Sunday, October 23, 2011

Transfer Open House

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, we will have an transfer open house on Friday, November 11. We would greatly appreciate if you would register and you can do that here:
Make sure you click "Transfer" and that will give you the option to register for the Nov 11 session that starts in Maury Hall, Room 209.

The program will have three parts:
10:00am -10:45am: Transfer Information Session (tentative student panel planned)
10:45am - Noon: Walking Tour of Grounds
12:15pm - 1:00pm: Individual School Sessions

In the individual school sessions, you'll have the ability to visit the Architecture, Engineering, Education and Commerce schools. A session for the College of Arts and Sciences will take place in Maury Hall as well.

We encourage you to have lunch on grounds and visit classes on Thursday afternoon or Friday morning. Check out the Open Class List for a listing of available courses.

We hope you can join us :)


Anonymous said...

Is the transfer meeting more often students by themselves or with their families?

Anonymous said...

Will srping transfer decision be made before the open house?

Transfermer said...

We see both, but the students themselves are always more vocal. A transfer after all, is in college and usually more independent.

Sorry, nope. Decisions will be released in late November/early December.

Anonymous said...

Will there be any more open houses during the spring semester?

Transfermer said...

We will likely have an open house in the spring. Please stop using the anonymous tag. thank you!

H said...

I'm a Uni. student. If I decide to enroll in a VCCS and transfer my credits, then complete the Associates at the VCCS, could I qualify under the GAA? Is that not allowed even though >45credits occurred outside of high school?

Blake said...

I am planning on applying to the SA&S to pursue a major in Psych. I'll finish my classes needed to graduate with my associates from NVCC this summer, but I will not have completed my language prerequisites. Based on this timeline of graduation and completion of prereqs would you recommend that I apply for Fall 2012 or wait and apply for a later semester?

Thank you!

Sean said...

I'm coming down from Boston for the open house. Can't wait to come see the school

GoHoos! said...

I have a lab on friday morning and can't get to UVA until 1:20...I can come for the 2 PM tour. Will I be able to get information handed out at the transfer open house? If so, where should I go?

Ryan Elci said...

Are there any other days for transfer open houses this year and in 2012 before the fall 2012 deadline?

Transfermer said...

You would have to actually take 45 credits at the VCCS institution and fulfill all other requirements in order to get the GAA.

If foreign language is the only requirement you be lacking go ahead and apply with what you have. It’s just that admissions won’t be guaranteed if you’re looking for the GAA.

Glad to hear it Sean! I hope you’ll do some great exploration on your own in addition to the what we have planned.

Yes, you can come for the general 2pm tour. Please make a reservation online. It will leave from the UVA Rotunda steps.

Ryan Elci,
We’ll probably have another open house in February or March.

My said...

On Friday, I have class until 10 and have to leave at 12. Is it okay to come to visit a bit late and leave early? Thank you!

KS said...

I'm registering for classes and am trying to sign up for courses that will transfer, fulfill the recommended transfer course work, and at the same time fulfill my own Uni's Gen Ed Reqs. It really looks like the only way I can do that is with more basic, 100-200 level courses. Does this make my schedule seem less challenging? I've got a lab, writing intensive and speaking intensive courses, and 17 does it matter that my classes aren't "upper level"?--I'd hope to take the upper level courses in my interest areas and at UVA anyway, which I guess is the point as these are Gen Ed.

LA said...

Would a writing intensive course in any subject (IE Lit, humanities) qualify as an English composition credit? I'm just wondering if that requirement is meant to be satisfied by classes specifically in the subject of writing/composition.

John said...

hi Transfermer

i did poorly on my first CC (about 15 credit hours) because of my bad english.

Now I am studying on VCCS and have improved alot. my GPA is 3.6 (about 30 credit hours). Is my past hurt my chance get into UVA?

LA said...

If, with AP and DE Credits, I stand as a junior at my school next fall, am I eligible to apply for transfer for spring and/or fall 2013?

AAA said...

Would Art History satisfy the Historical Studies requirement or only count a fine art?

Transfermer said...

What’s most important is that there is diversity in your schedule (i.e. you’re not only taking humanities and social sci courses). Ultimately, you want to take the most challenging courses that are transferable.

Yes, it is a specific English composition course for your first writing requirement. If you are admitted to UVA, you can take courses outside of simple composition for your second writing requirement. Your eligibility for transfer is based on your semesters in school. If you’ve only been in school for four semesters, you are still eligible for transfer to Arts and Sciences.

You need to have at least a year of good work in order to show improvement over time. I would also recommend that you take the TOEFL or IELTS.

Good question. This only satisfies the Humanities – Fine Arts requirement.

Jeremy said...

Hi transfermer,
I applied for the spring 2012 transfer for CAS as a sophomore (1st semester). But McIntire’s 2012 fall application for internal students is due in January 2012. If I’m admitted for the spring 2012, does that mean I also have to apply for the McIntire school by the deadline for the internal UVA students? Thanks for your help.

HP said...

Hi Transfermer!

Are the spring 2012 decisions almost ready? any chance we'll find out before Dec. 1st?

Patric said...

It's said that 2012 spring decisions will be mailed on 1st Dec. Can we check it online earlier than that date like on 28th or 29th November? Thanks for your help.

from a hokie to wahoo said...

FOUR more days! Very anxious!!!!

Anonymous said...

Do the International Transfer students - non-native English speaker- need to submit SAT Reasoning test scores ?
Could we submit the TOEFL scores instead ?
Thank you !

Transfermer said...

Great question. Yes, you can submit the TOEFL or the IELTS instead. We look for a 90+(100+ for Commerce) or a 7.0+ for each respective exam.

Blackthread said...


I'm an International student applying for Fall 2012 transfer(Commerce).I've been studying in a Florida CC for the past 2 years.I had a 96 score on TOEFL 2 years ago,but have done very well in the equivalency of 1505/1506 English Comp type of classes (A on both).Will this help offset my below 100 TOEFL scores).

Transfermer said...

These courses do not offset the TOEFL score. For you specifically(everyone is different), if you finished high school in your home country and there is no SAT II given in your native language, you might be exempted from the foreign language requirement.

Blackthread said...

I graduated High School nearly 8 years ago and left my home country shortly after that.Since it doesn't offset,would it be best to take the test again on Jan.21st to get it above 100? I'm taking the SAT a week later.

Transfermer said...

I’m glad you are taking the SAT as well. I’ll leave it up to you about the TOEFL exam.