Monday, November 24, 2008

Submission of Recommendations

You'll find that I posted about this on September 8th, but I have an update for you. Obviously, this does not really concern Spring applicants.

First, we want to make sure that you know that recommendations or "instructor evaluations" as they are called on the Common App, are RECOMMENDED and not required. Therefore, we do not recommend a number. Historically, transfer applicants send in 0-2 recommendations. You will not be penalized if you send 0. You will not be penalized if you send 3. However, please bear in mind that we are reading hundreds of applications and will not read every recommendation if you decide to send us an exorbitant amount with your application.

These recommendations may be
1) mailed to the address on our website.
They may be 2) faxed to (434)924-7674.
And 3) NEW, as of November 21, they may be 3) emailed through traditional email to Your name must be in the subject line and we'd like your Date of Birth in the body of the email. I'll reiterate these pointers in a month or two as this information tends to get buried.

Just as a reminder, as a transfer applicant to UVA, we do not need the Secondary School Report, nor do we need the College Officials Report.


UVADreamer said...

Good news, good news, it is nice to see that there is progression towards the next year's fall applicants. Is the release of the Spring 2009 letters still on par to be released next week?

Anonymous said...

Transfermer, I am one of spring transfer applicant, and I, myself, mailed dean's report, and instructor evaluation report along recommendation letter from both of them in one huge envelope, but both dean's and evaluation report were in small sealed envelope inside huge envelope. But would they not be considered since I mailed them myself? not from dean and instructor?

wahoohopeful said...


What method of recommendation do you prefer we use? In addition the recommendation should come from a professor and not a high school teacher or counselor correct? And if it can come from either would the committee rather see it from a professor that has seen our work ethic etc.?

Thank you.

Ben B. said...


Because of time restraints, I hand delivered a recommendation letter to the information desk inside Peabody hall last week. Is that acceptable for local applicants?
I know this delivery method should not be made a habit but will the letter still be considered?

Ben B.

Transfermer said...


This is fine, but again these forms are not required.


We prefer the fax method, but found that with thousands of people faxing, it gets very tied up. That's why the other options are available. You are in college now, so we would like recommendations from professors.

Ben B,

Bringing it by the office is essentially the same as mailing it.
But, we can't promise that a rec submitted last week will make it to your file in time.

Anonymous said...

Transfermer, I am one of the spring applicants. As I know of, the letters of acceptance will be released next week. However, I will be out of town. Can I call the admission officer to ask if I am accepted?

Ben B. said...


I know that the letter was late. A miscommunication on my part and I take full responsibility. Since the acceptance rate is so low for Spring, at least the letter will make it into my file for fall when the acceptance rate is higher.

I also wanted to mention how great the new website is, very easy to navigate with plenty of necessary info.

Ben B.

A.A. said...

I didn't know that transfer students needed letters of recommendations from professors...How many is normal to send?

Transfermer said...

Read: transfers do not necessarily need recommendations, but they are recommended. I was simply giving some rules about submitting them should decide to send them. If we see them in a file, there are typically one or two included.

Lana said...

I'm just a little confused as to why we do not need the Secondary School Report, or the College Officials Report. I'm just hoping for a little clarification because these two documents are under the supplements needed for transfer students on the commonapp page.