Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Winter Transfer Open House

In addition to the time I spend advising transfers, I also read first year applications along with my colleagues. Unfortunately, this hampers the time I might spend on the blog. But as we get closer to the deadline for Fall 2008, I will no doubt be visiting the blog more often. For now, I wanted to let you know that we've recently nailed down a date for our winter transfer open house.

Dean Roberts and I will be conducting the session on February 13 at 2pm. Following the session, there will be a tour at about 3:30. We'll meet in the usual place, the Newcomb Hall Theater. For more information on getting here and parking, please click here: www.virginia.edu/undergradadmission/directions.html If you have attended one of these sessions in the past, there is no need to come again. We'll be going over the same information.

Questions? Call us at 434.982.3200.


Christopher said...

Do you have any recommendations for someone who works during the day in Northern Virginia and is unable to make the session, yet who still has many questions they would like answered by the March 1 deadline? Is a weekend trip worth our time, or is there a number I can call to talk to someone at length about my questions?

Gaston said...

Hi, I'm interested in transferring to the A-school from Virginia Tech. I'm currently enrolled in the architecture school there. I was wondering how difficult it is for a transfer student to be accepted to the A-school?

Lucy said...

Gaston, if you have good a GPA and are in-state, your chance is high.

By the way, why do you want to transfer?? VT's undergrad architecture program ranks NO.1 in the nation, isn't it?

Karen said...

I recently applied as a transfer student and I was wondering what percentage of transfer students are usually accepted and what allows transfer students to have a better chance of getting in to UVA?

Tabassum said...


I was wondering if you would know the answer to my question:

Are UVA transfer students given less priority than the rest of the student body? For example, some universities do not let transfer students register for classes at the same time as the other students. I can imagine that this may make transfer students feel a bit out-of-place. Does UVA do this as well? Thank you in advance


Transfermer said...


During a transfer student's first semester, they do register behind schedule. This is simply due to timing. For instance, current students will begin to register for classes in March and April. Transfer students entering in the Fall of 2008 will register at summer orientation.

Luckily, there are some spaces available because we expect transfers each year. Transfers who have paid their deposits are encouraged to do research and touch base with professors in the summer to see about getting into popular courses.

After the first semester, transfers are folded into the system and register according to the number of credits they have, just as non-transfers register.

Tabassum said...

Thank you very much, that was very helpful!