Friday, March 12, 2010

Materials are making their way to your files

You all have been very patient in understanding that materials don't go into your file automatically. We have many diligent employees working to open mail, scan documents, put a name to the document on the system and then link them to your file. You see, everything is electronic. We read your applications on computer screens, like you see in Dean J's post here: So, we have to take the time to make sure everything is complete in it's electronic format before it's "ready to read." That being said, if you ordered your transcript towards the end of February, beginning of March, it came in with hundreds of other documents for your fellow applicants. The good news is (and I spoke to a supervisor in this department yesterday) that the team is almost all caught up on everything that's come into our office. If you know that it's been more than a month since you sent something, you may email our office and we can look into it for you. Please note that such a request will take us 24-72 hours to get back to you. The best email address to use is If you got married or divorced at any time in your education career, please alert us to this. Usually, we can pick up on this, but if you it seems to be taking too long for documents to get to your file, that might be the issue.


Cavalier girl said...

If I am fortunate enough to be accepted, I would like to take a class this summer. Summer registration is in the middle of April, and acceptance letters don't go out until May 1. Any suggestions?

Transfermer said...

Cavalier girl,

I believe that almost anyone can sign up for summer classes whether or not you are a student. Visiting students can begin to register on April 21. I also believe you can sign up any time between then and the start of the class.

Miriam said...

As I understand it, my university lists the AP scores on transcripts, along with the corresponding credits that have been awarded. So, I was wondering, if I am admitted to UVA, do I need to have College Board send my AP scores there to receive credits or are the scores listed on my transcript sufficient?


Morgan said...


I was in the same situation as you last year. For me it was not until close to the decision date that the To-Do List reflected my SAT scores and high school transcript. I do not think there is anything to worry about, If something is missing they will probably contact you.


Anonymous said...

I am applying to UVA as a transfer student. If I do get accepted into UVA for the fall semester, can I still take Summer classes in my current school? Would the class I take in my current school transfer over to UVA if it meets the transfer criteria?
Since classes do not start until August, I thought I could porbably take a class in my current school from May to June.

Joe said...

You said that if has been over a month, then we can email asking if our documents have been received.
I just sent and email, because it has been over a month, and was told

We do not have the office staff available to individually check for information. We will contact you only if your application file is incomplete. There is nothing you need to do or worry about at this time.

So I'm guessing we cant send emails yet?
Also, how would they know if an application is incomplete? If they see that someone didn't send new transcripts but the person did not take classes last semester so they did not need to send "new transcripts". Would they still ask for them?

I'm just worried that my transcripts were not received, but my application was deemed complete since my older transcripts are on file.

Jay said...

Joe, I sent an email as well and I got a totally different answer. They sent me a reply within 2 hours that said my college transcripts were taken off my To Do List on SIS. Very helpful in my case...wonder what to make of your answer.

Transfermer said...

If you are admitted, we’ll need the official scores from College Board.

This is moderately normal. We are probably seeing your scores, but they’re not checked off your to-do list. You can email again, and I’ll have to take the blame :)

Anon Summer Class,
You may take summer classes at your school and there is a possibility of the credit transferring. We also recommend that students take a class or two here. This is helpful preparation when it comes time to start classes in the Fall.

It sounds like you are a rollover. If we don’t have the new grades, we’ll contact you.

Brittany said...

Is there a chance that since freshman decisions are being released a week earlier that transfer decisions will as well?

Anonymous said...

How do I know that my class can be transferred? or who can I contact to see if my class or what class would transfer?

Transfermer said...

Sorry, but this is a completely different process. We can only promise May 1.

Anon with transfer of credit,
We do not officially evaluate credit until you are admitted. To get an idea, see the Transfer Credit Analyzer here:

Anonymous said...

Does the number of first year students that accept the offer of admission influence how many transfers are offered admission? It must play some role in the process or the transfer date wouldn’t coincide with the same time in which most schools require a decision from first year students…

Anonymous said...

When my college first submitted my transcripts to UVA, it incorrectly listed an "F", which has since been corrected and changed to a "W". My school just resent my transcripts last week with the correction. I am nervous that my admission decision is going to be based on the wrong transcripts. I was wondering if there is a way to be certain about which ones are being looked at. I just want to be sure that UVA is looking at the correct and most recent transcripts. I emailed undergraduate admissions and informed them of this but is that enough or should I be doing something more?

Transfermer said...

Anons on this page, please make up an alias! :)
Transfers are admitted every year and we have spots specifically designated for them every year. Transfer selection is not dependent upon the number of first-years that accept our offer. The date is May 1 because we couldn’t possibly handle both processes at the same time. One or the other would not get the attention it deserves, and talk about being unfair. I’m pretty sure this timing is close to consistent all over the country.

Anon with W, Writing to admissions as soon as possible is the best thing you can do.