Friday, April 26, 2013

Waitlisted for Fall 2013?

You may use this post as an umbrella to make comments or ask questions about the wait list.

If you are interested in staying on the wait list, pretty please make sure you click the button to “remain on the wait list.”  If you don’t do this, we will not review you again in the future.

After the admissions deposit deadline of May 15, we’ll begin to look to see how many students we can take off the wait list. These numbers vary from year to year and unfortunately, it can be a long process.  We hope to make our decisions by the end of June.

Most importantly, we need to see your transcript listing your Spring 2013 grades in order to make a final decision.  Trust me.  You’ll want to do this, but only after exams and after all of your grades have been posted.  To do this, please use the same address that appears on the right panel of this blog.

If you are offered admission from the wait list and need to have financial aid information in order to make your decision, we will work to help you with this.  Good luck!


Thankfull said...

So excited not leaving my computer for another 1:21:23

Megan said...


I have been placed on the wait list, and I just have a question about the next step. My semester at my current college does not end until May 24th, and final grades are not released until May 27th. Though I am definitely planning on sending a final grade report, it seems that sending it at the end of May might be too late. Would sending an official mid-semester report from my registrar's office be beneficial until final grades are available?

Thanks for your time!

Anonymous said...


I have been placed on the wait list and I was just wondering what the chances are of you offering admission to someone on the wait list? I know it varies every year, but is there a possibility that no one on the wait list could be offered admissions? And if so how likely is that?

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Will the offers for admission off of the wait list be released all at the same time or will some receive their offer sooner than others?

Taimoor said...

I covered all requirements for the GAA. What could be the reason why I didn't get offered a spot? I am taking my last classes this semester, and the grades haven't been submitted yet. Could that be the reason?

Anonymous said...

I have been waitlisted as well but I have been accepted to other universities that have an upcoming deposit deadline. If I pay the deposit fee for another university does can I make a last minute change if I am admitted to UVA?

Anonymous said...

I have been placed on the waitlist, and I am wondering if the waitlist is ordered from most competitive to least competitive, or those who are selected from the waitlist are chosen completely at random?

Tae said...

I, too, have been placed on the commerce school wait list unfortunately. Is there any action that I can take to get a little high chance rather than sending recommendations? Will taking a TOEFL and sending a better score help? I am trying to get another recommendation, but I do not want to just sit and wait. I hope I could do anything, even a little thing that can boost my chance of getting accepted. Like taking TOEFL will work? Thank you,

Anonymous said...

Could I call Admission officer to ask the reason why I am not admitted? Thank you!

Zach Robinette said...

Like others above, I too have been placed on the wait list (for the E-school) and I'm curious as to how we will be notified if we are offered admission. Also, would sending additional information (i.e. recommendations) on top of the final grade report be beneficial or advantageous in any way?

Thank you for your time!

Tae said...

Do I have to use the same form of recommendation that I used in common app for new recommendation? Or any form is fine?

Anonymous said...

How many people were placed on the transfer waitlist this year??

Anonymous said...

What would be the ideal number of recommendations to send? I have a few i'd like to send in, but I don't want to over do it.


Anonymous said...

How many people have been wait-listed and about how many make it past that level each year? Also is it possible to find out what number i have been allotted on the list, if it is in a descending order, or is the list completely random? Lastly, should we only send in our grade report, or is it now a battle to the top where i have to get more recommendations and scores to show my immensity of interest to this school?

Transfermer said...

This is pretty standard. Exams at most colleges don’t finish until the second or third week of May. We will look forward to receiving your grades in early June. At this point, we are waiting for final grades, not mid-semester results. Thank you for the offer.

Technically, no one officially has the GAA until we receive their final grades. But, it’s true that some students are admitted now and some are admitted during the waitlist process.

Anon who has an upcoming deadline,
I’m glad you have some choices. You’ll need to deposit elsewhere to make sure you have a spot. This money is usually non-refundable, but if you get into UVA and want to come here, you need to cancel with them and deposit with us.

The Commerce school looks for a TOEFL score of 100 or better. If you are far below this, you may take it again. But, it is not mandatory. I’m having a little trouble understanding your second question, but with or without a form is fine.

