Thursday, May 6, 2010

Revisiting the Offer


It has been a crazy couple of days in the office. I promise to get to all of your comments by tomorrow. Here are some topics that seemed to come up a lot in the commentary. Hopefully, most of you have received letters and that should clear up a lot of questions.

Paying your Deposit and Matriculating

You have until May 15th to deposit. Pop-ups have been an issue with payment. Please disable these and you should be set. Once you do this, it takes about 72 hours(and sometimes less) to be fully matriculated. This will allow you to seek out registration for Orientation and Housing.

Financial Aid

There was another cluster of financial aid awards posted yesterday. If you have questions about your package and materials (it does take a few days for Student Financial Services to review the info) you can call them at (434) 982-6000.

Transfer Guide

The College of Arts and Sciences puts out a great guide for new transfers. You can find it here.

Orientation We do have orientation for transfer students. Most of you will come on July 22 or 23, but Commerce has an extended program that is required if you want to start in the Fall. Those dates are August 18-20.All questions regarding commerce orientation should be directed towards their office. All Orientation questions can be directed towards general Orientation.

Credit Evaluation

Your school will begin to evaluate credit after you turn in your final grades. That means you need to send them as soon as they become available. This will help you with registering for classes at orientation. As you can imagine this is a long process that probably won’t be completed until the end of June.

Want to take summer classes?

As one of your fellow bloggers found, anyone is welcome to sign up for summer classes. There is a specific office devoted to summer coursework. For more info, go to


I'm not sure of the timing for mailing or releasing housing information, but their website is

There is a new residential college created especially for transfer students. Check it out at


Anonymous said...

Do we have to submit an application for the summer session, because when I went through the enrollment requests, I couldn't change the enrollment term option to Summer 2010. It only says Fall 2010. I only got the class I want to take into my planner.

Transfermer said...

I think there is some online paperwork you might have to do. You'll have to talk to their office.

Rachel said...

How do we find out if there are still spaces left in housing areas for next semester? Also, if we have a preference, is there any way of making that happen if there is space?

Anonymous said...

I also wanted to ask, what if we want to take the third summer session (July 12), but my orientation date is July 22nd. So it looks like those two schedules clash.

sara said...

When are we supposed to sign up for classes for Fall 2010? I know that all my friends who are returning upper classmen at uva have already done this, but I haven't been assigned an advisor yet.. when should I be assigned an advisor, and should I try to just figure out what classes I need to take and enroll in them as soon as possible?

m0k0na said...


I am going to be abroad in July, so I won't be able to attend the July orientation. Can I attend the general August orientation(s) instead? (I will be back to attend the McIntire orientation on August 18th.)

Gale said...


I filled out my housing application but it said I was a "first year student" but I will be entering the university as a second year student. Should I be worried about this or is this just because credits have not been transferred yet?

Aki said...

Will we get a tentative credit evaluation after we paid the deposit/ before we turn in our final grades?

Anonymous said...

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jackie said...

I paid my deposit about a week ago and i am still not being alowwed to sign up for housing. Should I be worried?

requirements said...

Hi transfermer,

Thanks for this blog- its been a great resource throughout the application process!

If we take courses at our home college over the summer before transferring to UVA in the fall, can we receive credit for those courses? I think it might be a good idea for me to get the language requirement out of the way.


Out of stater said...

When does financial aid kick in if we move early? If I move now, my job is gone and I'm nearly broke already ha.

Out of Stater said...

Also, for most students who have a direct transfer agreement AA but are out of state, do they typically get junior or near junior status? The transfer guide page for my college hardly has any classes listed. I won't be going if I get credit for 5 quarter credits instead of the 90 I took/earned.