Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Hello Readers,

Now that the dust has settled a bit, I am going to attempt to answer your general questions from the last five days or so. I encourage you do research on the school’s various websites and these will give you answers to more personal questions. Some questions were answered by fellow bloggers. I think giving this post some type of structure will be most helpful to you.


If you have a question about your decision, you may call our office. Please know that we do not have an appeals process, but if you would like to know more, it might help you understand the process. It’s just that under no circumstances do we change decisions. The bottom line is that you must remember that this is not a reflection of the person that you are. This is a review of your academic and educational profile, not you in a personal sense.

Wait list

Per usual, most of our phone calls come from waitlisted students.

-You want to know what’s next and how to improve your chances of getting in off the wait list. As I said before, you want to click the button to remain on the list. After you click it once, it should work. The reason why it stays there is in the event that turn down the offer of the waitlist.

-Please send us your final semester grades. If they won’t be released until late in this process, send us your quarter grades or mid-semester grades. You may also send us a continued letter/email of interest written by you, and lastly, you may send an additional letter of recommendation.

-We won’t know how many students we’ll be able to take off the wait list until the deposits are in around May 15th. I will announce it here when we move to the wait list.

-The wait list is not ranked.

-You likely will not hear from us before you have to deposit elsewhere. Please make sure you have somewhere to go by putting down that deposit.


The deposit is due by midnight on May 15. Please disable your pop-up blockers. This should help. The moment you deposit, you will be asked to submit your Final Transcript. If you don’t submit this, your courses won’t be evaluated by your school by the time orientation rolls around, or worse yet, you won’t be able to attend courses in the Fall. There is no one rule about the grades we expect to see after the spring semester, but we would hope that your strong grades would continue this semester. If you receive weak grades, please write to us and let us know. It's better for you to take the initiative in this situation.

You should already have your SIS ID number. It will take 48-72 hours for the deposit to go through the system.

Financial Aid Awards

Student Financial Services started posting preliminary awards yesterday. They will continue to work on these as files become complete. Again, please keep checking your to-do list to see if they need additional paperwork. They tend to ask for a lot, but it's all to get an accurate picture of what we can give you and what you owe.


You'll find some general stats in the post below this one.

I believe McIntire was slightly less competitive because we had fewer applications, but the admit rate was still 17%.

We do not have Days on the Lawn or Admitted Students Days for transfers. You are welcome to visit keeping in mind that it is time for final exam and the University will be abuzz with studious studiers.


There are many options for transfer who want to live on-grounds. For more information see the Housing Division’s website here: For those who pay the deposit, you'll soon get an email from the Dean of Students about our specific transfer housing community.

Evaluating Credits

Once you deposit, we'll wait for your final transcript. Transcripts are evaluated by the individual schools. The information will be released in late May, but mostly June. In order to get an idea of what would transfer, please check out the transfer credit analyzer found here.


Orientation has a great website with lots and lots of helpful information.

Course Registration

Course registration doesn't technically occur until summer orientation. The schools need time to evaluation your transcripts. Transfers go through this every year. First-year and transfer orientation happens concurrently. It can be slightly bumpy getting into courses during your first semester of transfer, but if you declare a major at orientation/you're an incoming 3rd year, you'll have pull as far as getting in off of waiting lists goes. If you don't get into it the first time around(I'm looking at you 2nd years), the great thing about UVA, is that it will probably be offered again at another time.


Anonymous said...

Hi! I was wondering when we are able to sign up for classes. I payed my deposit a few days ago and notice that I can search and perhaps even enroll in classes now. I have been noticing that seats in the classes are going fast. Should I just sign up now for a course I know I will need to take when I transfer? I am afraid that soon there will be no seats left. Thank you!

HappyBird said...

When are the final transcripts due? I have one more final tomorrow and graduate on the 14th...

Songbird said...

I have a question about final transcripts. I'm taking one summer class (6-weeks) and want to know: do I send a transcript for the end of this semester and again when I finish my summer class?

Jimbob said...

There is no one rule about the grades we expect to see after the spring semester, but we would hope that...

it got cut off. Is it safe to say I'm fine as long as my GPA stays above a 3.5? I am not a guarenteed admission/cc student..

Anonymous said...!/home.php?sk=group_129036897172978

Hey guys I created this facebook group so UVA transfers could potentially get to know one another, I do not think I am alone in that I know very few people currently at UVA!

arlette said...

I'm also curious about signing up for classes, because aren't regular students already signing up for the upcoming fall semester...? Should we begin signing up before we know which credits transfer..?

Signing up for classes said...

To all asking about signing up for classes,

I could be wrong on some points, but from what I've gleaned from the website (and from what my sister who attends UVA has told me) you don't start to sign up until AFTER everyone else including first years, you sign up at orientation, and then after that you'll have time to adjust your schedule as class availability allows.

Transfermer said...

Good question. Transcripts are due no later than June 30, but I implore you to send it as soon as all your courses are completed and final grades are posted.

Yes, send it twice.

Thanks Jimbob. It’s been a long week. I finished off the sentence :) above.

:( said...

Who would we write to about weak grades? And do we put why we got them? Thank you!

nursing said...

Just wondering, Do you know the stats for the nursing school?

HappyBird said...

Okay, thank you so much, Transfermer.
I appreciate your help!

Surfer15 said...

