Monday, June 30, 2014

The Wait List has closed

We've come to a point where the transfer class is full. Regrettably, we can't offer admission to everyone. In due time, you should receive an email notifying you of the closure. 

We know that the wait can be long and tedious, so we appreciate your patience and cooperation in sending your final transcripts.

We'll use this summer to make posts about preparing for the spring application.  This will be available on Common App's website around August 1. Look out for summer tips and guidance.


Jenna Patel said...

Hello i am interested in transferring to the curry school majoring in communication sciences and disorders. One of the requirements is to take US history. Would I be allowed to take a different history course my freshman year and take US history my sophomore year? Thanks and look forward to get back to you!

xyz said...

I have a question regarding the submission of my CSS profile. I started my CSS prfile on the 1st and was able to submit the application minutes before 12 am. However, the receipt I received from college board stated that the application was submitted on the 2nd. I called SFS and they said the only option left is to appeal for late financial aid application. I feel like the chances of my appeal getting approved are slim to none since I have no proof other than my own recollection to prove that the application was submitted minutes before 12 am. Also, reasons generally accepted for appeal include grave issues such as death of a parent, injury etc. What should I do? This is really freaking me out. Has UVa entertained appeals like this before? and are such appeals likely to succeed?

Anonymous said...

none of our transfer questions have been answered lately so I would email the offices to ensure you can get a response, or call them! :)

Transfermer said...

Jenna Patel,
The communication disorders program is a two-year program, meaning you need two years of college before applying here. If you decide to take US History in your second year at your home school, that would be fine. If you want to transfer to U.Va. after one year, you would need to apply to the College of Arts and Sciences and then apply to intra-transfer as a student.

This is all up to Student Financial Services. In the past, I’ve heard that they are quite strict and straight-forward about their appeals. If you can’t come to U.Va. without financial aid, you’ll need to cancel your enrollment. You may be able to ask us to defer your admission for a year, but it would be up to the admissions committee to decide this.