Monday, May 12, 2008


If are you admitted the deadline for turning in your deposit and reply form is today! That is a postmark deadline, so you still have a few hours to get it in the mail. You should also make plans to have your transcript including your final spring grades sent to our office.

If you are waiting on financial aid in order to make your decision, please email to request an extension. We do not extend the deadline for students waiting to hear from other schools.

If you are on the waitlist, and wish to stay on it, please send in your card or make the selection online. And again, sending your transcript with spring grades is essential. There is no official deadline for this, but we will begin to go to the waitlist around June 1 in hopes that it will all be wrapped up by late June. If you are on a quarter system, or your classes don't end til early June, then we will look at you after that time.


Anonymous said...

I mailed in my acceptance letter and check the day after I received it, so it hit the post office on its way back to Charlottesville on 5/2 (coming from Arlington, VA). I haven't seen the check post yet in my account, so I'm worried that perhaps it was lost? Or maybe the Admissions Office is just waiting until they have all been received before processing and depositing? I don't want to lose my chance to attend UVA!


Anonymous said...

This is probably a stupid question, but I would like to know if I need to send my transcripts again. I graduated from a VCCS school in December, so when I sent my transcripts, I assume they were complete then (I sent them in January I think). Any reason to send them again or will someone just let me know if they need something else?

Jessica said...

I think when the admissions office processes my deposit, I should be able to register for my school email address. Since I haven’t been able to do so, I assume it hasn’t been processed yet. How do I check if the office has received my deposit?


Transfermer said...

I just found out that we just began processing deposits last Friday afternoon. Our staff was working on first year deposits(due May 1) until that time. We will be opening and processing all week long.

Anon #2,

No, you do not need to resend the transcripts.

Your check should clear the bank this week. And you are right Jessica, you cannot sign up for anything until we process your check.

Anonymous said...

I second Jessica's question. How soon after mailing our deposits will we receive a confirmation letter back with information on housing, etc?
(I sent mine almost 2 weeks ago)

Anonymous said...

I sent my deposit check on May 8th, the day after I came home from college. Does reply mail with deposit check have to be postmarke by May 12th? or arrive at UVA by 12th? I'm not sure if mine made it by 12th or not.

matt said...

Im confussed about what dean j wrote on the regular application blog. Wait-listed transfers are out of luck correct? None will be taken?

Anonymous said...

I also want to know how long it will take after our deposits are processed before we get our student emails and such.

Rachelle said...

I was wait-listed and my school is one of the universities that goes by the quarter system. We don't get out until the end of the second week of June. Is there someone I need to contact to let them know why I won't be able send in my Spring quarter grades until at least two weeks after June 1st?

Sharrah said...

Anonymous: The deposit has to be postmarked, not received, by May 12.

Transfermer said...

I sort of hinted at this in my comment, but you cannot receive your email password, nor any information until we process your check.

Now, because we were feverishly processing first year deposits(due May 1), we did not get to the transfer deposits until last Friday. That means, information won't start going out until this week and will continue to go out over the next few weeks.


PLEASE be careful what you read and write. Dean J is referring to the FIRST YEAR WAITLIST. We are still taking deposits and I will let you know if/when we move to the TRANSFER waitlist.


Please email

andrysick said...

I have a question for transfermer: is the wait-list ranked? I'm just interested in how the process works if/once the school jumps to the wait list. Is there any way to know of one's position on that list or alter it somehow? I'm trying to get all the info I can and do anything in my power to get into this school and any information would be really helpful.
And to everyone else on the wait list, chin up! We've gone through the college process once before and by golly we can do it again!

Anonymous said...


If you carefully read any of the earlier blogs you'll find out that the waitlist IS NOT RANKED!! lol.

I can only imagine how frustrating this is for this lady.