Monday, December 1, 2008

Blog Etiquette

Hey folks,

This is a just reminder that the blog is not a forum for negative or offensive comments. If comments get out of hand, I'll be forced to run a moderated blog; one in which I will approve or delete comments that offend readers. I don't really want to do that, but if it comes to that, I will.

I've said this many, many times, but I'd also appreciate it if you would make up names and not simply post as "Anonymous." As you can see, it became very confusing in the last post.

This is a blog solely for information on the transfer admissions process to UVA. Please keep this in mind as you read and digest the posted information.

Thanks a ton!


Anonymous said...

Does being enrolled in ROTC affect transfer admissions?

uvahope said...

At least for undergraduate it does not. I was offered a full-ride scholarship (tuition, books, and fees) to UVA for ROTC and I was waitlisted for undergraduate first-year admission. I would assume they don't look at the ROTC factor for transfers as well, but I'm not positive.

Transfermer said...

Being offered a spot in ROTC at UVA doesn't necessarily mean you'll be admitted, if I understand your question.

If I'm totally misunderstanding you and you're wondering if it's a credible extracurricular, it certainly an "EC" we'll consider.

MIprospect said...


I was wondering if there is a maximum limit that UVA can accept for transfer students transferring into UVA for second-year. Also typically how many students apply for second-year admission, what is the average GPA, and how many accepted. Thank you very much!

UVADreamer said...

How soon will those accepted receive their login information so we can begin the multiple tasks of preparing for January?

Transfermer said...


Truly, the number is 50/50. That is, of the applicants that apply, 50% are currently freshmen and 50% are currently sophomores.

No, there is no quota for any one group, but on the whole, we'll offer to about 500-600 students in the spring. The average GPA of an admitted student is 3.6.


It will take 2-3 weeks to process the deposits and then an email and login will be generated for you.

UVADreamer said...

Okay, because in order to apply for university housing, we are supposed to have a login, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hello, i haven't received my letter yet. I'm assuming something went wrong with the mail. Do i have to find out over the phone?

Transfermer said...

You should call the office from 9-5 tomorrow.

calidreaminforuva said...

Does sending in the application earlier than the due date 3/1 have any benefits towards the admissions process?

Elena said...

I just had another question about recommendations. (Sorry I know you get about 10 of these a day.) You said before that recommendations are there to provide another view of the applicant- would a recommendation from a Coach of 4 years be not as valid as one from a teacher or professor, just for the sake that they don't see the academic side of the applicant as much?

Anonymous said...

If I applied for Spring and was not admitted, but plan to reapply under the guaranteed admissions agreement how do I change this on my application?

Transfermer said...


This is a good question. It doesn't have an affect on your chances. But I would highly suggest doing it before that time for organization's sake. That is, you can rest comfortably knowing your transcripts are here and your application is ready to read.


You can send in this rec, but primarily a professor/teacher rec will provide more insight on how you might perform here.


You should email and request to be "rolled over." You won't need to alter this question on your application. We'll take care of that part.

55555 said...

I am graduating from community college... would I have better chance of being accepted by taking couple more classes required for guaranteed admission program, or taking sat and sat II? what if I already enrolled in community college for over 2 years? shouldn't guranteed admission courses be taken in 2 years?

one more question, what if I was accepted by another 4 year school, and attend there for half semester, and reapply to for fall, am i still eligible?

55555 said...

by half semester, I meant spring semester, sorry about that.

UVA Hopeful said...

Hi Transfermer,

Can we use the Common App's format for Instructor Evaluations? Or is there some other format you would prefer.

Also, I was reading on the transfer student page that Fall 2009 transfer students are required to submit class descriptions of all classes they have taken up to that point. Could you expound on that a little more?


TeapotMonarch said...
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Trying to Plan Ahead said...


I am one of the students who were not offered admission for the spring. I was offered admission to another university, but if i were attend there in the spring (I would be classified as a junior)would I be ineligble to roll my application over at U.VA? Thanks.

