Friday, June 2, 2017

It's June!

June means we'll be moving to the wait list at some point this month. Remember that if you want to be considered, make sure you click the button in your SIS account to "Remain on the Wait List" and send in your final transcripts if your semester/term has ended and ALL of your grades have been posted. We will not review your application again if you have not completed these steps.  We'll likely be taking 70-80 students off the wait list, mostly in the College of Arts and Sciences and Engineering. We'll be announcing this over email and typically, you will have two days to make your decision.  If you need your financial aid award to make your decision, we can look into approving an extension if you submitted the FAFSA and CSS Profile by April 1.


Billy said...

How exciting for this years applicants! :)

Anyways, I have two questions:

If you major within the CA&S does your minor also have to be in the College of Arts & Science or can you pursue a minor in another school?

And lastly, I am planning on applying next year for 2nd Year Fall Transfer. I took College Composition I & II as Dual Enrollment, but I will not be applying under the GAA, would you still advise that I take Advanced Composition this Fall? Thanks!

Eay Burr said...


Unfortunately, I have to make a decision about another school very soon, and I was wondering when the waiting list applicants will be notified? I understand it usually takes until the end of June to complete the list, but I just wanted to make sure that I have not missed a call or notification somewhere about the status of my application!

Thank you so much!

josh hudson said...

Say I was to transfer to a four year school from community college? Then I wanted to transfer to UVA's engineering school. Could I not do so, because they don't except transfers that have "attempted" a junior year? I should probably take the engineering classes at the community college huh?

wburd5 said...

Hi! Any update on when the first wave of CAS decisions will be released?