Here's a facebook group for anyone admitted for fall 2011.

Transfermer said...

You can email the general admissions address –

About 23% of applicants were admitted.

Anonymous said...

Hi I put on my application that I was planning on taking 4 courses this summer. However, If I do that then I will be way over 60 credits. If only 60 credits transfer, then do I still have to take those summer classes?

Anonymous said...

The first link is dead, sorry guys. Here's a new one:

:) said...

Could we make the facebook page a group instead? It's easier to see who's in it, then.

123 said...

There is one for rising third years. Here ya go:!/home.php?sk=group_129036897172978&ap=1

Holly said...

Hello - I have taken Spanish 201 and 202 at my community college, and, I was wondering, does this mean that I do not have to take any more foreign language credits when I start at UVA this fall?
Thanks, Holly

Batman said...

I was recently admitted to Pre-Commerce as a rising sophomore, and I was wondering about the foreign language requirement. It says that the foreign language requirements have to be fulfilled before entering McIntire, but at UVA I'd like to take advantage of the Chinese program rather than continuing my high school language. Is it possible to complete the requirements while in McIntire? Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Would it be possible to get admission stats on individual schools? More specifically, for the School of Engineering:

- number of total applicants
- number wait-listed
- number rejected
- total number of slots available

...and... I know this is a long shot.. but how many slots *usually* open up after the deposit period?

Thanks for your time!

Adam said...


If we're wait-listed and it turns out that end up being accepted, how will we be notified? Should we keep checking the SIS site or will we be e-mailed by the admissions office letting us know? Thanks again for your all of your assistance in the transfer proccess, it's really helped substantially!


concerned said...

Will a drop in grades from a 3.66 to a 3.5 (or a 3.4) cause my admission to be revoked? I heard other colleges may allow the student to transfer and put them on academic probation, and doesn't that stay on your record? ):

Jeff B. said...


i am by no means an expert in admissions or academic probation but i find it nearly impossible to believe that a drop in GPA from 3.66 to a 3.5 will result in academic probation.

Ann said...

One more question about the School of Engineering:

do spots only become available per department? I am hoping to get into Systems Engineering.

Thank You!

concerned said...

Do they look at your gpa from the semester enrollment? Or is it from the cumulative gpa?

Transfermer said...

Anon with 60+ credits,
This depends on your school/major or if you’ve been asked to take these credits. I think you should email the office with your question.

You shouldn’t have to take any more Spanish, but your credit evaluation will tell you this when it comes later this summer.

Batman(nice name),
You have to complete these requirements by the end of your second year. Because they are pre-requisites, you cannot take them while you’re in the Commerce school.

Engineering Anon with no alias,
29% of applicants were admitted to Engineering. There are about 80 students on the wait list. We do not know how many spaces will open up after May 15th because every year is different. We do not take students off the wait list based on their major; only their school.

Good question. We’ll announce it on here when the wait list is closed and your SIS account will reflect a change. If you are offered admission, you’ll probably receive a phone call, but again, we’ll update here when the process begins to happen.

We most certainly look at your semester and cumulative GPAs. If this is your cumulative GPA, there could be a slight problem. Really, the way to determine this is if your spring semester is dramatically different from those that came before it. Finally, it’s almost futile to be specific with this sort of thing on a blog.

Anonymous said...

Will any acceptances be retracted if a certain grade is gotten? I know with VT if anything below a "C" is gotten they retract their offer of admission.

lizzie said...

i got a 3.66 gpa for fall 2011 and spring was a 3.411. my cumulative gpa is 3.5355. Is that bad? but in the fall i took 15 credits and but in the spring 17 credits. I took 2 classes that were four credit each. I hope that doesn't look bad. It just that the credits were higher.

Anonymous said...

I would like to inquire about the admission stats for the Architecture department; specifically, how many applicants are on the waitlist?

Curry Ap said...

Could you provide the specific statistics on admission to the Curry School, including the wait list and number of spaces? Thank you!!!

Faith said...


what are the stats for admissions into the Arts & Sciences school?! and about how many are on the waitlist?!

Sarah said...

Someone should make a group for all fall 2011 transfers rather than just class of 2013. That way we can meet some people.

Brittany said...

Sarah - There is a facebook page for all Fall 2011 transfers, but not a group. The page is easier for a lot of people since it's visible on everyone's info page (near Activities and Interests) and does not have the "group chat" feature, which can get a little annoying for some people. You can search University of Virginia Fall 2011 Transfers to find it.

nd2949 said...

Hi Transfermer,
I just checked the classes I'm supposed to take in the Fall.
Almost all of COMM classes are closed now.
How am I supposed to take a class if they are closed now?
Or do I have to take a semester off and wait for the next?

Anonymous said...

when is the housing application due by?
and where are the best places as far as location to classes for 2nd years?

Abby said...

Good morning! Where should we send our final transcripts?


Anonymous said...

berHi, How many students had enrolled as transfer student, so how many seats are available for waitlisted students ? what is situation for second year SEAS transfer students,i.e. what number of seats are available?

P. said...

Hello transfermer,
Do you have any news about the waiting list???
Any ideas how many spots will be open for engineer?
Thank you

UVA Hopeful said...

Transfermer, Where art thou?

ToBeAccepted said...

I am longing for news here Transfermer !

OptimusPrime said...

Please throw some light on wait-listed students transfermer. It's too dark here.