Thursday, February 6, 2014

Submitting a Complete Application

I hope that most of you have started on your common application.  It is not something you want to leave until the last minute.  It can trip up even the most conscientious of applicants.
As you may know, you need to submit three parts in order to complete our entire application.  That's 1) the basic application, 2) the supplement application, 3) the application fee.  We won't see anything on our end until you submit all three parts via  You might think they are linked together, but they are not.  It seems that a lot of people think they've submitted all three parts because they've paid, but this is not always the case.  The most common mistake with our first-year applicant pool is that they submitted the basic and the application fee, and somehow overlooked the writing supplement.  Don't let this be you.  Follow through after you submit your three parts. And if you have trouble when attempting to submit, please contact the Common Application Help Desk directly.


Anonymous said...


If I'm satisfying the language requirement for guaranteed admission with an AP test score, do I have to send a copy of my AP scores along with my transcripts?
Or does UVA evaluate the scores once I'm a student?

CE said...

I have a question about the mid-term report. I am confused by which semester's teachers we are supposed to get to sign it. If it is second semester what should we do if we don't have any grades yet in those classes? Our midterms aren't until late March so we have very few, if any grades currently. Thanks for your help!


When is the deadline to submit the TOEFL exam scores? I might not be able to make it by March 1. Is it possible to submit the scores like 2 weeks late. Are there any rules about the issue?

I took the TOEFL, but it just seems like they lost my scores. I firmly belive that I will have to retake the exam again.

Thank you,


ApplyingforTransfer said...


I just had a question about the registrar's report. It says it is not required, however on the CommonApp you have to invite a registrar. Even if you do not do this, will the application be complete and submit fully?

Hope Lee said...

Would it be possible to transfer as a sophomore 2nd semester?
Im trying to transfer for this fall (Sophomore 1st semester) but If I am not admitted, would it be possible for me to try to transfer as sophomore 2nd semester?
Or is it only 1st semester of 2nd and 3rd year thats possible?


Dylan said...

How can I enter past colleges attended?

Transfermer said...

Anon asking about the AP (please choose a name next time),
The scores will be evaluated once you are a student. But, you must make sure to list your score on your application. If you don’t, well of course, we’ll never know.

It is this semester’s courses. Mid-terms usually don’t happen until mid-March. We’ll take it from you when we can get it.

The deadline is March 1, but we may hold your application for late scores. Please indicate on your application that you plan to take the exam in March. I hope if they lost your scores that you’ll get your money back.

Yes, you have to invite a registrar, but we don’t need the
form that follows the invitation.

Hope Lee,
If you are looking at the College of Arts and Sciences or Architectural History/Urban Planning, you may apply for spring 2015.

You can enter theses under “Colleges and Universities” within the “Education” tab on the basic application. Unfortunately, there is only room for three colleges. If you’ve attended more than three, please list these under “Additional Information.”

BW said...

I've already invited a registrar and after she received the email from Common App, she said that I will be required to print out the forms and either bring or send those to the Records Office because "at this time we are unable to participate in the electronic form of completing the required forms." Will this be a problem for your admissions department?

AG said...

Does my high school transcript need to be sent by the March 1st deadline? I requested my high school transcript 2 weeks ago, but they claimed it would take 15 school days for processing and my high school (and county) has been closed for a couple days due to snow. I'm afraid they won't send the transcript until after March 1st

independent budget said...

My complete application is ready to send. I am wondering how I would receive validation for an application fee waiver.

Is it possible to waive both the Common App and the UVA app? What materials/proof could I send and to whom?

Ivan said...


My name is Ivan.

I got 88 on my TOEFL IBT exam. What is the minimum requirement for the TOEFL for a transfer student from a VCCS?

Thank you.

Dan said...

I submitted everything a while back and UVA received all parts of my application. But the registrar (invited 1/6/14) report says "offline form", 1. does this mean I must print it out and go to my registrar? How will I know UVA received it?
2. How much does the midterm report matter? Can I just send my second semester final grades?
3. How much does a recommendation matter? I have rather large classes and I don't think any professor would write one for me. Should I try to get my high school recommendation to be sent again?
Thanks for the help

Chase said...


I am applying for the fall semester of 2014, under the GAA. Since I am applying under GAA, is it correct to assume that as long as I fill the req's under the agreement, my high school transcript won't count as a contributing factor towards my acceptance?


Anonymous said...

I am currently studying at Nova and intend to apply for a transfer this spring 2014. I wanted to apply for the PST (political and social thought) major offered by the university but read that there are certain additional prerequisites that need to be satisfied before you are accepted for the program. Since I am transferring after one year of community college, do these additional prerequisites apply in my case ?

Transfermer said...

Thank you for your assistance during this extremely busy time of the year. I will now address the answers you’ve given to the readers.

