Friday, January 13, 2017

Finalizing those spring schedules

It may be winter for almost everyone reading this, but many are going back to school for the spring semester of the academic year.   As you finalize your spring schedules, take time to look for courses that will help you in the admission process and then transfer to UVA should you be admitted and decide to join us.

To find out what courses transfer to UVA, be sure to check out this transfer equivalencies page.   With millions of courses out there, the College of Arts and Sciences has added as many courses as have been taken by our former transfer students. Just because your course isn't listed, it doesn't necessarily mean that the course won't transfer successfully.

Taking the appropriate courses and earning strong grades are the most important aspects of file review. To find those general course requirements, you should go here and click on "Transfer Course Requirements" on the left-hand side and you'll see some very helpful introductory information.  Once you click through to each school -- the College of Arts and Sciences, the School of Architecture, etc. -- you'll see a list of exactly what you need to take.  Follow this closely, but it's highly recommended that you look to see what UVA students are taking their first two years as well.  It may be wise to take an additional math course if that's what Psychology or Biology is looking for. Some departments have done a great job of speaking directly to transfers on their pages.  Here are some examples - economics, psychology, and media studies. Some give curriculum guides like chemistry and mechanical engineering.  A quick google search will give you information on curricula all over the University.  Our best applicants have planned out their schedules using this information and it shows on transcripts.

Good luck on your first day of spring semester!


Mike Rogers said...

Hello. I am trying to gain admission into the College of Arts and Sciences for Fall of 2017. I have taken some of the prerequisites for The College at my current school, but I have not taken a vast majority of them. Does this put me at a disadvantage for gaining admission into UVA? Thank you very much.

Chuck Clark said...

I have a couple of questions. First in regards to the foreign language requirement. I took a fourth level of a foreign language in high school, and I intend to take a placement test wherever I end up next year. Would the admissions staff still see it as a bad thing that I don't have a language course on my college transcript?

Also, I've been a part time student at a Virginia community college for the past year and a half, and I will finish this semester with about 45 credits total on my transcript. Should I apply to come in as a second year even though it's technically my second year of college level courses? Thanks in advance.

Billy said...

I took my first year of courses part-time in high school as dual enrollment. Unfortunately I did not do as good as I was hoping and am now taking another year at community college and doing great, I will have a lot of the prerequisites met for both the university's core requirements and to enter as an Econ major. Although by the end I will probably have 60 credits, some of my early ones are not transferable because I didn't even get a C in a few, and some course taken were only taken to fulfill high school graduation requirements and don't have anything to do with the UVA requirements. Should I apply as a second year transfer or because I have more than 60 credits am I considered a third year transfer? And if I am not offered admission should I take one more year at community college to show two good years of post-secondary work following the bad senior year of dual enrollment? Thanks!

Unknown said...

Hi, I am an transfer applicant. It is after Jan 1 for the commonapp but that doesn't really matter since the deadline is March 1, right? Also, since I am in college, should I still have my HS counselor send in a letter of rec?

Thanks you so much and have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Hi there! I am making an attempt to transfer a into UVa for the fall semester of 2017. I know that an official transcript is require, but the Common App. says that certain schools require a "College Report," a "Secondary School Report," and a "Midterm Report."

I applied last year as a senior in high school and was waitlisted, so it is my understanding that my first application was kept and will be reviewed. Does this mean I will not have to send the Secondary School Report?

Also, I asked my Academic Advisor about the College Report and Midterm report. She said that the university I currently attend will not send a Midterm Report and that she's never heard of a College Report. Are the materials required? Thank you!

Transfermer said...

It is tough to address this not knowing what year you are in school, but if you are a current sophomore and you are missing most of the requirements, it might be difficult for you to be admissible.

It is always better to have a little foreign language (FL) under your belt if you are applying to the College of Arts and Sciences (all of your FL must be completed if you are applying to the School of Commerce). We would recommend that you look into taking some FL this summer and mention it on your application if you do. Yes, you can apply as a second year transfer.

If you only have one year of school after high school graduation, you should apply as a second year. You can bring some of that credit from high school with you, but you would be considered a second year. Yes indeed to your second question. You hit the nail on the head.

Ryan Green,
The deadline to apply for transfer admission is March 1. No, we don’t need a recommendation from your HS counselor.

Hoo at Heart,
Please refer to the right-hand side of this blog for the answers to some of your questions. Your first application is not kept and re-reviewed. The Mid-Year report is very unofficial, meaning you take the form around to your professors yourself. It is not something that a registrar’s office can create.

Anonymous said...


I was wondering if there are any advantages/disadvantages for admission with regards to being an in-state vs out-of-state student like there is for first-year admission out of high school. I attend a private university in Virginia but I live out of state if that helps clarify.

Also, I was wondering if you will use only my first semester GPA, or if my second semester grades could be factored in too in any way, as they will be stronger. Thank you!

sierranicole16 said...

If I am a Freshman in college looking to transfer to UVA as a second-year for the Fall 2017 term, will I be at a disadvantage if I do not have every single prerequisite listed as "Required Transfer Course Credits" (Ex. for College of Arts and Sciences Non-Western Perspective, Foreign Language, etc.)? I read that those are recommended and encouraged, but if you are only a Freshman it is not expected to have all of them in order to be admitted to UVA, is this true?

Prospective Transfer said...


I am a current first-year student seeking transfer admission to the CAS this coming fall of 2017. I have reviewed the sidebar of the blog regarding required documents and submission procedures.

Regarding academic evaluators (as well as regular recommenders) I am confused still as to whether or not they can be submitted through the common application or must be mailed. A post on this blog from circa 2011 states that ALL recommendations cannot be submitted through the common app and must be physically mailed to the admissions office. However, there is still an option on The Common Application for academic evaluation (and recommenders) to submit their evaluations through the common app.

Must the academic evaluations (and recommendations) still be physically mailed? Or can I give my recommenders the go-ahead to just fill in the form that the common app gives them upon invitation as an evaluator/recommender?

Billy said...

Transfermer, I requested an official transcript, and I'm worried it may be too confusing! The first Summer, Fall, Spring were HS Dual Enrollment. Then the first post-graduation Fall was taken off to go through my county's EMS Academy, then my first semester back to VCCS post-graduation is a spring semester. It's not the simple, perfect Fall/Spring, Fall/Spring transcript. Do you get a lot of transcripts with an "odd" trajectory? Is that anything to worry about? I am the one with the High School Dual Enrollment grades that aren't so good.

Transfermer said...

There is a slight advantage for in-state residents, but it's not quite as important as it is in the first-year review process. We will only see your first semester grades. If you are wait listed, then we'll see your second semester grades.

If you are a rising second-year, we look for half of the requirements to be completed. Applying without any foreign language is a bit of a risk at your stage, but not an enormous issue.

Prospective Transfer,
I might not trust anything from 2011, but we're still waiting on a definitive answer from Common App on online submission. For now, we would encourage your recommenders to email their evaluations to We'll get back to you if we have any updates.

Unfortunately, you must have two semesters of college work after high school graduation. It sounds like you may be a better fit for the spring 2017 application.

Sam said...

Hey there, I'm currently a student a JMU and had a few questions about how the admissions office's views certain parts of the our transcripts.
1. Do you all mainly look at Junior and Senior year grades of high school for transfer students?
2. For first year transfer students, since you all are only given a semester of college work to judge a student from (assuming they are not waitlisted), do you expect a higher GPA than the stated average GPA of transfer students (3.5)?

Sam said...
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