Monday, November 9, 2009

High School Transcripts

I might be preaching to the choir here, but please know that high school transcripts are required. We are finding that a number of the applications do not have these. Our processing department is beginning to send emails to request missing parts. Don't forget to check your email using the address you entered into your application.

And remember, your to-do list on SIS will tell you what's missing as well.


Anonymous said...

I thought that we could not verify the arrival of College and High School transcripts through SIS.

Jon said...


If the mid-term report is not required, but my school's fall exams end December 15th, should I send the report anyway?

Paul said...


In an earlier post you said that high school transcripts and test scores are kept in your office for two years. I was accepted to the University last April as an incoming freshman but went elsewhere and would now like to transfer to UVa. Does the admissions office still have my high school transcript and test scores or should I send them again?


Anonymous said...


I want to transfer into UVA for fall 10. I am currently a student at a small liberal arts college in MD. Here is my situation I played fall varsity sport at my school, so I took 12 credits during the fall 09 semester. But I will be taking 17 credits in the spring semester. Am I eligible to transfer even though I officially will have 12 credits by the time I submit my application? Also, do I need to submit my ACT/SAT scores?

Emily Goose said...

I am looking to apply as a transfer student for the Fall 2010 semester. A couple questions:
To echo a question above -- since I applied to UVA last fall for admission fall 2009, I need not resend my high school transcript and test scores; correct?

Also, while the deadline for applicants is March 1, I was curious as to whether applications submitted prior to this date are reviewed earlier than those submitted later. If so, are decisions to those applicants mailed earlier as well?

Thanks a lot,

Fmalik13 said...

Anonymous(second one) & Emily Goose,

I am not affiliated with UVA. I am just a regular student who is trying to go attend UVA as well.

From what I know, you both can certainly apply for next fall. Obviously your spring grades are not considered and thus your high school grades will probably have more weight in this regard. That doesn't mean you can't get in. Just different circumstance.

You will need to send in SAT/ACT as well as high school transcripts.

I don't know how the admissions committee deals with applicants who send in their applications early, however they almost always send out the decisions to everyone at the same time, but don't quote me on that.

Hope that helps.

Sorry Transfermer for the long response.

uvauvauva said...

Has anyone received information about their SIS account yet?

Worried!! said...

Are the sis accounts updated?
it still says i haven't submitted my supplement, which i dide before the 1st (obviously), and it says that i need to send in my test scores and high school transcripts, but they should be on file from when i applied to the fall.
Also, it says that i need to submit my transcripts, which i already sent twice.

So is something wrong, or it's just that the accounts are not updated?

uvauvauva said...

At least you are able to get on your account. I still haven't received my account info to get on! =( I'm extremely worried.

Transfermer said...

Maybe you are reading posts about last year’s spring process.

No Jon,
We are reading everyone without Fall grades.

Paul and Emily,
We have your testing, but might not have your final grades from high school. If you decided to go elsewhere, you likely didn’t send this to us. At this juncture, we will contact (email) you if we need anything else.

Anon at Lib Arts school,
You must have 24 credits by the end of the spring semester, so you are eligible. Yes, ACTs or SATs are required for you.

No, we begin reading the first week of March. Everyone is notified of their decisions at the same time.

You should email to check on this discrepancy. If you are applying for Fall, please understand that Spring is our priority right now.

I hope my post helped you out.

**Don't be anonymous! Choose an identity. It makes it much easier for me to reply and all of us to read the blog :)**

uvauvauva said...

Thanks Transfermer.
I spoke to an admissions representative this morning and was instructed to email about my problem and am now set to go w/ my SIS account!
Your hard work is greatly appreciated.

uvauvauva said...


I have previously applied to UVA and am aware that the admissions office holds high school transcripts and any test scores we may have sent in before. However, my To Do list on my SIS account indicated that my high school transcript and official transcript are missing. Is there reason to be worried?

Thanks once again.

Transfermer said...

You should email That way, the email administrator will have your name and can check it out for you.

uvauvauva said...

Thanks Transfermer. I did just that.