Monday, May 20, 2013

Let's Talk about Bad Grades

*This is for students who have been admitted*

 Unfortunately, things happen and you might find yourself in a position where your grades dropped last semester.  It’s a tough thing to admit, but you will do yourself a favor if you tell us first (send your transcript at the same time) and not leave it for us to find when we see your transcript. Email us at  We may require or recommend that you visit our office to meet with us, repeat the course in the summer, or see a special advisor when you get here in the fall.  There are some extreme cases where we will rescind admission.  The point is, write us and let us know what happened and we’ll go from there.  Whatever action is taken is what we think is the best for you and your future success.


Tae Kim said...

Hello, Transfermer.
Is it for students who got accepted?
Thank you,

Transfermer said...

Sorry for the confusion Tae Kim. This is directed towards admitted students.

Tae Kim said...

Dear Transfermer,

Thank you for making it clear. I have another question about the letter. Could you please tell me if the office got my mail of continuing interest? My full name is Tae Hyun Kim. I really appreciate for your help.

Thank you,
Tae Kim

Caroline said...

Can you specify how bad our grades need to be to warrant an e-mail? I took four classes last semester and earned three A's and one C - should I send an e-mail or is this not an issue? Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Does UVA accept university of phoenix credits?

Anonymous said...

I got 2 As, 2 Bs and one C (first C in 2 years). Do I still need to send an email explaining my poor performance?

Anonymous said...

I got accepted in UVA, and i was wondering if I can still take summer classes at my community college? My classes end on August 11th.

cavgirl said...

Hi, I'm an eager hopeful on the transfer waitlist and I'm wondering when the admissions committee will start sending emails/making calls (if you haven't started already?)? Thanks so much.

Transfermer said...

Tae Kim,
I’m sorry, but I cannot verify if we’ve received your letter.

Caroline and Anon with a C,
There’s no one rule or way we look at these. Use your discretion.

Yes, but these credits are not as transferable as traditional non-profit institutional credit.

Anon who wants to take a summer class,
Yes, you can still take a summer course at your institution.

Soon, very soon.

LoveUVa said...

I just sent a letter of continued interest Is it too late? Will you read it? Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Can we expect wait list responses by the end of the week Transfermer?

Transfermer said...

No, it's not too late.

Pretty please make up a name next time. I was hoping some decisions would be ready this week, but it doesn't look like it will be happening.

Katie O said...


I am currently on the transfer waitlist and haven't sent my final grades yet because they were an unexpected (and unlucky) drop from first semester. Should I still send them in with an explanation, or should I not even bother?

Thank you!

UWtransfer said...

Dear Transfermer,

I was wondering if a student who wishes to transfer has to inform the admissions office if they drop a class after they have already submitted the common application and everything is received by the admissions office.