Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Breaking News! Transfer Session Rescheduled!

The transfer session will now occur on Wednesday, February 17, at 1pm in the Newcomb Hall Theater. The tour will take off from the same location at 2pm.
For parking information, www.virginia.edu/undergradadmission/directions.html
Please arrive early to look for parking. We are expecting higher than normal crowds due to many high schools having their winter breaks.


Jay said...


Does UVA look down on people who transfer twice? Should I specifically address this in detail? It envolves a long, convoluted story and I don't want the admissions staff to think I am making excuses or showing that I am indecisive.

Riley said...


I will not be able to be present for the Transfer Session but had a few questions. I am a freshman at a VCCS school and am new to this blog. I wanted to ask about the Guaranteed Admission Agreement. First, I received a score of "4" on my AP Psychology exam. My VCCS school grants six credits, or the first two Intro to Psych courses for that score. However, UVA allows only three credits or the first course for that score for incoming freshmen. Since I will not be coming in as a freshman, will UVA allow for the six credits since my VCCS school has authorized them or do I need to take another social science class to meet the requirements of the GAA? And if I do have to take another course for social science, the GAA says any two courses from either anthropology, economics, psychology, etc. Does that mean that I can use the one psychology credit and then take one economics class or since I have credit for one psychology course, does the second also have to be in psychology?

Also, I took one semester at another university before starting at the VCCS. If the VCCS awards a humanities credit for one of the humanities I took but UVA would not have awarded that credit if I had trasferred directly to UVA, will I have to replace that humanities with another one to meet the requirements of the GAA? Basically, it is a Slavic literature, arts and culture class. The VCCS has awarded a humanities credit for it, but when I checked UVA's transfer credits for students coming from my previous university, that course was not listed in the courses that get transfer credit.

One last thing. I received a "5" on the IB English HL exam which both the VCCS school and UVA give credit for the first literature requirement. Since the GAA specifically discusses needing to get at least a "B" in ENG 111 and 112, can I use the IB exam credit for ENG 111 or do I have to take it at the VCCS school and get a "B" or better?

Thank you for any help.


Transfermer said...


It happens sometimes. We don't look down on it per se. It all depends on when, why, what work you have to show us from those institutions.


I can't answer long queries here. Please email the office or call and ask to speak to the Dean of the Day.