-Trying to Plan Ahead

TeapotMonarch said...

I know UVA doesn't do interviews, but are there any people that we can go in and talk to about transferring?

Transfermer said...


The rule states that you must apply to the University within two years of receiving your associates. So, that means you can take courses after you’ve graduated, but you’ll need to apply within two years. You must take the SAT for the agreement, and if you follow the rules, it will be guaranteed, so there’s no question that you would have a better chance going that route. To answer your second question, if you’ve only been at the community college for two years and you only spend one semester at the 4 yr, you are still eligible.

UVA Hopeful,

I’ve addressed this in the past. Yes, you can use instructor evaluations. I think I will write a post to address your second question.

Planning Ahead,

If you’ll be entering your sixth semester of education in your new school, unfortunately, you will not be eligible.


Sorry you had to ask again. There is a Dean of the Day available from 9-5 each day. You may come in and speak to this person. Please check our website for the days we’ll be open over the holidays.

TeapotMonarch said...

Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean for it to be asked again, I just realized that I had left out a word and wanted to correct it.

Thanks for the answer!

555555 said...

transfermer, what if i spent 2 and 1/2 years at community college (fall 06 - fall08) and attend 4 year university this spring? am I still eligible to apply for fall 09? I am little confused since you said only 2 years at community college

555555 said...

transfermer, what if i spent 2 and 1/2 years at community college (fall 06 - fall08) and attend 4 year university this spring? am I still eligible to apply for fall 09? I am little confused since you said only 2 years at community college.

Also, what if I don't go for agreement program? Should I retake SAT I to have higer chance of acceptance? I've been out of high school for almost 3 years and will receive assosiate in 1 week. I will be taking SAT II for language replacement for sure though..

UVA4me said...

I'm currently a freshman at a 4 year university and am applying for transfer for fall '09. Do we have to resend all of our standardized test scores if we sent them when we applied in high school?

UVA 1 said...

I have been offered admission for the spring and sent in the deposit but haven't received anything further. I am a little concerned about not being able to register for housing and not knowing about the cost of tuition or the possibility of financial aid. Will I be receiving any information anytime soon?

hopeful said...


is there any differential in applicants between a two year college student and a four year college student?

UVA 2 said...

UVA 1,

My packet arrived today.

wahooohope said...

when you say that you look at high school grades and first semester grades (for transfers for second year) 50/50 is the high school classes that were taken in junior and senior year weigh more (because a majority of AP classes are taken in those two years). Also do you recommend to elaborate on a college GPA combined with high school AP GPA because AP classes are like college courses or does the admissions board consider that already. Lastly, once we have submitted everything early you have stated that we could check to make sure everything is in on time, do we do that by calling undergraduate admission or well we receive an e-mail? Thanks.

vaapplicant said...


If we go to an in-state university in Virginia do we need to submit any of the required school forms? The College Official's Report or Secondary School Form if we have already applied to UVA for first year?


tn08 said...

Question One on the common app transfer questions is a bit confusing. If we are applying to The College of Arts and Sciences and know what we want to major in, do we still write about how our courses have prepared us for our desired possible career?

Question Two is also confusing if we have never taken time off college then should we not reply to this essay?

Transfermer said...

Sorry for the delay readers. It's been busy while we wrap up the year.

This is too specific for the blog. I would recommend calling the office to speak to a dean of the day.


Nope. We hold onto this information for two years.


I'm not sure what you're asking. There is a high priority for VA community college students, but the class is still about 40% community college and 60% 4 year. So, we are still and will always get strong 4 year students who are very competitive for admission.


We do not combine HS and College GPAs. Taking honors 9th and 10th is just as important as taking tougher classes in 11th and 12th. You'll be able to see if your transcripts have arrived by looking at your self-services account.

Please peruse previous posts.

1) yes
2) if it doesn't apply to you, don't answer it.

