Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Reminder: Transfer Chat is Today!

Today's chat from 4-6pm EST will help answer your questions about the admissions process and student life at UVA.

Please join us at http://www.virginia.edu/undergradadmission/chat.html , enter a User Name and simply connect. Admission counselors will be in the "Lobby" and current UVA students who were transfers will be in the "Transfer Lounge."


EMTxmom said...

Do we need to submit the mid term report? I asked someone at admissions and they said no if we were applying for spring transfer, is this correct?

Anonymous said...

i dont have an advisor because i will not sign up for classes until next week, what do i put for the part about an advisor?!?! I have everything else done!

Transfermer said...


No, the mid term report is not required for transfers, spring or fall.


That should solve your problem.

Anonymous said...

on the actual application there is a section that you need to have your advisors name and phone number and email, i dont have one yet, so what do i put?

Transfermer said...

Can you not leave it blank? If not, use the name of one of the counselors in the office.

John said...

Where can i find out if my credits will transfer? Additionally, is there an email list I can get on--because I will be applying for transfer for Fall of 2010

Transfermer said...


To put yourself on the mailing list, please start here
http://www.virginia.edu/undergradadmission/ and scroll down to select "Request Information."

To find out if your credits will transfer, you should check out our Transfer Credit Analyzer. http://es-sazwebdmz.eservices.virginia.edu/asequivs

Anonymous said...

I took the ACT as a senior in high school in October of 2008. I'm now in college and want to apply to UVA as a transfer for the fall. Would I be able to take the ACT again as a college student? And would this score be used for my application, or are only scores from tests taken during high school considered? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Also, is the writing section from the ACT/SAT required? I can't find it anywhere.

john said...


If our classes are not listed in the Transfer Credit Analyzer, is there still a possibility that we could receive credit for them?

Transfermer said...

You are not required to take it again. We would much rather you concentrate on your coursework. Testing, while still reviewed is less important than high school and college work. The writing section is required if you want to take it again.

It might be that there hasn’t been a student from your school to transfer to UVA using those courses. Generally, general accredited courses will transfer. Calculus is calculus and American History 101 is history 101, etc. If I can give you all one great piece of advice, it is to hold onto your syllabi. That way, if there is any discrepancy between what you think would transfer and what doesn’t you can use it to help your case. The registrar will examine the course content in order to make a decision.

Jon said...

If the mid-term report is not required and my school's final examinations end on the 5th of December, will my application decision still be sent out on the 1st?