Friday, November 30, 2012

Spring 2013 Transfer Decisions

All transfer decisions will be posted online this evening at 5PM EST.  Remember that you have to consult your SIS account to get your decision. You'll have information about this in your UVA confirmation email. We will post all decisions online, but we will only be mailing letters to admitted students.  A student is either offered or not offered.  There is no wait list process for spring admission.

Do not call the office to ask for your decision.  We do not give out decisions over the phone. To get to your account, go here and click on the "SIS Login."   If you don't remember your account information, seek out the help information on the left-hand side of that same page. 

Good luck! 


Anonymous said...

Dear Transfermer,

Thank you so much for your posts throughout the Transfer Application Process. It has been incredibly helpful. I applied for Spring 2013 Admission and was not accepted. I was wondering what the admissions statistics were for the Spring transfers? Again, I am very appreciative of your time and this blog.

Mamie F Seay said...

Hi, Im a current student at LIberty and was thinking of transferring to UVA. I was wondering if you have to have a major specifically chosen to transfer or could you just apply as undecided? Thank you for all your help!!

meowmix said...

can AP credits be used toward obtaining ones associate degree? NVCC allows it but does doing so nullify the GAA? I am asking this because I have a couple 4's and 5's that UVA CAS accepts(AB Calc,Macro, Gov)

Angela Ouyang said...

As I saw on the website, UVA business school didn't accept students who transfer in spring. ??

Milliscent Morgan said...

Awesome! Keep on posting with this blog really amazing same as the blog of st Lucia transfers.

laura said...

I took extremely difficult science courses this semester that caused my GPA to drop significantly. I'm not a science major at all nor were these courses required. I'm still above a 3.0, and As in everything related to my major. Do you think this will hurt me a lot? Will the midterm grades be able to help me enough come spring, because I definitely have below a 3.5 currently? I shouldn't have done this to myself by choosing these classes, but I wanted to become more well-rounded now that I had the chance considering my degree and transfer requirements were fulfilled. It was a mistake on my part to harm my gpa in the process.

Transfermer said...

Thanks for reading. About 15% of applicants were admitted. I do not have any other stats on the group.

You can apply as an undecided student.

You can use AP credits towards your associates, but only the credit that we approve. If NVCC gives you credit for a 3, we won't give you credit.

The curriculum in the McIntire school is such that they only admit students for the fall semester.

We would have to look at in the context of everything else. Yes, mid-term grades would be helpful in this scenario, but we are looking for good grades across the board, not just your major. It is good to stretch yourself sometimes.

Tonyyyy said...

Hi, I am a freshmen at NVCC and plan to transfer to UVa next fall. Because I am paying out-of-state tuition this year, I cannot afford more than 15 credits each semester. And it seems that only 27 credits will be transfer to UVa because calc1/2 are 5 credits here. Is that gonna hurt me? I have a 4.o this semester and good test score, but not enough credit.

Steven said...

On the Common App supplement, it has two sections for required essays, "First-Year Applicant" and "Transfer Applicant", do we need to complete both sections as a second-year transfer student?

ahnuld said...

do we need to provide our parent's jobs and where they went to college? Also do I need to put how many siblings I have? It doesn't say its required. I will be applying for financial aid so this information can be provided there. So do I need to fill out the family section of the common app besides the required fields?

Transfermer said...

You need at least 24 credits to be eligible to transfer, so it looks like you are safe.

You are a transfer applicant, so you would complete the transfer applicant section.

Yes, please fill out the family section to the best of your ability. We do not see your financial aid application in admission. Try to avoid shortcuts now. Things won’t be any easier after you transfer.

Serena said...

I wanted to ask you a question about the essays. I currently attend a selective, private college in the city, and for the most part - I love it. My sibling was just accepted into their dream Ivy school, and my parents can't afford both and are urging me to apply to UVa, my "original dream" school for the instate tuition. This time around, I'm applying solely for financial reasons.

So for the essays: If I use my supplement 1 page essay to discuss my academic interests, etc -- would it be appropriate to only discuss the financial reasons in the main common app essay (UVa is the only school I am applying to). Or should I not mention it at all and use it to focus more on the academic benefits?

Thank you so much for your help!

Anonymous said...

