Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Arts Supplements

Students with exceptional talent in art, dance, drama or music, and who plan to major, minor or significantly engage in the arts are encouraged to submit a Common Application Arts Supplement.

The catch is that we are not participating in the common app arts submission process. For detailed instructions, please go here: http://www.virginia.edu/undergradadmission/arts.html

If you submit through the common app, we will not recieve the supplement.

The deadline for submission for spring transfer is November 1. The deadline for fall transfer is March 1, 2009.


Ben B. said...

Good evening Transfermer,

Is there any flexibility in the due date of recommendation letters beyond that of the application itself and to which address/office should the letters be sent?

Ben B.

Lindsey said...

Again with my off-topic comments, but is Hereford still a transfer dorm? I saw it listed under first-year, but not the transfer section. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Hi Transfermer,

Do transfer students still have to send in high school transcripts and official ACT grades? The Common App did not mention that it was necessary, though it was last year. Thanks -- Ren

Transfermer said...

Ben B,

Unfortunately, with the quick turnaround, November 1 to December 1, there is little flexibility. If you turn in recommendations after November 1, you run the risk of not having them included in your file.


Hereford has combined housing for first-years and transfer students


Yes, these are absolutely necessary. You'll find the general requirements on our website. Please make sure you read all that's out there, be it from our website or the common application website.

Lindsey said...

I'm trying to plan my spring schedule and was wondering what courses constituted as environmental science? Botany, geology, etc. No courses at my school are explicitly known as environmental science, so I was just looking for a bit of clarification. Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...


It's Ren again. Can you please provide a direct link to where it states that high school transcripts for transfers are necessary? I have already searched the website up and down but have not been able to find a reasonable checklist for transfers at the Virginia website, only that which is on the CommonApp which says nothing about it. Thanks--Ren

Transfermer said...

Lindsey, you'll find a list of EVSC courses here:

The terminology depends on the school. Sometimes it's ecology, sometimes geology, or meteorology. I would recommend that you speak to a counselor at your school that can tell what's offered that would be most like environmental sciences.

Ren, please see the main transfer webpage,


and scroll to the latter third of the page.

It reads:

Along with the above credentials, applicants also must provide the high school transcript, college transcript(s), and SAT (or ACT) scores. All of this required information must be submitted as soon as possible but no later than March 1 for August admission and November 1 for January admission. Decisions are mailed around May 1 for August admission and December 1 for spring admission.