Monday, November 29, 2010

Spring 2011 Transfer Decisions

All transfer decisions will be posted online tomorrow, November 30 at 5PM EST. Letters will only be mailed (December 1) to students who are offered admission. This is a new move for us and the first time we've done it this way. There is no wait-list process for spring admission. An applicant is either offered or not offered. DO NOT CALL THE OFFICE to ask for your decision on November 30. We will be putting on the finishing touches all day long.

You can check your decisions online from this access point. Entering your UVA Computing ID and Password will get you into your self-service account.

If you've lost the email with this information, contact our help desk at We, in the office of admission cannot help you with this issue. You can also call them at (434) 924-HELP. They're available 24 hrs/day.

Good luck everyone!


NervousApplicant said...


I was wondering how many applications were received and how many were accepted, and Possibly the percentage accepted in-state and accepted out-of-state? If that information is available. Thank you.

Ramatu said...

oh my God, i pray God will grant this one wish of mine to attend UVA. good luck to every one who applied and want it as bad as i do.

Matt said...

When factoring in credits, do you count the credits twice if you repeat the class. I know you factor in "attempted hours", but that doesn't seem right you would factor in 1 class twice. Or is that right?
I hope you respond; I've been loosing sleep over this question!

beehappy said...

I second Ramatu. It's been a long wait, I hope the best for everyone. And as for losing sleep I have been up all night over this. Rawr. Tomorrow will be a relief just to know, either way, even if it's bad news. Good luck to everyone :)

Rachel said...

im applyng for fall 2011...i was wondering i used common app...and we don't need midterm report, college official report, and secondary school report? it was located on fyi in the blog. I was just making to make sure. So all we need from common app is the instructor evaluation. How many can you have? Are we only allowed one instructor evaluation? or can we have 2? does your SAT matter or your college GPA? cuz i have a low SAT score and i was rejected last year

Sarah said...

It's 5:03 PM, why I can't see the decision on the website?

Amanda B said...

Didnt get in again. Guess I will have to settle for g. admission from my cc in the Fall. So UVa, here i come!

Sarah said...

well,, i guess I'm the only one who can't see the decision on SIS, I guess i have to try again tomorrow. sigh.

Wishing Luck said...

Sarah: On SIS can you see your account summary? (See sample below.) If you have a deposit due you probably were accepted. Best of luck.

Account Summary

Past Due
Current Due
Future Due
Deposit Due

Currency used is US Dollar.

Sarah said...

Yes I can see the account summary! Thank you! <3

sogansta said...

didn't get into UVA, but got accepted to an ivy. hmmm... columbia here i come.

Nomadic said...


I would like to know how many of the admitted transfer students for spring 2011, were VCCS applicants? In addition, what were the total amount of admission vacancies?

Please respond, as numerous individuals worked extremely hard in hopes of continuing their academic endeavors at UVA.


Carter said...

Under guaranteed admissions there's a clause that states "a student must receive a C or better in every class..."
What if we goof a class and get a grade below a C. If we are to repeat it is that acceptable. Does transfermer or anyone know?

JWP said...


To my knowledge, you can repeat a course. However, the grade earned the first time (suppose you got a D) would still be factored in to the cumulative GPA (3.4) that you need to have to meet the requirements for Guaranteed Transfer. I remember reading this somewhere, so I am pretty sure this is accurate. I would still definitely ask someone in admissions though.

Best of Luck

Transfermer said...

The sidebar on the blog is up-to-date. We only recommend recommendations, so I can’t give you a number. Standardized testing does play a factor in admissions, but your course selection and grades often matter more than the ACT or SAT.

Good luck Amanda,
Make sure you read the GAA closely to see that you’ve fulfilled all of the requirements by the end of spring.

Carter and JWP,
The GAA is unfortunately very strict. If you get a grade below a C, you are no longer eligible. If you repeat it, that will improve your GPA for regular admission, but it won’t be guaranteed.

Anonymous said...

When do you find out the decision for transfer into Fall 2011?

YunWoo Hong said...

I was about to email to uva admission but here is all the information that I wanted to know~ Good to have this blog... wish me a good luck and I wish everyone a good luck~!