Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Foreign Language and UVA

Many of you are signing up for classes for next semester.  Please be aware that many of you will also need foreign language in order to graduate from UVA.  If you are applying to the College of Arts and Sciences, the Commerce School, the Education school, or our Public Policy school, it would be important to review our foreign language expectations.  See the Transfer Course Requirements on our website.  The more foreign language you have in the admission process, the more competitive you will be.  If you have not begun to take a language on the college level, we recommend you do so next semester.

If you are attending a community college and you want to apply under the College's Guaranteed Admission Agreement, all foreign language is required by the end of spring semester.

What other questions do you have as you sign up for classes?

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cford2006 said...

I noticed that SPA 2010 is offered in J term. Would it be advisable for a Spring transfer student that has taken SPA 201 at the vccs level to also take the J term class to acquaint them with UVA's fluency expectations leading into the final semester of Spanish (SPA 2020)?