Friday, March 29, 2013

Last Reminder for Financial Aid

We really want you to get the aid you deserve.  Finish up those financial aid forms this weekend!


Anonymous said...

I know this isn't directly related to the finacial aid post but I could not quite figure out how to ask a question. I was wondering if being accepted to UVA previously helps or hurts your chances of transfer acceptance?

Robert said...

I'm applying to the Curry School and the College of Arts and Sciences (Teacher Prep Program). How does the notification process work? Does the Curry School send a separate notification or will I be notified along with the College of Arts and Science's decision?

Transfermer said...


It bodes well, but neither helps nor hurts. We'll integrate your work from the past with your current record in order to make our decision.

Great question Robert,
I believe that online, the Curry decision isn't initially apparent, but it should be on the letter that populates on screen. Then if you are offer, a letter will be sent to you via snail mail.

Thankfull said...

Hey Transfermer,

I got an email three times from UVA with reminders to apply for Financial aid three weeks ago.

I got a series of emails from , The Director of Virginia Status about my in-state eligibility and I'm not here with a question or concern but a comment:

Thank you guys. Seriously. Other schools don't go out of their way during transfer season to help me out. I'm a Virginia resident but it could have been a "well you didn't do the forms right so you don't get the privileges of in-state!" but it wasn't that way, and I was given help, and I was given eligibility for in-state services. That level of commitment to helping an anxious and excited student was nice to see.

Regardless of my application decision, Thank You.

John L. said...

I have a quick question. If I get accepted to UVA as a transfer and I want to live on-grounds, can I request a roommate who is an upcoming first year? I have a good friend a year younger than I am and I was just curious.

Thank You

M said...

My question does not actually deal with financial aid but I didn't know where else to ask this. Is there any chance of transfer decisions being released earlier than May 1st ?

Transfermer said...

Thanks for your nice comments. We try our best to help you help us cross all the Ts and dot all of the Is.

John L,
No, first-years do not live with upperclassmen.

It all depends on if we’re ready or not. You might have seen that the first-years heard early. When it came to the end, we were ready to go out early with those decisions. With transfer, we can only promise May 1. Realizing that you all have many choices to make, if decisions come out on that date, it will be at 5pm, giving you time to make other midnight deadlines. Keep coming back here to see if there are any announcements regarding releasing early.

confused said...

I was wondering if there are any updates on the progress of the transfer decision? On my SIS it says that I can view my decision, does that mean it has already been made?

Poor college student said...

Hi transformer,

I was just wondering how would we know if the financial aid office has indeed received all the paperwork needed?

Meanwhile, I was also wondering about the deposit that is required for admitted students. Because I am considered an independent student and have to really plan for money of this sum, and I might not even have it in time. Is there any kind of waiver to help students or assistance available for the deposit amount (eg. pay plan)?

Thank you!