Thursday, November 19, 2009

Did you apply for Fall 2009?

If you did, you will not receive a new SIS email with instructions for your username and password. You'll have to dig up the old email. This will take you to your account where you can check on your materials and your decision come December 1.

If you applied for the first time for Spring 2010 and didn't receive anything regarding the Student Information System, you should call (434) 924-HELP.


jrw132 said...

Will we be able to check our decisions through SIS, or are notifications still only by mail?

Confused said...

Is it possible to receive notification of acceptance/rejection before Dec. 1? My SIS account says that I can view my decision.

Anonymous said...

The status beside some of the things in my "to do" list say 'initiated'. what does that mean?

Happy Helper said...

jrw132... you will be able to check your decisions through SIS on Dec. 1st (spring transfer). You will also receive an official letter in the mail.

confused... it is NOT possible for you to check your decision before Dec.1st. When you click on the link to "view your decision", you will receive a note telling you just that.

Anonymous... "initiated" simply means that the admission office has not processed this document for you just yet - it is not indicative of whether or not they have it.

I hope that helps!

Transfermer said...

Happy Helper,
I appreciate your assistance, but I think it might be confusing for readers. I'll answer the questions and if you'd like to write, you'll have to identify yourself as someone not affiliated with the admissions office.

You'll be able to see the decision online.

this page is there in preparation for the release on Dec 1.

You should see that the same part of the app that is "intiated" is also on your to-do list. It means that we do not have it.

I should note that if you didn't take the SAT/ACT or your test scores appear on your high school transcript, Standardized Testing will forever show on your To-Do List.

eastwing177 said...

hi, i am an international transfer student for 10 spring, If I submit TOEFL instead of SAT/ACT(an admission officer told me TOEFL is acceptable as a substitute for the SAT for non-native English speaker)the Standardized Testing will still show on my To-Do List?

Jon said...

Odd. My SIS account also said that I could view my decision, but when I clicked, it stopped working and didn't let me log in for a while. Now that entire section on that page is gone - it goes to personal information and then nothing. Should I contact IT people? Or is this normal?

Confused said...

When I clicked on the "View Decision" link I got a letter that said I was not accepted. Is this possible? Or was it the old letter from May (I applied for Fall 2009, as well). When I tried to view it again today I was not able to view anything.

Fmalik13 said...


You're not the only one who cannot see that section. I checked my SIS account earlier today and it did show my status. However, that section now, is not even there.

If you find it comes back, or if you found a solution definitely post it!

bjo123 said...

How many applied this spring?

Fmalik13 said...


I did. That's one.


Transfermer said...

The TOEFL is fine. From what I understand , if this is submitted electronically(straight from the testing service), it will disappear from your to-do list.

There have been some glitches in the system (i.e. seeing a Fall 2009decision letter, like poor Confused) , so the powers that be decided to take the ability to view your decision down altogether. It will come back up when we post decisions on the December 1.

Confused and all others who are rightly concerned,
Despite the date on the letter, this is your old Fall 2009 decision.

We have received about 260 applications for Spring. Again, like last year, we’ll admit between 30 and 40 students.

eastwing177 said...

I think my TOEFL should be there(I request it about one month ago), but "Standardized Test Scores " is still on my to do list(it says "You must submit either SAT or ACT test scores")
I sent am email to the admission office, they said they will send me an email if it is missing, I am worried because the decision will be made soon.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what time the decisions will be posted tomorrow?

uvauvauva said...

Transfermer posted that they will be up at 5pm today.