Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Arts Supplements

If you have a talent in the arts, you can send us a sample of your work and an evaluation will be added to your file. For more information, please go here. Use the cover sheets provided on this website(not the common app form) and follow the directions on the sheet.
The deadline for arts supplements is also March 1, 2011.


SAT said...

Good day Sir/ Madam, this is just to confirm a specific scenario.
My application is submitted, high school transcripts and college transcripts have been sent. But no SAT scores because I have not written any. This means I will be definitely declined admission, right?

It is crushing but I guess it is what it is. Thank you.

Transfermer said...

The SAT or ACT or TOEFL for students whose 2nd language is English is required for students who have been out of high school for less than five years or for students applying under the Guaranteed Admission Agreements.

Anonymous said...

With reagards to the arts supplement, is there any way to submit a creative writing sample for this? Writing is not listed on the page you posted but I am curious.

Lee said...

Is it okay if the instructor recommendation is sent after the Common App deadline?

Transfermer said...

Creative writing anon,
You are right. We don't have a supplement for creative writing. While application essays are quite different, we feel that this is the place where you can use your talents.

Yes Lee, but the sooner the better.

Anonymous said...

I'm getting my general engineering associate degree from NOVA. My school has a guaranteed admissions agreement with UVA. I submitted my application and all the supplements, but I have not taken the SAT/ACT because I have never taken it and didn't think I would need it.
I checked my application status and it says incomplete, does that mean that they wont look at my Application and if not; what are the chances of getting the admission. I have a good GPA and I wrote good essays.