Thursday, November 13, 2014

Course Selection for Spring Semester

Being that it's mid-November, course registration is likely in full swing at your institutions.
If you are considering transferring to UVa, be sure to check out our transfer course requirements on this page. You're best resource can be found in the middle of the page.  If you are looking at the College of Arts and Sciences and you currently attend in a Virginia community college, be sure to check out the power point file on the right-side of the same page.  If you are looking at Commerce and you're transferring from a community college, some of the pre-requisites might surprise you.  Check out this link.

Please consider consulting with your advisers and counselors at your school when preparing for prescribed coursework.  While we want to provide you with as much information as possible, we are the admissions folks and not course advisors.  We think this sometimes gets muddled and hope that the blog and our website will provide you with helpful information.


Virginia1234 said...

Hello. I had a question about standardized testing. I've gotten very mixed opinions about whether or not I should retake my SAT's/ACTs. I received a 1750/28 as a student in high school. Would it do me any good if I retook them to apply as a fall transfer for next year? Others have said that retaking tests would be a waste of my time, but I wasn't quite sure. I also never took SAT II subject tests. Should I take those as well even if I am a freshmen in college?

Thank you!

hoo15 said...

Another off topic question:

Do you have an average admitted college GPA for students only transferring from a four year university than the 3.5 average GPA from students transferring from both community college and four-year universities?

Anonymous said...

Are midterm transcripts required or do I wait for Spring semester final grades?

Anonymous said...

"...students transferring after two years should have completed at least 60 semester-hours. The College of Arts and Sciences will not grant credit for more than 60 semester-hours completed elsewhere."

I am getting a little confused with the wording. Does this mean at maximum only 60 credits will be counted toward your degree if you have already completed over 60? Or does this mean you can not be eligible for admittance if you have completed more than 60?



J said...

What are some examples of Non-Western Perspective class?

Transfermer said...

Your tests are strong enough for the transfer process. You do not need subject tests as a transfer applicant.

No, that’s the only average we have.

Anon who is asking about midterms,
If you are applying for fall 2015, you must send us a transcript including you fall 2014 grades. Please make up an “identity” on the blog the next time you ask a question.

Right. Only 60 credits can be counted toward your degree. It doesn’t mean that you won’t be admitted for having 63 or 65 credits. However, if you have attempted more than five semesters at a four-year college of university (a community college is a two-year college), you are not eligible to apply to transfer; the engineering school is the one exception.

Here are some UVa examples of non-western perspective courses.
If you go to a Virginia community college, you’ll find a list of VCCS examples on our website –

HELP said...

I asked this question in another thread but this one seemed more appropriate for my question. I have AP credits in calculus and am hoping to get some in statistics and other subject areas. I will be applying fall of 2015 as a Psychology major in the college of arts and sciences and so these courses are required. Should I take courses at my college, not a community college, to fulfill the requirements for the college of arts and sciences or should I wait if/when I transfer to UVA and get the AP credits instead. My college will take my credits and exempt me from courses in calculus and such. Thank you in advance!

Transfermer said...


You need to see if your AP scores will give you credit at UVa. You can see that right now at
If we won't give you a credit or exemption, you'll need to take the courses before coming to UVa.

HELP said...

I see that some of my AP credits will be taken at UVA. However, AP calculus is not listed on here so does that mean it won't count as credit?
The AP scores will count as credit once I transfer to UVA, right? If so, I don't have to take courses I'm exempted from in my current college to fulfill the credits, right?