Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Getting the Ball Rolling For Those Applying on March 1

Today is the deadline to submit your application. If you want to be considered for admission for fall 2017, complete the entire application (yes, personal information, yes to the essays, yes to your current and previous course listings) by today. This will get the ball rolling.

Understand that this is a process that involves various systems and humans!  You should receive a pretty automatic confirmation from the Common Application once you submit your application.
Please read the "After You Submit" instructions on this page -->

It will take time for us to confirm receipt of your application here in our office. Remember that we are likely working through processing 2,000 applications for transfer. Even if you receive this confirmation after March 1, it means your application was completed on time. Do not worry if you don't get your confirmation after March 1.  Just make sure you apply by March 1, to get the ball rolling.

Transcripts can come in after March 1. Just make sure you apply by March 1, to get the ball rolling.
Please allow 7-10 business days for your transcripts to be matched up with your application.

Here are some tips/reminders from our first-year Notes From Peabody blog. Good luck!

1. Add and to your safe senders list.

We send important application updates and requests for info from these two accounts. If you put them in your address book, that will hopefully make sure our emails don't go into your junk folder. I know a lot of people use email sporadically these days, but we use it a lot. You need to keep an eye on your inbox for messages from us.

2. Keep an eye out for a SIS Login email.

A few days after we download your application and get it into our system, you'll get an email about logging into SIS. SIS is where you will monitor your application status for both admission and financial aid. On notification day, you'll also check your decision in SIS.

3. Your application will probably be incomplete when you log in.

At this point, most applications are incomplete. Please do not worry and do your best not to call our office! As long as you submitted your application in time, everything will be okay.


John Andrews said...

Thanks! This whole blog is always helpful. Any estimation for when transfer decisions will be made?

Transfermer said...

Yes, May 1. Please look on the right side of this blog.

nathan said...


I've applied to SEAS as a 3rd year transfer under the VCCS guaranteed transfer agreement with a 3.8 GPA currently and all classes required taken. If I were to get a C (my only C) in an engineering elective (Linear Algebra) in my last semester. What are the chances I would not get accepted?

Thank you very much.

Jenn Curry said...

I think that as long as you fulfill all of the transfer requirements and maintain a GPA of 3.4 or above, you're fine. I'm not 100% certain though.

Destiny Baskfield said...

What if there was a glitch in the Common App last night? Will my application still be reviewed?

Clarissa D. said...

I know on SIS it says that the to-do list will be updated after 3-4 weeks even if the transcripts have arrived but I have had the account for a little while and when I first logged in it was saying I needed 3 transcripts which I had already sent...a couple of weeks have gone by and I just checked recently and now out of the three it says I only need one left. Well, the one transcript was sent off in January and I just wanna make sure it's there. Is there any way I could check?

Billy said...

Because the GAA outlines only academic stipulations, if you will not be applying under the GAA (due to some disqualifying dual enrollment grades) do my extracurriculars such as community volunteering help in the transfer decision process assuming grades are A/B's since graduating? It seems like UVA's first emphasis is academic ability but how important are EC's for transfers?

Transfermer said...

You will not be accepted under the GAA because as bullet point #5 under section 1 of the Engineering GAA points out, you must earn a B or better in English 111, and all Math, Physics and Chemistry courses. There is still a chance you could be admitted, but we would need to look at your entire transcript and your application.

Your application was submitted successfully. You have likely received your SIS information by now.

Clarissa D,
Checking your to-do list is how you check on the situation. You can confer with the sending institution to see when then sent it and to what address, but if it does not disappear from your to-do list in the next week, you may have to order another transcript.

Extra-curricular activities are important, but do not play as large a role in the transfer admissions process as they do in the first-year admissions process. When you transfer, you have to jump head first in your second or third year and we want to ensure you can be academically successful. Good grades at your current institution assist us in making this decision.

John Andrews said...

Do you treat high school classes/grades the same as college grades/courses? How much emphasis is placed on college course difficulty in comparison to high school?

Matt said...

Is the SIS the main thing we should pay attention to for the checklist? My SIS says my application is complete but myuva says that I am still missing a high school transcript.

Prospective Transfer said...

Will I be sent some sort of confirmation once my mid-term report is received by your office?

Transfermer said...

John Andrews,

The more time you have spent in the college or away from high school, the less emphasis we put on your high school record. If you graduated from high school in 2016, your transcript is still very important.


Both should update at the same time, but SIS is more real-time. If push comes to shove and still missing your high school transcript when time is running short, you will receive an email from us.

Prospective Transfer,
Unfortunately not. This is not a required document, so we don't promise confirmation.