UVA4me said...

You said you guys hold onto standardized test scores for 2 years if we have previously applied. Does that apply to secondary school reports/transcripts as well? aka do I not have to resend that if I applied last year?

NOVAlove said...

I am a 2nd year at a large southern state public university and I am applying for admission for fall 2009. I am very unhappy at the school I am in now and I am considering going to the community college where I live for the spring semester(NVCC). However, my mom thinks that this may hinder my chances of getting in for the fall, is this true? What are the pro's and con's. I have to make my decision by Sunday the 4th!!

ktfr said...

This is maybe a silly question--

In regard for the recommendation letters for transfer students, are letters from high school teachers and/or college professors accepted?

Whitney said...

I'm filling out my application as a transfer now and I was just wondering if I needed any type of "Letter of good standing" from the Dean of Students at my college now? Some colleges ask for that from transfers.

TeapotMonarch said...

Hi, I was wondering if we could get recommendations from our adviser since they know us on a good personal and academic level?

Jay said...

How many semesters after transferring are given to a student to complete their program’s requirements? If I will have over 60 credits but do not receive an Associate’s degree at my community college am I still obligated to transfer as a third year student? If I have more detailed questions pertaining to the matters above along with other questions who would be the best person to contact?

Number 10 said...

I have two questions: I see that you retain test scores for 2 years, do you retain all other application records such as letters of recommendation? Also, in the common application, I just want to confirm that the 250 word essay about why I want to transfer to UVA counts as the "Personal Essay" v. two separate essays. Thanks!

iloveuva said...

Does UVa need standardized test scores or anything from high school? What exactly needs to be sent to them? I'm applying as a third year transfer if that makes any difference. Thanks.

Virginia12 said...

If we decide to send in a letter of recommendation with our application, what is the formal way to do so?

Transfermer said...

The same goes for high school transcripts.

In regards to the optional recommendations, primarily they should come from a professor, but if you keep in touch with a high school teacher, they could send a supplementary recommendation. Remember everyone, recommendations are not required, but are recommended.

You do not need a letter of good standing.

Yes, recommendations can come from an advisor.

Yes, you will only have two years here. You should call the office to speak to the Dean of the Day.

Number 10,
We hold onto everything for two years. Yes, these are two separate essays. We understand that they can be a bit repetitive. Do your best.

Please read the transfer website.

Recommendation can be faxed to (434) 924-7674. They can be emailed to Or, they can be mailed to the address on the website.

MMC said...

If I want to apply to McIntire is there a way to also indicate on the application that I would like to be considered for the College of Arts and Sciences if rejected from McIntire? If so, how would I go about doing this? I have heard conflicting views on this situation. Also if there is a way to do this, will it hurt my chances getting into the College of Arts and Sciences? Thank you for your help.

uvalab said...


Is there any way you can elaborate on exactly what needs to be done for the course descriptions for each class required for transfer students? Can we just use descriptions from the syllabus from each professor's class?

Transfermer said...

MMC, you can put this anywhere in your application. It will not hurt your chances for the College of Arts and Sciences. You'll just be put into the normal pool.

Great question uvalab. I am trying to get a visual for you and will post on this tomorrow. It's probably best to consult your school's catolag for descriptions.

Anonymous said...


I am an out of state student from New Jersey currently attending Virginia Tech. I hope to transfer to UVA as a second year. Would transfering from another in state 4 year university help admissions at all? Thanks

Whitney said...

I was just wondering if you look at spring semester grades before you make the admission decision? Should I send my spring semester transcripts?

Lauren said...

What "course descriptions" required for transfers are you referring to Uvalab? Did I miss something on the app. or supplement?

Transfermer said...

Anon, unfortunately, the fact that you attend school in the state doesn't have an affect on your admission.

Whitney, the notification date is May 1. So, we don't look at spring grades. You must send them if you are admitted, and you're advised to send them if you're waitlisted.