The Registrar’s Form is not required. I’m sorry if you have gone through the trouble of getting it filled out. It is not required. We only require the transcript. Entering your registrar’s information on the common app will not lead to a transcript request. You need to go through your Registrar’s Office.

As long as you submit the application by March 1, we’ll wait a few days for your high school transcript. We will contact you via email if we get to the file before your high school transcript has arrived.

Independent budget,
You should write to if you are interested in a fee waiver. When you do this, please plan to submit a statement from your current school’s financial aid office stating that you are on financial aid.

We look for a 90 on the TOEFL exam. This is not a cut-off but a general average for our admitted students.

We don’t need the registrar’s report. Decisions will be released before your second-semester grades are posted. The mid-term report is not required.

In most GAA cases, it will not affect your offer of admission.

You are right. You can complete these per-requisites after you arrive at UVa. If you are not admitted, and decide to stay at NOVA, you should complete them this year. Please see our power point document on our website for more information.

uvatransferprospect said...

You're welcome.
I submitted the completed Registrar's Report and Midterm Report just in case, but surely this should not affect my chances at admission correct? I also have yet to receive my guest login info; should I call the Admissions Office?

Transfermer said...

Please give it three business days. Make 100% sure that you submitted the supplement before you do that.
If you still haven't received anything, contact the UVa help-desk at

Submitting these forms will not hurt your chances of admission.

FutureWahoo said...

Hi, Transfermer,

I am planning to transfer to UVA under the GAA (Guaranteed Admissions Agreement). I have two questions.

1. My SATs scores were not that great, but my GPA is very high. I have mainly As, except one B. Should I be concerned about my scores? Should I retake the SATs?

2. I hear that GAA transfer students have to finish their degrees in two years. Is this true?


Chase said...

For someone applying under the GAA, is the mid-term report necessary?

Anonymous said...

In the Common App, if I am currently a sophomore hoping to transfer for Fall of my Junior year, do I select "Fall 2014 - 3rd Year Transfer?"
I can't tell if it's asking what year I am now, or what year I will be once (if) enrolled

Transfermer said...

It's not required for anyone, but we do wait list students who think they are eligible for GAA. The mid-year report might help us make a more informed decision.

The question asks for your "Preferred Start Term." This is what you'll be when you start at UVa.

Mishal said...

Hi Transfermer,

My official transcript from my university was mailed out february 6th, however SIS says that UVA has not received it. Could it be possible that the data hasn't been entered into the system yet or do you think I should overnight mail it again? Thank you!

IL said...

Thank you so much for helping us students out in this time of need. I have a few questions:
1. How much does the SAT score count when transferring? I scored a 1820 on my SAT but have a 4.0 gpa.
2. If we decide not to send the offline forms (midterm report,registrar report, and final report)would that affect our admission
3. How many recommendations do you advise us to send?
4. Which documents are REQUIRED to be mailed no matter what? is it the high school transcript alone? I read that documents verifying ones instate tuition need to be sent as well.
Thanks a bunch.

Transfermer said...


Thanks for being patient. You waited the appropriate of amount of time to ask. Fortunately and unfortunately, we are currently sifting through thousands of mid-year grades from our first-year apps and transcripts from our transfers. Let's wait another week or two. You won't be penalized.

1) It depends on how long you have been in college. The longer time you have in college, the less we'll look at your standardized testing.
3) If you want to send "recs," no more than 1 or 2.
4)Required documents are your HS transcript, ALL college transcripts and your standardized testing.

FutureWahoo said...

Hi, Transfermer,

I posted earlier. Do testing scores need to be sent in by March 1 also?

DueDate said...

Is the application due midnight tomorrow or by 11:59 on Saturday?

Transfermer said...

Sorry FutureWahoo,
Technically, yes. March 1 is the deadline. But, if you apply on time, we'll be flexible in taking late test scores.

You have all day on Saturday, but I would not advise waiting until the last minute. What if the system or your computer crashes?

xyz said...

What is the word limit for the first essay prompt ? (How do your possible career or professional plans relate to your planned course of study?)

Transfermer said...

It is 250 words like the other supplement essay. There was an oversight somewhere along the line regarding that prompt.

Chase said...

I received the email containing my SIS info, logged in, and was told my application is incomplete.

It states that I am missing the following:

1. Standardized Test Scores

2. Official Transcript

3. Official HS. Transcript

I understand that it takes a few weeks to submit these, and that becauseI sent them all at the beginning of the week, it will obviously take time for them to arrive at the school/be entered into the system.

My question, however, is whether the fact that they will not be taken of my SIS application to-do list by march 1st will affect my admission in any way.

Thanks again,

FutureWahoo said...

Hi, Transfermer,

I was looking over past posts and came over a post regarding additional documentation. What is the additional documentation? Do transfers have to send in course descriptions?

