Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Request for Financial Aid Materials

There is no correlation between financial aid requests and your admissions decisions. Student Financial Services is trying to get a head-start on their applicants because there is such a quick turnaround.

**Note: Financial Aid Award Letters no longer come in the mail. They will be released through the Student Information System**


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the clarification

Anonymous said...

I hope decisions get posted this Friday. Or sometime by then...waiting for three months sucks.

MG said...

If accepted, I will be staring classes during the summer semester. The summer financial aid form states that I need be enrolled in classes before completing the form. I have e-mailed the financial aid office several times about this but have not heard back.

I really need financial assistance for the summer semester.

Could you please clarify what course of action I should take?

Thank you.
for the summer semetser.

Could you please clarify what cours of action I should take?

Thank you.

Unknown said...

I have the same question as MG if you don't mind.

Thank you

MNM said...

I am a rising freshman at college in fall 2009, and planning to transfer to UVA.

In order to transfer, I should retake the SAT. Is the previous SAT matter?? and what month is the best month to take the SAT??

(**because I have to send my transcript and all the stuff that college requires, but I don't know when the SAT score is due, so I am looking for the best month I should take SAT.)

Do I also turn the high school transcript too?? I hope not.

How can I send the college transcript?? Actually, if I go to college next year, it will be my first year. How can I send the college transcript??

Thank you.