Friday, August 12, 2016

The fall semester is upon us!

For better or worse, the summer is coming to an end and soon you'll be finalizing your course schedules for the fall.  Below, we are recapping a post we made last summer. It's a great idea to review our entire transfer website, but we get a little specific in this post.

As you prepare to return to school (or maybe this is your first semester of college), it's important to be aware of the pre-requisite courses necessary for transfer to UVa. We realize there are courses you'll need to take at your institution, but it's important to overlap, or incorporate what we're looking for as well.

If you go to our website and click on "Transfer Course Requirements" on the left-hand side, you'll see some very helpful introductory information.  Once you click through to each school -- the College of Arts and Sciences, the School of Architecture, etc -- you'll see a list of exactly what you need to take.  Follow this closely.  If you would like to see how your school's courses might transfer, you can use our transfer credit analyzer.  This will show most of your institutions and many courses.  Do not fret if courses you have taken do not appear on the analyzer.  It doesn't necessarily mean that they won't transfer, but our registrars will evaluate the credit once you're admitted.


Anonymous said...

Hello Transfermer,
This seems rather straightforward, but I actually read two contradictory responses online, so I really wanted to double check:

I am a college sophomore who will apply as a spring transfer applicant. On the common application, do I mark "Spring 2017-2nd Year Transfer," or "Spring 2017-3rd Year Transfer"? What I'm alluding to is whether this number refers to my current grade, or the grade I would be transferring in to (the following year).


Transfermer said...

Bob Joe, you would mark Spring 2017 - 2nd Year Transfer. In the spring, you'll be a second semester 2nd year, so you should mark "2nd Year Transfer."