Anonymous said...

Does applying as a fee waiver student affect the decision in anyway?

Eric said...


I was wondering If I receive an Associates of Science Degree in General studies from Northern Virginia Community college (NOVA), will it satisfy the degree requirement in the GAA for college of arts and sciences? If you could please let me know as soon as possible I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for you help.

Thanks so much.

Farhaal Lutfi said...

Hello, Are we allowed to mail a copy of our test scores? I mean unsealed test score sent directly by the candidate?

HOPELEE said...

Hello Transformer!

I had some questions regarding the SIS login. I have finished and have already submitted by Common Application and sent in all the documents I needed to have but is there a way to check if UVA has received all this?

I know there is something called an SIS Login in where I can check my current standing but will I be needing to make one or will UVA send me the Info?

BTW, I submitted my application yesterday (2/28/14)

Kaitlin Sine said...


If we applied to UVA last year and sent our test scores and high school transcript, do we need to resend those (particularly the test scores since sending those is expensive)?

Also, is the deadline for the academic evaluator to submit their recommendation March 1st as well?

Thank you.

Abigail Elliott said...

Hi there,
so i was told in the admissions office that the Final Report was not due on march first since I obviously don't have the final report for this semester. What should i do?

And SAT scores. I was also told that they were with my high school transcripts that i sent. Do you need the official score from the College board.
I am honestly very frustrated and i really really want to make sure that i have everything so they will accept me. Please help

Kaitlin Sine said...


Through which outlet is best to submit a resume? Should I mail it with my midterm report?

Thank you.

vicente marcel said...

What happens if I was one of those students who forgot to submit the writing supplement and got it submitted one day late. Is my application over with this?

Anonymous said...

I have recently submitted my common app for UVA and I satisfy all the requirements for the GAA. However, I have a pending court date for underage drinking. I know this will affect admissions decision. My question is in regards to admissions, and how big of a deterrent this will be?

Concerned about SIS said...


I have not received an email regarding the SIS account, even though I submitted last week. Should I be concerned and if so who should I contact to resolve this issue?

Thanks much


Concerned about SIS

Transfermer said...

In short, no. As I’ve said before, one must make sure to submit the application on time and the rest will come later.

Future Wahoo,
We are no longer requiring these, but if we have questions about coursework, we’ll email applicants individually.

Anon asking about the fee waiver,

It’s not showing up on the list of approved associates degrees, so it will not work for the GAA.

We require official test scores. They should be sent via the testing agency, but we’ll accept them if they appear on your high school transcript.

You will receive your SIS login information within 72 business hours of applying. The process may be a little sluggish at the moment because most students applied at the same time, on the deadline day.

Kaitlin Sine,
We will have your test scores, but likely, not your complete transcript. If you applied to us in the middle of your senior year, then of course, we don’t have your full and complete high school transcript. You can email us at, but really, any of our general email addresses will work. For other readers, we do not require resumes and ask that you list your activities on the application.

Abigail Elliott,
The Final Report is not required. If your SAT/ACT scores appear on your high school transcript, we’ll accept those as official.

It’s not a problem. Just check to make sure that it really went through. I wish it were more intuitive.

Anon with a court date,
We take these situations on a case-by-case basis.

Concerned about SIS,
When was last week? Monday or Friday? Make sure you are checking your spam or junk mail boxes.

Abigail Elliott said...

Thank you so much. i Sent an extra SAT report today just in case. it should arrive with my high school transcript. hopefully that is still ok since the lady in the dean's office said that was ok.

Concerned About Sis said...

Thank you for the speedy response. I submitted my application last Monday 2/24. I have checked my email and spam boxes diligently. However, as you said if it does take 72 business hours that puts me at this Friday. Should I still be concerned or am I alright?

Transfermer said...

Concerned about SIS,
If you indeed submitted all three parts, I don't know what the issue would be. You can email our office (see sidebar of this blog for the address) and tell us that you submitted on 2/24. If we can't help, we may direct you to Common App.

HOPELEE said...

I also had some questions concerning the SIS.
I submitted all three parts, (Payment of $70, writing supplement, and the common application) on March 28.
Above you mentioned that it takes about 3 business days and I have not gotten any info about SIS either. Should I be worried? Should I also email UVA?

Anonymous said...

Eyes well and concerned about getting an email about my UVA SIS account. I submitted all three parts, the common app, the supplement and the payment and I have not received an email from UVA.

Worried about SIS

Transfermer said...

I'm curious. Did you get your confirmation?

Worried about SIS,
You can email us, but our staff may tell you to wait if you've applied in the last three or four days.

Owen Saul said...

Is it ok if a person who is not a professor at our college fills out the recommendation form? I have a professional mentor from my internship experience last summer who would like to write me a recommendation but I am unsure how to go about it.