Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Where can I apply for the spring 2009?

Big reminder here folks! Spring applicants can only apply to the College of Arts and Sciences and the Architectural History Major.

We've been getting a lot of applications for the Commerce and Engineering schools, etc. This is not possible. They are not open at this time and will be available for Fall 2009.


Ben B. said...

If I applied for fall 2008 would the transfer admissions department still have my transcripts/test scores/H.S. diploma on file? If so, how can I check to ensure that they are all there. Particularly since there will not be an online status tool as for the Spring 2009 application.

I really appreciate this blog.

Ben B.

Lindsey said...

This is off-topic, but I was wondering if a World Religions course would count toward the non-western perspective gen-ed, and if it does not, what types of classes would be classified in that area? Thanks so much!

Transfermer said...

Ben B,

We hold onto HS transcripts and test scores for two years. You'll just have to send us an updated college transcript.


World Religions probably will not transfer because it includes Christianity. Here is a list of VCCS Courses that will count.


harry said...

I applied for Fall 2007 admission and am now applying for Fall 2009 admission as a 3rd year, do you need me to submit another copy of high school transcripts and SAT scores?..thank you so much

wahoohopeful said...

Hi Transfermer I have a couple of questions on applying as a 2nd year transfer to UVA.

1) What is the admissions rate for 2nd year transfers into The College of Arts and Sciences and what is the realistic or average college GPA?

2) Is it harder to get into the college of arts and sciences if we want to have a pre-commerce track?

3) How much do you look at hs grades vs. 1st semester college grades? I've been told it is 50/50. Also how important is the SAT i received a 1240 on them do you recommend I retake them over fall break to try and improve?

Thank you so much

Dukemw said...

Trasfermer I have read all of your previous blog postings

I however have one question...

I know that the high school and college trascript must be competitive in order for a second year transfer. I also have read on the trasfer admission website that the GPA associated with a competitive transfer admission is 3.5. However what is the average for High school. I have been told that if you were not waitlisted out of high school then you should'nt bother applying as a second year transfer true?

Anonymous said...


I really hope you're wrong about that! I think a lot of people were flat out rejected and can still transfer in.

Brittany said...

Are teacher recommendations required? If so, how many do you recommend? Also, is would it be possible for you to give us a list of all required transfer documents, or at least tell us where to find them? I checked the UVa website but could not find it anywhere. Thanks!

mw003 said...

what is the max number of second year transfer students can the College of Arts and Sciences take approx.?

hopefulhoo said...

if you are applying as a second year student to UVA - College of Arts and Sciences do you look at the first semester of college 50% and high school 50%?

Anonymous said...

Is there a maximum number of times you can apply to UVa? For example if you are denied admission once, how many more times can you apply?


Still Hopeful After 6 Months said...

Thanks for writing this! Two questions:

1. I applied to SEAS for this fall, was waitlisted, and did not clear. (I understand it was oversubscribed by 60+.) The university where I enrolled requires all students, including engineers, to go through some broad-range curriculum requirements first year--and I'm finding I really like business and economics much more than I thought in high school. If I apply to UVa for next fall in the College instead of SEAS, will my prior application to SEAS count against me?

2. I see you take applicants for admission to the College in January. Can you apply for admission in January '09 as a first-year, or must I apply in early '09 for fall '09, when I will have completed one year at my current university?

Transfermer said...


I'm sorry that got chopped off. Please search our website for non-western perspective courses.


You will not have to send the scores, but if you were not admitted in Fall 2007, chances are we do not have your senior year spring grades. Think back on it, that will give you the answer. If you were waitlisted, then we do have them.

Wahoohopeful, the admit rate is virtually the same for rising 2nd and 3rd year transfers looking at the College of Arts and Sciences. That's 30-35%. The average GPA is about a 3.6. It is not harder to get into the College if you are Pre-Commerce. 50/50 is right if you are currently a freshman. We are not as concerned with SAT/ACT scores and only ask that you take them once if you didn't take the in high school.


We do not recalculate high school GPAs and therefore do not have an average. The myth about not being waitlisted in hs is not true. It really depends on the student, their high school record, and their progress in college.


Recommendations are recommended, but not required. Two or three would be fine. Requirements are described on the transfer admissions website. I believe the Common App will give a checklist for Fall applicants.

mw003, there is no max. Last year we received about 2200 applications for all of the schools and admitted close to 600 students.

anonymous, this depends on where you are in your schooling and what school you apply to. For example, if you are applying to the College of Arts and Sciences, you may apply to _transfer_ three times.

Still hopeful,

1) Not at all. It is difficult for anyone to be admitted and we do not penalize you for being turned down the first time around.
2) You cannot apply as a first year transfer in January. Please see our transfer website.

Anonymous said...

Transfermer, thank you so much for answering our questions.

I have a couple for you!

- As transfer students we do not need to submit the Secondary School Report and the College Official Report, right? However, we do still need to submit both transcripts.

- If you were homeschooled do you still need to submit the Homeschool Supplement even if you are a transfer student applying under guaranteed admissions?

- I noticed you mentioned World Religions would not count for NWP. Does that mean World History would not either? Even if the concentration was on Asia and the Middle East?

Transfermer said...

Yes anonymous, ALL transcripts are required.

If you are a transfer who was homeschooled, you do not need to submit the the home school supplement, but you do need to submit a transcript. Sometimes this is difficult to do. If it is, I'd encourage you to go back and think about filling out the supplement.

This question about non-western perspectives is difficult to answer. You would have to provide a syllabus in order for the Dean in the College of Arts and Sciences to determine whether or not a course would satisfy the requirement.

NC said...

By what date will we know when we are accepted for the Spring 2009 semester?

Transfermer said...

This date is on our website... about December 1.