Friday, May 23, 2008

More Info on the Wait List

Well, we are nowhere near complete in our review process. In fact, we've barely begun. But I did want to let you know that we'll be going to the wait list. We plan to take about 75 students across all schools. Most spaces will be for the College and Engineering. Unfortunately, it is very unlikely that we'll go for anyone in Architecture, Nursing and Education. As you know, these schools are very small. We are still looking at Commerce. We plan to look at the rest by June 2. It's important to remember that admitting students from the wait list is a rolling process. Not everyone will hear at the same time. We hope to have everything settled by the end of June.


Dana Lillard said...

Well thats good news to hear... hopefully my really good fall and spring grades will be what gets me one of those spots!

Are there going to be a decent number of spots opening up for school of arts and sciences?

Anonymous said...

I'm confussed. I talked to an officer in admissions Thursday and I was told you were aiming to take 150 off the transfer waitlist. How did this decreased to 75 over night? Was I told the wrong figure?

Matt said...

Is there any way to confirm that we've sent in our updated transcripts? I'm a little paranoid that I mistyped the address or something and won't be considered.

Anonymous said...

COMM SCHOOL - Just to keep some morale up...I remember reading that it was almost impossibility to get into McIntire from the waitlist. Despite those claims, I stuck to my guns and did everything I could to be recognized and it certainly paid off. If you want it then show it. Action precedes motivation. I will be there come fall! Don't give up!

Anonymous said...

i went and spoke with an admission officer at peabody hall and they didnt even take me to a conference room it was more like a lobby where we just talked...i gave them my transcript and asked a few questions but has anybody gone to speak with a rep and gone through the same process....a lobby chat without a desk or even a review of your application?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, when I went to ask some questions in peabody hall, they took me to the same place that you are speaking of. She spoke with me for about 10 or so minutes, answered my questions, and that was it...

Anonymous said...

Dear Transfermer,

Since the confirmation deadline had passed for those who got accepted to the Art and Science, how is everything looking for us waitlisted? (Spot available vs. the number of Art and Science Waitlist)

Thanks in advance.

Transfermer said...

Dana, please see my post.

Confused anonymous, typically we take 50-100 students from the wait list. The person you spoke to overestimated a little bit.


Please wait two weeks from the date of the mailing and call or email the office to check on this.

We do not conduct interviews nor do we review files in front of students. When you drop into the office,that's exactly what it is. Our lobby was designed to welcome visitors and speak to them personally. Our hope is that all of your questions can be answered there and feel no need to take you to a conference room.

Last anonymous, my post from Friday still stands.

**Please make up an alias for yourself and avoid using anonymous. Thanks!**

uvahopeful said...


how many people are on the waitlist? I know another post said around 400 were offered a spot on the waitlist but how many actually accepted?

(sorry i had mistakes. just wanted to make it clearer)

Tom Jenkins said...

Let's hope that it's "around 75."

Dave said...


Do you have any update on the number of McIntire waitlisters you will take, if any?

Meredith said...

I am still in school and our year doesn't finish for another week and a half and we won't have our grades finalized until the end of June; is there anything I can send other than a final transcript?
Also, is it more common for you to accept students who applied as sophomores or as juniors off of the wait list?

Transfermer said...


It's difficult to say. Students coming off of the wait list are a good mix of rising 2nd and 3rd years.

Please email with your grading query. thanks