instance, you may be asked to take summer courses.

You can see how some of your courses will transfer by taking a look at the transfer credit analyzer - http://es-sazwebdmz.eservices.virginia.edu/asequivs  Credit will evaluated in preparation for summer orientation.


summer said...


How many classes would you recommend taking during a single summer session?

WahooWa said...

As a McIntire student do I HAVE to attend orientation H, or can I go to any one of them?

CK said...

I got D from one of my classes in this spring semester. Then, my admission will be canceled? If it is not, can I retake the class in the summer semester before I transfer?

worried said...

If I can't make it to orientation on both days since I'll be abroad this whole summer until August 23rd, what should I do? :( I checked my emails and saw that I have a lot of paperwork and planning to do.

goingtouva said...

Hi Transfermer. I'm an international student and I am currently study in the U.S. I wonder whether the admission letter and other information about housing, course will be sent to my permanent address in my home country? Or will they be sent to my curreny address in the U.S? Thanks for your time!

Nurse said...

Hi Transfermer. Is there a specific orientation date for second year nursing students, or are any of them fine?

B said...

@Goingtouva, I would contact admissions directly if I were you, in case they did not send to your current address.

Try undergradadmission@virginia.edu

Transfermer said...

That is totally up to you. But, if you were admitted to Commerce, Architecture or the Teaching program, and you are missing courses, you will be told what to take.

Session H is tailor-made for Commerce students. You have to attend it. If you can’t you need to take it up with the school. I think they will urge you to make changes in your schedule so that you can be present.

You need to write to us once your transcript is final. This could be a serious issue. I would make plans to repeat the course this summer.

Some students who can’t make it in July attend the international orientation closer to the start of classes. Please contact Orientation about this.

Letters are usually mailed to your current address. You should receive it any time from today through Friday.

Session E is your session. It's for all nurses, but then again, we only take 2nd year (no 3rd years) traditional BSN students.

McIntire said...


Do you have an idea of when preliminary financial aid packages will be released for those who submitted all their materials by March 1st?

theoculus said...

@McIntire I got my prelim aid Monday if that helps at all.

language said...

Do I have to take the foreign language placement if I already know I need to start at the 1000 level as its a new language to me?

SS said...

Hi! I just read one of your posts which said that the percentage of acceptance is higher for the fall admission than for the summer one. Why is that?

Are students transferring with an associate degree from a 2-year college preferred over those transferring without the degree?

Thank you! ;)

Ready for fall! said...


I received my letter today, and had a question about the University's ability to rescind admission. I am transferring from a Virginia community college and currently have a GPA of 3.6. I am pretty sure that I got in under the GAA, I have calculated my grades after this semester and the absolute WORST case scenario is that I will end up with a 3.4, which is still within the conditions of the GAA. If this happens, will my admission be rescinded?
Thank you for all of your hard work and support!

worried said...

Okay this might sound crazy, but I got in not under the GAA but the competitive. I got all As throughout my two years at college. If I end up getting a B for one class this semester is my offer going to be cancelled?

UVA 2014 said...

How do we apply for housing once we have accepted our transfer offer?

KnicksFan said...


How do transfer students go about registering for summer session courses at UVA?
I went to the summer session page on the UVA site, but I wasn't able to find any clear instructions for transfer students.

Transfermer said...

I was told that they started going out last Tuesday (5/1), but it’s nice to hear feedback from theoculus that they went out beginning last Monday.

If you are admitted commenter, then no, you don’t need to take the placement exam.

Fewer students apply for January, but in addition, we don’t have the resources (credit review, housing, orientation, advising) or time to bring in the hundreds of students that we see each fall. We have no preference regarding the associates degree except in the case of the GAA where it is required.

Ready for fall,
Not only is it about your GPA, but also it’s about the individual letter grades. If we see a significant drop in grades, we might write to you about this. If you don’t hear from us, then it’s not a problem.

Awh, fear not. We are not monsters. Your one B is perfectly fine.

UVA 2014,
It takes 2-3 business days for your matriculation to go through the system. After this time, you will receive information on applying for housing. Until then, I recommend you take a look at the housing website for transfer - http://www.virginia.edu/housing/transfer.php.