Hello, I'm applying as a junior transfer student. Is it still mandatory for junior applicants for the McIntire program to submit their SAT scores? Thank you for you time.

Anonymous said...


I'm applying as a sophomore transfer student. Would you recommend I retake the SAT if my score was not above 1900?

Joseph Gibbs said...

Dear Transfermer,

I'm a community college student hoping to apply to UVA under the guaranteed program. Are we allowed to double up our non-western perspective course with one that is also a requirement for humanities? For instance, History of Far Eastern Art I is a non-western perspective as well as a humanities course that would work for the fine arts. Also, I noticed in the FAQ's that both HUM 111 and HUM 112 have to be taken. Is this true for all humanities? Like if I took History of Far Eastern Art I would I also have to take History of Far Eastern Art II?

Thank you.

cpoto said...

As a transfer applicant looking to eventually get into the McIntire school of commerce what school should I apply to at this point and with what major? It gives the McIntire school as an option on the common app but is says that it is for 3rd year students only and I will be a second year student next year. Also are both the ACT and SAT required?

Thanks in advance.

VTgal said...

I am a first year student at a Virginia university. I would like to apply to the College of Arts and Sciences for Fall Semester 2013, but I have some questions:

1.) If I apply to transfer to the College of Arts and Sciences, do I have to complete twenty-four credit hours prior to the March 1, 2013, deadline?

2.) If so, could those twenty-four credit hours include U.Va.-approved course exemption from AP and SAT scores?

3.) I have taken a religion course and a British literature course equivalent to U.Va.'s REL 1010 and ENLT 2511. Will these two courses fulfill the Humanities course requirement for the College of Arts and Sciences?

4.) In addition, does REL 1010 fulfill the Non-Western Perspective transfer course requirement?

5.) I have not yet completely fulfilled the Social Sciences (6 credit hours), Foreign Language (0-14 credit hours), Non-Western Perspective (3), or Historical Studies (3) categories of the transfer course requirements. In consideration of this, which course category would you suggest that I complete during Spring Semester 2013?

transfer student said...

I am applying to Mcintire School for Fall 2013. I have an Associate degree from NVCC but I am currently attending another university. Do I have to submit the transcripts from another university too or just from the community college? Does my grade from the university affects my chances of admission to UVA?

Transfermer said...

Please mention both reasons. You could apply to many great in-state schools for financial reasons. Why UVA?

Yes, McIntire requires the SAT or ACT for applicants who have been out of high school for less than five years. And they prefer to see them from students who have been out for more than five years.

This doesn’t tell me much because one score could be much lower than the others, but if you specifically, had an average of 600+ on each test, there’s no need to retake it.

Joseph Gibbs,
Yes, you can double up, but of course you will only receive three credits. History of Far Eastern Art is a great example. This will not fulfill the historical requirement, but it will fulfill the non-western and half of the humanities requirement. No, this is only true of the courses that have the “HUM” mnemonic. Great question.

You should apply to the College of Arts and Sciences. No, ACT OR SAT, not both.

We’d prefer that you email us if you have detailed inquiries.
Transfer student,
I’m a little concerned that you’re applying essentially with three years under your belt. You can apply to McIntire, but they usually have a preference for students who have only completed two years. Perhaps you earned your associates in December. In any case, please send a transcript from your new school as well.

transfer student said...

Thank you for replying, Transfermer.
Like you said, I earned my Associate in December and I am attending my first semester at the university. Does my chance of acceptance be reduced if I have already completed 2 and a half years? Does Mcintire accepts students who only have completed two or less than two years? Is there no chance for student like me?
Thank you.

Transfermer said...

Transfer student,
They only accept students who have at least two years. You are still eligible to apply with your “five” semesters. Keep in mind that last year, 18% of applicants were admitted, with a mean GPA of 3.83. You will also have to spend two years here.

transfer student said...

Thank you.

HeckYeahHistory said...

Dear transfer admin,

I'm really interested in applying to transfer to UVA. My situation is a little odd in that I was at a four-year pursuing a major that the school had a rigorous and highly regarded program for (I got a 3.5 the but all gen eds were A's.)
I realized I want to change majors completely so I am finishing up my gen eds at a community college to help save money.

Would you offer me any advice on what courses specifically you are looking for and how important other factors like extracurricular activities/SATs/etc. are to the admissions process.

Thank you!