Anon who wants to call the office,
Yes, you may, but we do not go deep into your file to tell you why you were waitlisted. It really is about sending your final grades.

Mary Lynn said...


I applied to the school of nursing. I know there are 500 total on the transfer waitlist, but do you know how many are on the transfer nursing waitlist?

Also, I clicked the "wait" button at the end of my notice. Was I supposed to get an e-mail to confirm this?

Thank you!!

Tae Kim said...

Dear Transfermer,
I am also curious if I could know how many people are put on a wait list of COMM School.
Thank you,

Transfermer said...

Mary Lynn and Tae Kim,
I can’t get into the specifics of the wait list, but the largest list is for the College of Arts and Sciences. This also means it’s where most students will come off the wait list. In addition, 500 will likely not be the total number of students who click to stay on the wait list. This in turn will decrease the number and increase your chances.

Tae Kim said...

Thank you, Transfermer! your quick response and information gave me a hope. I was so depressed after the decision had released, but I am trying to do what I can do now. It's not over, till it's over. I wish you all luck!

eric jee said...

Hi, first i would like to say thank you for your help and kind words. i just have a quick quesiton.
What average of final grades are you expecting to receive from the waitlists? i know you want to see "good grades" but i want to know something more comprehensive.
I am taking 21 credits and let say I got A,A,A,A-,B+,and B, with term gpa 3.7 and overall gpa dropped from 3.9 to 3.8 which i think is still good.
Do you think I can actually expect to hear positive words from you at this point? And do you consciously put some sense of forgiveness into my bad grades because im having a rigorous schedule?

Thank you

Ceegull said...

Hi! I was waitlisted for UVA, and I received the letter to my SIS page. I also clicked the button that says I'd like to remain on the waitlist, but is that thing supposed to go away or remain there? I wasn't sure, and wanted to make sure my button worked so I clicked it twice (haha sorry!).

but thank you for your blog and encouragement!

I applied to the College of Arts and Sciences and saw your earlier comment, so hopefully I may get a spot.

again, thank you!

Transfermer said...

Nice alias. And good question. Nothing changes after you click it once. No confirmation unfortunately.

Rob said...

I've seen a lot of talk about how most that are taken off the wait list are for the College of Arts and Sciences. I've been waitlisted for the E-school, and I'm curious as to what the E-school is looking for in regards to final grades, recommendations, and anything else that might help increase the odds of getting an offer of admission.

Transfermer said...

We’re not looking for anything specific, except that your grades should be consistently strong or stronger than the grades you’ve earned in the past. Recommendations should only be sent if they are adding something new to your profile.

eric jee said...

dear, transfermer

hi, i have a quick question.
To whom am i talking about my ongoing interest in uva?

Ammad Khokar said...


I'm currently on the UVA transfer waiting list. This is my second time being put on the waiting list and third time applying to UVA. Since wait list decisions are released later in the year, will there be dorms available to those admitted off of the wait list?

Tabitha said...

I am waitlisted, and I read in previous posts that UVA's College of Arts and Sciences is the most difficult to get in to. Therefore, I was wondering if I could send in a letter of recommendation. The catch is that this recommendation letter was written in February. Would you still accept it?
I look forward to hearing from you,

Transfermer said...

Eric Jee,
You would just address any correspondence to the transfer committee.

Yes, housing is available for students who come off the wait list.

Arts and Sciences is where we’ll have the most offers from the wait list because it’s a larger school. Yes, you can send an older recommendation as long as you haven’t sent it in the past

UVAHopeful said...


I am on the waitlist. I didn't do very well in two of my spring semester classes. I had a couple deaths in my family. I am however, retaking one of the courses in the summer.

Does this eliminate my chances of being offered admission since I see that you commented that you are looking for students with strong spring grades.

Or would you recommend me to write explaining my situation along with submitting my spring transcript.

Patrick said...


I was wondering how much longer will we have to wait to find if we are accepted off the wait list?

Anonymous said...

Can we expect to find out about waitlist decisions soon?

Transfermer said...

Patrick and anonymous,
We are hoping to make some offers early next week.