Friday, February 4, 2011

Transfer Information Session

We will host our biannual transfer session on Friday, February 18. If you attended the open house in November, this will be a repeat for you and therefore you do not need to attend.

The Transfer Information Session will be at 10AM in the Newcomb Hall Theater. A tour will leave from there at 11am. We hope to have a small current student panel of students who transferred to UVA in the past.

TO REGISTER for this event, go to and click on "Transfer Student."

We encourage you to stick around and visit classes or go to a dining hall or restaurant in the area.
You can also go on tours given by specific schools.


James Lee said...

I want to transfer to this school

but dont have enough info.

Im going to graduate next semester at C.C in NJ I got 3.5 GPA points.
ans my toefl score is 90.

I dont have SAT bucause i graduated in KOREA.

If i want to transfer to your school, I have to take SAT??

Transfermer said...

As a student whose second language is English, the TOEFL will be sufficient. You do not need to take the SAT.