Monday, February 26, 2018

Applying to Architecture? Portfolios Are Required

If you are applying to the architecture program (not urban planning or architectural history), you'll notice in various places on our website that portfolios are required.  These are reviewed by architecture faculty and play a role in your admissions decision.

For specific instructions, you should go to our Deadline & Instructions page and scroll down to "ART AND ARCHITECTURE SUPPLEMENTS" tab at the bottom of the page (not the box in the middle of the page).  These are also due March 1, and happily, they are submitted online, so you don't have to worry about putting something in the mail.

These students are also required to attend UVA in the summer if admitted. Summer courses at UVA are condensed and super fun.


AxeCapital said...

Will UVA accept and consider Resumes for students applying to CAS if work experience is relevant to our major and career goals as stated in the supplement?

Transfermer said...

No, we do not accept resumes. We hope that you included this information on your common application.