You can sign up like any other visitor to the site, BUT, you must email our office if you want to do this. Currently, you are thought to be entering in the fall, so if you want to enter in the summer, we would need to tweak something on SIS for you to register.

sf said...

What grade must we get in a course for the credits to transfer, at most institution it is a C and above to get credit, is this the same for UVA?

language said...

what do you mean if i am admitted? i already received my acceptance letter

Transfermer said...

C and above. We don't transfer C minuses.

I just wanted it to be clear for readers who might be prospective students. As an admitted student, you are not required to take the placement exam if you are beginning a new language.

language said...

thanks for that clarification transfermer, I was beginning to worry that I would have to satisfy another condition in order to still be admitted.. besides my spring transcript of course! I will be sending that in this week! I am so excited to come to UVA!!

Welcome said...

do admitted transfers get welcome packets in addition to the letter?

Araku said...

I have been admitted and payed my deposit today. However, Should i be worried if i still did not receive the acceptance letter by mail?

worldpeace said...

If we are transferring in as third-year students without transfer credit for the first-year writing requirement, are we still allowed to take a course to satisfy the requirement even though it isn't in our first year?

Housing said...

Does UVA offer all year round housing for non international students? Or does everyone have to move out withing 24 hrs of finals? What about parents? Thanks!

Summerinfo said...


If we wish to take a summer course, which email do we need to use to contact admissions about this.

summer classes? said...

Dear Transfermer,
I was planning on taking summer classes at the community college in my hometown this summer to get caught up on two of my area requirement and one class for my major. Will these classes be able to transfer to UVA, or am I only allowed to take classes at UVA now that I have accepted my admission? Also, who can I call to talk to about this? Previously I called the admissions office but they said they weren't in charge of that. I recently called the Assistant Dean's Office and left a message but have yet to get a call back. What should I do?? Should I go ahead and take the classes?? They start next Wednesday. I don't want to take the classes and then have them not transfer... Please let me know!

Transfermer said...

We only send the letter and a 2-3 page pamphlet(in the same envelope). I believe that housing and orientation are doing everything online these days, but don’t quote me on that.

Yes and no, but let’s get this checked out. Please write to the general admissions email.

You’ll have to take it at some point during your time at UVA.

This would be a question for the housing office. If you’re living in family housing, I doubt that you would have to move out at the end of the school year.

The email at the bottom of the front page of the blog would be fine – undergradadmission@virginia.edu

Summer classes,
Yes, these courses are transferable this summer. You will not be allowed to take area or competency requirements next summer after you’ve spent a year at UVA. You may take the courses that start next week.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I was wondering if college GPAs will transfer to UVa. I did really well my freshmen year (3.9!) and would be sad to have those not count at UVA. Thanks!

Major said...

I am wondering how to declare a major. On my application essays I clearly indicated I wanted to major in Computer Science. But SIS still shows my program is Engineering Undeclared. Would it be a problem for me to request CS courses for the fall?

Thanks for answering.

WorriedAboutAdress said...

My SIS account shows only one address which is the home address and doesn't show anything under "current address" on main page. However, the acceptance letter was mailed directly to my old dorm address, which is no longer in use. How can I make sure my home address is the current address already?

packet! said...

i got a welcome packet in the mail from orientation! :)

TCredit said...

When does transfer credit evaluation result come out?

Transfermer said...

Anonymous GPA,
Your GPAs starts anew at UVA.

You will declare your major at orientation.

You should be able to change your address on SIS. If you can’t figure it out, please call the help desk at 434-924-HELP or write to 4help@virginia.edu

The schools must first receive your spring grades and then they will begin to review the transcripts of hundreds of matriculated students. This will be available in late June, but for most of you, just before you arrive for orientation.

Scholarships said...


Sorry if this has already been asked, but if we were awarded merit scholarships would that information have been included in our welcome packets? Or is that something we find out about after we send in final grades? Thanks--and thanks again for this blog, it is such a huge help!

Transfermer said...

We don't have transfer scholarships.

Anonymous said...


I received all A's in my classes in the fall semester. After being admitted to UVa as a transfer student, I received one B and my GPA dropped to a 3.7 from 4.0, is this a major issue of concern for me in terms of having my admission rescinded?

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