Monday, January 6, 2014

What is a Secondary School?

When filling out the Common App, your basic application will ask for a list of all schools which you attended in the past.  It is imperative that you list each and every college you attended.  Yes, it's true.

In addition, you have to list your secondary school. Many applicants are confused by this term.  It is not one that we use often, but you should know that your secondary school is your high school.  Many students who applied for spring put their college in this spot.  This is not a college or university; it's a high school.


Rebekah said...

I have a question about listing all the colleges. I am currently enrolled at CVCC and am taking some courses at NOVA. I filled out that I attended CVCC dual enrollment and also NOVA. I am also enrolled in Liberty Online. I started Liberty Online this semester (January 2014) and in the college options, the earliest start year is 2013. How should I fill out this section? Or should I not fill in that I am in Liberty since I just started?

gg said...

Do we still have to invite a registrar even if the registrar report is not required? The common app says you must invite one to complete the registrar report.

Anonymous said...

Hello! This question is not related to the topic (thank you though. It helped me) of this post(Sorry!)

And I have a question regarding the Guaranteed Admission Agreement.

I was about to register for the TOEFL exam since applying to the University as a third-year transfer from a VCCS for FALL 2014. However, I've checked the GAA one more time, and something has changed.

Now it states, "4 TOEFL scores may replace SAT/ACT scores if English is the applicant’s second language and the applicant has been studying in the United States for less than two years."
In my case, I took some non-credit ESL classes back in FALL 2011. Then in Spring 2012, I took some credit ESL classes. My transcript has credit classes only. Actually, I started taking "real" classes in Summer 2012. So, technically, I've been studying here for more than two years. However, without ESL and stuff, it is less than two years.

So my question is can I just go ahead and take the TOEFL exam? Will it satisfy the GAA standardized test requirement? I graduated from a foreign HS therefore I haven't taken SAT or ACT.

Sorry for the big question. Thank you guys I enjoy reading your answers.



Transfermer said...

You can fill in Liberty, but if it won't let you enter spring 2014, enter the fall and explain the situation in the additional info section.

This has been a pain. You'll have to enter the registrar's information. You'll find it on your school's website. They may or may not contact you and say they will or won't do it. If they are unwilling, it's not a problem as it is not required.

Anon asking about TOEFL,
Yes, you have been studying in the States for more than two years, but we'll allow you to use the TOEFL.

Dan said...

I see that the midterm report and academic evaluator recommendation are "recommended." My classes are large and my professors do no know me personally, is it worth it to ask for a recommendation? Also I'm not sure I want to tell them mid semester that I am leaving their school, some may not like being told that.

Jamie said...

Hey, I was wondering if the writing supplement is required or recommended for a transfer student. Thanks.

Elizabeth said...


I was at a University for Fall 2013 but I am now home taking community college classes online for Spring 2014 due to medical reasons. How can I list both of these colleges and the reason why on the Common App? And for the current year course sections should I include courses from both universities?

Thank you!

uva101 said...

Hello! I have a question about recommendations. Most of my classes were large lecture classes this year and I didn't get to know my professors. However, I got to know a few of my TAs or Graduate TAs pretty well over the semester. Are TAs acceptable to write recommendations since they know me much better? If not, would it be better to send in a recommendation from a professor that barely knows me or no recommendation at all? Thank you!

Transfermer said...

If you don’t know them, I know sure if it would make sense to ask them. I will say that hundreds transfer every year. The faculty and administration should have your best interest at heart and should not take it too hard if you want to transfer.

The writing supplement is not a form and is required.

You will need to list one school as your current institution, preferably the one you are currently attending. Under past colleges attended, you can enter your 4-year school. Current year courses should include fall and spring.

Yes, we’ll take TA recommendations. Great idea.

HooDaughter said...

My current institution has a different credit style than that of UVA. While I know that UVA typically has 3 credit courses, almost every course at my institution is worth 1 credit, as a general rule. As such, I had 5.5 credits from last semester, even though I was taking 6 courses (some courses, such as music lessons and dance classes, are only worth .5 credits). Is this something that I need to note on my application?

Thank you!